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NEVER let Erec near coffee

It was a nice day in the Otherness, Kyron and his dad were working happily in "Kilroy's cuddles". Kyron was petting a mynaraptor. While the thing babbled about what happened a few years ago.

"...Then Mumumu attacked! You should have seen it! It was amazing, she was fast..." The mynaraptor-Bobobo-babbled on, as Kyron sighed. did this things even closed their mouth?

"...thousands of leaping lizards!" Bobobo continued. "Thousands, I tell you! And then-"

"Kyron! Artie! Where are you?" Kilroy's head popped up from the door. Kyron silently threw "thank you"s at him.

"Oh, there you are," Kilroy grinned. "We have visitors!"

Kyron and Artie exchanged looks.


Kilroy just gestured to the door. Kyron and Artie opened it to find Erec, Bethany and the Hermit sitting in the couch. Bethany and Erec were sitting side-by-side. While the Hermit had a crazy grin like something amusing was going to happen.

That's not good...Kyron thought...

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