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Chapter 1

Hazama, otherwise known as the Threshold, a strange purgatory world that exists between Heaven and Earth where the restless souls who have departed the Earth dwell. A place that is neither Heaven nor Hell, a place where these stagnated souls wander the endless wasteland. A world full of pain, sorrow, and mysteries, and the story of the girl with the flaming blue eye.

"Hey Rock, heads up."

Rock opened her eyes and slowly lifted her head, which was tilted down. She was sitting atop a large plateau which overlooked the white barren wasteland that was left scarred by the countless fights that ravaged this plane of existence. Rock looked out into the distant horizon, not moving a muscle nor responding to the voice that called her. Her hood and coat fluttered gently in the wind.

"Hey, you listening to me?", said the voice again.

"Yes", said Rock, turning her head to the side to meet the black, dragon-like serpent that lay perched on her shoulders. She shifted her gaze to the sky, whose atmosphere gave off an impression of hopelessness. It's as if the sky was always polluted, dark, hazy, and grim. Even so, the sun still beamed through this layer of despair in the air, filling the land with just enough light. It was not too long ago that the question of her own existence was brought about and how she yearned to find that answer.

"What's on your mind?", asked the black serpent.

She shook her head, dismissing both the question and lingering thoughts. She caught a glimpse of a figure coming into view from beyond the horizon.

"Could that be it?", asked the serpent.

Without taking her eyes off of the figure she replied, "Wait". The figure eventually came into clear view. "There's no mistaking it, it's the stagnated soul we've been looking for", said the snake. Rock nodded her head in agreement before standing herself up, "Ron". The black serpent wrapped itself around her arm, materializing into a ridiculously large cannon. She leapt off the plateau towards the stagnated soul falling at an impressive speed, and effortlessly landing the long jump. She took a step forward, leaving behind the small crater she made from her landing, and continued at a brisk pace towards the stagnated soul. At this point, the soul had already stopped. It was not of humanoid shape, rather, it was a shapeless dark haze with no features of a human nor of a face. Its only limbs appeared to be the small tentacle-like arms that wavered around it like an aura. Rock continued her advance, undaunted by the eerie appearance of the soul.

"Be careful, haven't seen one like this before", cautioned Ron.

Rock looked ahead, maintaining her emotionless guise, acknowledged Ron's warning with a simple nod. She broke into a sprint, quickly closing the distance between the soul and herself. The soul let out a blood-curling screech in response to Rock's sudden movement. She shot herself up into the air, quickly aiming her Rock Cannon at the soul. She leveled herself out, and with the sound of the humming of her cannon, let loose a volley of blue shells that rained down towards the soul. The soul was quick to dodge the incoming shots, moving and weaving with great haste as it dodged all of Rock's shots. As Rock was nearing the ground, the soul grabbed her waist with one of its limbs, swinging her high into the air and slamming her with great force into the ground. Rock let out a grunt of pain as blood spilled out of her mouth onto the ground. The soul started to reel her in towards itself, as Rock tried to aim her cannon at it, it tightened its grip on her. She winced from the crushing force on her stomach, but ignored it as she aimed her cannon and shot a round straight through the mass of the soul.

The soul let out another blood-curling screech as the dark haze that made up the soul started to dissipate from the circular hole in its center mass. It relinquished its hold on Rock, as the haze evaporated into the air. Rock stood herself up and wiped the blood off of her mouth with her gloved hand and walked towards the evaporating soul.

"Rock! You okay?", asked Ron who was now back in his serpent form floating beside Rock.

"I'm fine", said Rock as she nonchalantly walked to where the stagnated soul was. It left behind a glass sphere, with what appeared to be flames within. The color of the flame was black, something that was rare. Remains of stagnated souls were usually a variety of color, but not many were black. Black flames are a result of a stagnated soul wandering the Threshold for a long time, to the point where the soul loses its memories of their human suffering and end up as husks of their former selves. Rock picked up the sphere and looked at it for a moment before putting it away in her coat.

"Alright, let's report back to the Citadel", said Ron.

Rock and Ron came upon the Citadel, whose outer structure was similar to that of the Coliseum. The Citadel is both headquarters and home to the Black Shooter army along with the Rulers of Hazama, their creators. At the gate stood two rows of gargantuan knights wielding large spears for weapons. The two walked up to the gate and were promptly asked to identify themselves. Rock closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again, with her left eye emitting a blue flame. The knight stepped aside and allowed the two to pass. As they walked into the open area of the Citadel, there were greeted with quick glances by the other Black Shooters walking about, many of which wore the same coat as Rock did. Black Shooters don't usually converse with other Black Shooters, given their silent nature. At the center, there stood a large tower with the emblem of a white star at the top of the tower. The two made their way towards the entrance of the tower, which was located in between two grand pillars and a shallow flight of stairs that led out to the courtyard. Outside the large castle-like double doors of the tower, stood two Black Shooters. They wore the same coats as the other Black Shooters, but their faces were shown and had different garb on. One had a large broadsword strapped to her back while the other didn't seem to have any noticeable weapons on her.

