Title: Judgement

Summary: Everyone must face the hammer of justice.

Couple: Karezi

Rating: T for safety.


"Karkat, come here!" Cackling as she chased after the troll Terezi continued to yell for him to come back or stay. Karkat would just take of running usually faster. Neither had any idea what was going on really. One minute they were talking and the next Terezi was chasing him through the lush green apple smelling grass. The sun, much unlike their home planets sun, was beating down on them peacefully in the early evening. The new planet was a mix of both of the destroyed ones, having lands that were similar to both of them.

Karkat let out a yelp as he was tackled to the ground, Terezi cackling on top of him and grinning down at her trapped victim.

"Terezi get off of me you psychotic, slime brained moron!" While he may have been yelling insults Terezi could easily smell the smile he had on, something he still did only around a select few.

"Ahahah Karkles! Punishment for running from the law is very strict!" An edge of mischievousness entered her voice at the end, Karkat starred at her for a moment.

"Oh really? And what in our names my I ask is this oh so strict punishment?" Terezi grinned wider, lifting her hands to do something only she could do and live.

"Death by tickles!" Quickly her hands set onto attacking the trolls skin, hearing him instantly laugh as she did.

"F-Fuhuck! Terezihehe! G-Get off of mehehehe!" Was all he could manage to get out, squirming under her Karkat tried to yell threats, but his brain was focusing on getting her off and his voice was quite preoccupied. Terezi began laughing with him, and she stopped soon after.

Terezi rolled off him giggling just as he was, facing towards the sky. Once they had both calmed down Karkat oh so un-subtly grabbed her hand, holding it tightly in his as they both watched (well Terezi sniffed) as the sky darkened into night