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{acrid cupcakes}

She always had a faint feeling that maybe he didn't like them. He would bite into their delicacy, and smile at her, then put it down on the plate again, to talk to her about something, leaving the little cupcake on the plate, and she would clean it up later when he and Albus were gone.

It was the same this time, and Albus took a cupcake from it's stand, and Scorpius took one as well. Rose took one and smiled at the pair, and she bit into it's contents. Very... acrid, she thought, and put it back on the plate. It was very bad cooking, very bitter, and she really didn't want to eat it. Guess that's why Scorpius wasn't eating it, Rose thought, and sighs inwardly.

While Albus scoffed his cupcake, Scorpius took one bite, and, like always, put it back down on the plate. They continued their conversation, and they talked about anything and everything.

(In the end, Rose didn't even care that Scorpius didn't like her cakes. She didn't. She only wanted to be a good cook.)

It became late in the evening quickly, the pair departed, and Rose was left to clean up her things from the common room. After placing all her books on top of a pile that she would pick up in the morning, Rose picked up her cupcake stand and the plates. She's alerted to a blue note, and she frowns. Who put that there? she thinks and picks it up, putting the stand back down. Gently unfolding it, she took off the hastily stuck tape that folds two sides of the paper together.

I really liked the cakes. - SM

… Rose read, smiling. That's a surprise, she thinks, and smiles. Because of that, she picks up a cupcake and bites into it's pungent core. Must be just me.

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