This story has a main character not on Teen Wolf. Her name is Chrissy. She will be introduced later on.



"Jackson, I know you have a need to be controlled. I know you are just begging for someone to follow…for some direction. You don't have to think anymore, just follow the leader."

"Ms. Morell...What are you talking about?"

"Freedom Jackson. Freedom from thought, freedom from decisions. It's what you want."

"You're…you're the one controlling me?"

"Look at me as your guide."

"You had me kill all those people."

"Some of them Jackson… they were nobodies though. An abuser, a grease ball mechanic, a hunter that would have eventually tried to kill you."

"I didn't want this."

"Yes you do honey…"

Scales started to appear on her neck. Her eyes changed colors and started to glow. I felt like I wanted to run but I was planted to the ground. The scales started to appear on my hands too. The more of the scales I saw the less I became myself. After a few seconds, I was completely gone.

I woke up in the back of a car, it looked like Stiles' jeep. It was cold and I could tell we were in the forest by all the trees around. It must have happened again. The only thing I really remember is Ms. Lorell wanting to control me before I blacked out.

I was wearing clothes that were way too big for me. I had no idea whose they were but it's better than being naked.

Outside the car irritating voices were swirling around in argument. I could tell that it was Scott, Allison, Derek and Stiles. They were talking, evidentially about me. I decided to listen in on the conversation.

"Yeah well how do we know that when he turns into that thing again he won't go out seeking another master?"

"Derek you said yourself that these types of deformations hardly ever happen. What are the odds that there is another Kanima in Beacon Hills? Really?" asked Scott.

"Scott, Derek is right sort of right. Even if he doesn't go out looking for a master he might kill people randomly with free will. We don't know what he's capable of." said Stiles.

"He's our friend. We can't just kill him." yelled Scott.

I wasn't surprised that he was the one defending me. He does that for everybody it seems like.

"Well he's not my friend." said Derek

"You won't touch him." said Allison. "Not until we know if he's dangerous."

That was surprising. I didn't know Allison cared…she's probably just siding with Scott.

"What are you going to do Argent… call Daddy to pop a few hot ones in me?"

"No… I'll do it myself!"

Way to go Allison.

"Everybody stop this fighting. Jackson could potentially be a killing machine now that he isn't under anyone's control but let's just ride things out… That's fine. That's just fine." said Stiles.

That sarcastic bastard. He just wants me dead because he thinks I'm a threat to him and Lydia. It's not my fault she's still in love with me.

"I'm done arguing tonight but I'll be watching and waiting for Jackson's next change and killing spree because when he starts I'm going to kill him. Like I should have done tonight."

That's great, just great…now I'm being watched and possibly hunted.

"We'll see." said Scott.

So that's it then… Half of the people I know want to kill me and the one person I hated most wants to save me.

"So that's it… we're just going to babysit him and hope he doesn't kill us?"

"Stiles he's our friend."

"Is he really?"

I never knew my need to be the best would get me in such deep shit. Scott came and took my shine away, I just wanted it back. Now I'm some deformity that everybody wants to kill. All I ever wanted was to be the one on top. I wanted to be the guy everybody was looking at but now I'm the guy people are looking for… It's really a sick joke.

I've been without incident for three months. Meaning, nobody has died. I don't know if I've actually changed or not, seeing that I don't usually remember when I do. Still, Derek wants to kill me. He's watching me and that pisses me off but I'm not stupid enough to go up against him while I'm like this…human. The Argents are watching me too. If Allison's dad hadn't somehow convinced Grandpa Argent that his work was done there, I think I would have been in some shallow grave by now. For that, I guess I should thank Allison and Scott but I don't really have to thank them. I didn't ask for their help.

Stiles still thinks I should be killed, mostly because he's in love with Lydia. What he doesn't know is that I have no interest in her. What's done is done. It's not like I'm exactly going places and doing big things right now but still… there's too much that's gone on between us. I just need a change of pace, a change of scenery.

The bell rang and I started walking to class. It's English and being on time for that is pointless. The teacher is a pushover so I go when I please. When I was on my way a girl bumped into me. She was short with almond skin. Her hair was curly and in a messy knot on top of her head. Mostly though, I noticed her glasses. They were thick and took up half of her face.

"I'm sorry!"

"Are your glasses broken or something? Watch where you're going!"

"I'm sorry."

Her apology didn't mean too much to me at the moment. Everyday it's like I'm trapped in a bubble of anger. Every day is a bad day and my mood seems to get worse until I got to sleep and wake up the next day, with renewed anger. My parents are so stupid. They think I'm just grouchy because I'm not the "star" of the lacrosse team anymore. Which is part of my problem. I'm just a normal member of the team. Jackson Whittemore doesn't do normal…that's part of the reason I'm in this shit. Now there's nothing I can do. Training doesn't work. I have bursts of strength but other than that my strength is normal. It pisses me off…blending in pisses me off. Being a freak pisses me off more though.

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