A/N: I'm going off of the fan name for Zuko's daughter, Honoura. If her name is released and it happens to be something else (and it probably will be), I'll edit the fic so it makes sense.

Chapter One: Birth

The child's cries were the first thing Fire Lord Zuko heard as he rushed down the halls. Of course. Of course that meeting would run late, of course his wife would just so happen to go into labour when he was busy. Part of him was glad he didn't have to watch it― Sokka had told him that watching a birth wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing in the world― but he had still wanted to be there for Mai and to see their child.

He found the door and stopped in front of it, skidding on the ground a bit, and pulled it open with all the strength he could muster. There was Mai, looking beautiful as always, with a beautiful child in her arms. A smile graced the Fire Lord's lips. The baby was crying. The birth had gone well. Everything was okay.

"It's a girl," the nurse told him as he walked up to his wife and child. He gave Mai a quick, tender kiss and looked down at their daughter, giving her a soft kiss on the forehead. Life was good for them now. No more war. No more fighting. The world was peaceful; the Avatar had brought balance to the world.

"What should we name her?" Mai asked, rocking the little girl.

Zuko thought for a moment. "How about Honoura?" he asked. Mai looked at him increduously.

". . Honoura," she repeated, still staring at him. "Honoura. You want to name her Honoura."

"Yeah! It's a great name!" Zuko insisted. "I spent so long seeking to get my honour back. It was my driving force. It's what led me to where I am today. And I want to commemorate that with my first born child's name."

Mai rolled her eyes and sighed. "Fine," she said. "Honoura it is."

And thus, Honoura, daughter of Mai and Fire Lord Zuko, crown princess of the Fire Nation and heir to the throne, was born.