Well since there is a small demand for an omake chapter. Now the rating is M. Here it is. Now America, please do the disclaimer.

America: Sure, dude. She does not own Hetalia.

Vampchick2010: Oh well, time to move on to the yaoi.

England: Yaoi?

Vampchick2010: You don't know what that is?

England: No

America: I heard Japan say that once.

Vampchick2010: Hehe~ then you will be finding out shortly.

England: Bloody hell.

Warnings: Language. Now on with the story!


The next morning after America's birthday party, England awakes in an unfamiliar room.

"Where am I?" England asks himself looking around.

England then notices he is naked. He freezes in shock as the memory of the night before hits him.

"Hey, America, How about we take this inside?" England says panting slightly from the kiss.

"Sure, Iggy," America says picking England up and racing to his house.

The two are soon having a heated make-out session on America's bed. England moans as America's hands start to roam over his body. America's hands suddenly finds England's nipple.

"Ahh," England moans into the kiss.

"Are you ready for more?" America says breaking the kiss.

"Bloody git, why kind of question is that?" England mutters slightly disappointed.

"Come on, Iggy. I just want to be sure before we do something we regret," America says sounding mature for once.

"Of course, I am sure. Just not on this bloody couch," England says blushing.

"Let's go," America says jumping up like an over-hyper child.

England follows America to his bedroom. England quickly draws America into another heated kiss. Both their hands roaming each other's bodies. America pulls his shirt off breaking the kiss. Once England took his off they start to kiss once again. Both fall onto the bed. America plays with England's nipples. England moans each time. Both their pants tented by this point. America slowly finishes undressing England revealing his throbbing erection. England smirking like a pirate pulls America's pants and boxers down at once.

America gasps as cool air hits his erection. He doesn't pause long before teasing England's length.

"A-America, You bloody git stop teasing," England moans.

"Sure, Iggy," America says panting.

America engulfs England's erection with his mouth. England grabs America's head as it bobs up and down on his length. America speeds up the bobbing till England is close to cumming.

"A-America, I'm cumming," England moans.

"Sorry, Iggy. Can't yet," America says smirking.

"Bloody git, why not?" England says feeling horny.

"Cause I want to try something else," America says holding a container of lube.

"A-America," England gasps as the first finger enters his entrance.

"Iggy, Are you okay?" America says stopping.

"Fine, just surprised bloody git. Now hurry up," England demands panting.

America adds a second finger and starts to scissor England's entrance. England just moans at the sensation. America adds a third finger and England gasps in pain. America pauses unsure if he should continue.

"There, Ahh," England moans as one of the fingers scrape his prostate.

"Okay, Iggy," America says continuing for a few minutes. "Iggy, I am putting it in now," America says lining himself up with England's entrance.

"AHHH!" England groans at the intrusion.

"Wow, Iggy. You are tight," America says slowly beginning to thrust.

"Ahh, there, Hurry up," England moans and starts to move with America's thrusts.

America speeds up as England continues to moan sexily.

"AMERICA!" England yells as he cums.

"ENGLAND!" America yells seconds later.

America plops down next to England panting. America soon falls asleep. England soon follows.

"Bloody hell," England mutters as America continues to sleep.

England showers and dresses before going to eat some breakfast. America joins him downstairs about an hour later.

"Morning, Iggy," America says going towards his kitchen. Which by some miracle is not destroyed by England.

"It is England, not Iggy. You bloody git," England yells.

"Sure, Iggy," America says.

"Arthur," England mumbles.

"You say something Iggy?" America asks holding at a bowl of cereal.

"I said, Arthur. That is my human name," Arthur says.

"Alfred F. Jones is mine. Does this mean that you accept me now?" America says sounding meek for once.

"Bloody hell, Yes. I don't just give anyone my human name," Arthur says blushing slightly angrily.

"Cool, dude. So Artie, how are you feeling?" Alfred asks slowly regaining his confidence.

"Fine, just a little sore. Also, it is Arthur not Artie!" Arthur says surprised by Alfred's kindness.

"Good, cause the hero is always here for you," Alfred says finishing his cereal.

"Yes, my hero," Arthur mumbles as America walks off.

England heads home sortly after but visits often and a certain American visits him often as well.

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England: *blushing* Bloody hell

America: The hero is here!

Vampchick2010: America shut up. I am surprised Iggy even loves you.

England: …

America: Dude, What is his problem?

Vampchick2010: I don't know. *smirks* Why don't you go give him a little kiss to cheer him up?

America: Of course, The hero cheers anyone up. *kisses England*

England: Vampchick2010, I will curse you.

Vampchick2010: But I was helping you get with America. *Italy pout*

France: So Angleterre, you and America are finally having sex?

Prussia: About time. Now if only we could get my bruder with Ita-chan.

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