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Here it is! The sequel to Not As Safe As We Thought, and probably the final installment in this series! I still don't have a set plan for this story yet, so just bare with me for now!

Anyway... enjoy ;)

Beck Oliver lay awake in his childhood room of his family home in Vancouver, Canada. The only sound in the room was his breathing, and that of his sleeping girlfriend, Jade West, who lay next to him. It was their last night in Canada and they were due to catch a flight back to Los Angeles in a few hours. They had spent a week here visiting his family, who surprisingly loved Jade. His grandparents had been a little wary at first upon seeing her piercings, tattoo, and scissor necklace, but once they got to know her, they welcomed her into the family. Beck was surprised to say the least.

He rolled over in bed and looked at the bright LED clock on his nightstand. It read 3:13am, and Beck had been awake for at least thirty minutes already. He sighed and rolled back over to face Jade. She was fast asleep and had her head buried into her pillow as she slept peacefully. Beck smiled softly and pressed a kiss to her forehead, causing her to frown in her sleep.

"What?" she whispered, barely awake.

He smiled softly, "Nothing," he breathed.

Jade's eyes flickered open and she could barely make out his face in the darkness of the room. She rolled onto her back and stretched, "Why are you awake?"

Beck sighed and shrugged underneath the sheets, "Can't sleep."

Silence fell over the room once again before Jade spoke several moments later, "I'm nervous to go home," she breathed, rolling onto her stomach and resting her head on her arms, turning her head to face him.

He frowned and reached out to run his hand over her back before settling on the gap of skin between her tank-top and shorts, "Why are you nervous, baby?"

"Because of... everything," she whispered, her stomach twisting into knots at the thought of the events which had taken place back home.

Beck's eyes ran over her beautiful face and briefly settled on the gash near her hairline. He brought his hand up and brushed his thumb over it softly, his heart breaking as he was suddenly brought back to when the police found her in the woods.

"I'll protect you," he breathed, tucking her hair behind her ears lovingly. He would. He made a promise to himself that he would do whatever it takes to protect her. He would not let the same thing happen again.

Jade smiled tiredly, "You better," she told him before shuffling over, cuddling into him beneath the sheets. Despite having been in Canada for a week, there hadn't been one moment pass by where Jade didn't think about the whole ordeal. And what made things worse was the fact that Stanley was still missing. No one had even seen a trace of him. That didn't sit well with Jade. Not at all. She just wanted everything to go back to the way it was. She wanted to feel safe again.

The couple jumped in fright as Jade's PearPhone buzzed loudly on the floor beside the bed. Jade groaned and forced herself to roll out of Beck's arms and reach over the side of the bed, feeling around the floor until she located the fruit-shaped phone.

"Who calls at three in the morning?" Beck yawned, reaching out and caressing her back as she leaned over the edge of the bed.

She unlocked her phone and tapped the answer button before holding the phone to her ear, "Hello?" she answered, her voice raspy. On the other end, there was silence. "Hello?" she tried again, feeling Beck's fingers trace patterns on the small of her back. This time, she received a heavy sigh before whoever it was hung up. She raised an eyebrow, "Suit yourself," she shrugged before placing her phone back on the ground and rolling back to Beck.

"Wrong number?" he guessed, pulling her back into his arms.

She shrugged, "Sure," she yawned, resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes as he chuckled tiredly.

As content as they were and as happy as they felt, they both knew that in a few hours they had to fly home and face reality, hoping that things would finally go back to normal. But something in the back of their minds told them that it wasn't really over.

Not yet.

Caterina Valentine yawned tiredly as Robbie finally pulled into her driveway back in Los Angeles. It had been a long trip, and as much as she'd loved New York - she was happy to be home. Speaking of New York, it had been the best trip of her life. Robbie had taken her to the top of the Empire State Building, they went for walks in Central Park, he even took her to Tiffany's. Cat could feel herself falling harder and harder for him, and she didn't mind one bit. Robbie Shapiro had done everything in his power to help Cat forget about Stanley and everything that had happened. He didn't want her to suffer from the memories. He couldn't listen to her cry anymore. He felt like he had accomplished something by taking her to New York.

Robbie laughed softly at Cat's yawn and turned off the car, stretching his tired muscles. Both of them were exhausted from the flights and they couldn't wait to rest. They climbed out of the car and Robbie helped Cat carry her luggage inside. They dumped the pink suitcases in the hall after dragging them up the driveway.

"Is anyone home?" Robbie asked as he noticed how quiet the house was.

Cat shrugged, "They're probably at the clinic with my brother."

"Oh... well, do you want me to stay? I don't have to! Just... if you want me to..." he rambled.

She giggled, "I'd like that," she told him, and he relaxed with a smile.

"Okay," he breathed before looking at his watch, "Do you want anything to eat? I can make you some spaghetti," he offered.

She smiled, "Sure. I'll just take my stuff upstairs," she told him before picking up two of her suitcases and ascending the stairs. Robbie watched her go with a lovesick smile on his face before he walked through the house to the kitchen and flipped on the light. Just as he opened the cupboard get the spaghetti, his blood suddenly ran cold as he heard Cat's blood curdling scream coming from upstairs.

He bolted out of the kitchen and ran up the staircase in the entryway, running right along the corridor to Cat's bedroom. His redhead was quivering by her door and grasping onto the white frame.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Robbie asked frantically as he approached her. She spun around and fell into his arms as she began to sob, her hands grasping at the lapels of his thin jacket. He wrapped his arms around her, confused. But when he looked past her into her room, it suddenly all made sense.

Her room had been turned upside down and inside out. Her picture frames were smashed and lying on the ground, mirrors had been broken, her drawers had been emptied and their contents were strewn across the pink carpet. Her bed sheets were ripped and her stuffed animals were now only piles of stuffing.

Someone had been in Cat's room.

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