"Halt", said the Black Shooter with the large sword, "Identify."

"Black Shooter number 01451", said Rock.

The two pushed open the large doors and stepped aside, allowing Rock and Ron to enter. They walked through the tower, down the long corridors taking several turns along the way until they came to an atrium shaped like an octagon with large pillars at each corner. At the center was an altar with a beam of light that seemed to be shooting upwards. Rock walked up to the light, pulling out the soul they recently retrieved, and placed it on the ground in the light. She took a couple steps back and looked at the soul enveloped in light, waiting for something to happen.

"This soul will take a while to purify", said Ron.

Rock stared blankly at the sphere, its pulsing flame igniting something within Rock. "Why do we do this?", asked Rock. She paused for a little while, as if she were pondering something, before saying under her breath, "…Who am I…"

"Those are some dangerous questions, Black Shooter", said a voice coming from behind.

Rock quickly turned around to meet the owner of the voice. "Ram."

"You're digging into something very dangerous, young one. Just remember that once you find the answer to your questions, you will be trapped in this plane of existence. Forever", said Ram lovingly. Ram has always been interested in Rock ever since Rock started showing signs of emotion and instability. This was something that marked corruption within a Black Shooter. Rock did not reply, but stared coldly at Ram, maintaining her calm composure. Ram chuckled, "Anyways, we have a new assignment for you. A messenger will brief you and you are to depart as soon as possible", she said before leaving the atrium.

"Ch…that woman, working us like dogs", said Ron."

"There are over a billion stagnated souls in Hazama", said Ron. "…We've been walking for days and we haven't seen a single one!"

The two were indeed traveling for a while now. They traversed the barren wasteland with little scenery change, with craters being the only things they've seen so far. Rock ignored Ron's comment and continued walking. Although she didn't show it, she was also weary of their current assignment as they were given very little information about it.

"…Anyways, the messenger told us that if we head in this direction, which we've been doing for quite some time now, we'll come across a 'foreign land'", said Ron. "And once we get there, we're supposed to investigate the area for reconnaissance?", said Ron looking at Rock. Rock did little to acknowledge her companion's unnecessary reiteration of their assignment except for a slight nod, which was all she ever did to acknowledge him anyways. "I don't like this one bit, a lot of Black Shooters have been assigned this same mission, and have all ended up presumably missing." Ron sighed, disappointed from his partner's lack of reaction, and continued to float silently next to Rock.

"Hey Rock."

No response

"Remember when you were first assigned to me? I sure do, being assigned a child whose chest was as flat as a board, that was great. You looked like a-"

Ron was abruptly interrupted as Rock's hand clasped his mouth shut, grabbed the end of his tail with her other hand, and stretched him out as far as he could go before wringing him out like a whip that hit the floor. Ron let out a long groan as she threw him over her shoulder, tongue dangling out of his mouth.

"Well this is pretty…foreign", said Ron. The two had come across a peculiar land that could not be ignored. It was literally like an oasis in a desert, with bright green grass that encircled the large body of water in the middle. Nothing separated the grass from the barren ground they walked on, it was as if the ground was transformed into grass. In the middle was a large pond whose water appeared to be blue, with ripples being made from the center of the pond. With Ron resting on her shoulder, Rock stepped onto the grass and walked to the edge of the pond, looking around for anything else that seemed strange. Ron made his way toward the surface of the pond, testing it with his tail before submerging himself. He reemerged quickly.

"That's strange", he said as he floated back to Rock's shoulder. "That's no ordinary water, I can breathe, and I didn't get wet."

Rock looked from Ron to the pond, observing it for a moment before jumping in herself. Ron was right, she was able to breathe, and her clothes weren't getting wet. At the very least, this strange liquid still has the properties of water in that Rock is able to swim through it. The depth of the pond was not too deep, stretching down as far as the light from the sun shown, with the bottom being a bit dark. Rock reached the bottom of the pond, looking around the floor for something, anything. But what is she supposed to find here?

"Hello", said a voice.

Rock was startled by the voice, looking around frantically for the source. "What can I do for you?", it said again. The voice wasn't coming from the area, rather, it was coming from her head.

"He's using telepathy, keep on your guard", said Ron. "Who are you?", he added.

"Who am I? Why, I'm just a simple denizen of this great Threshold we all exist in", said the voice.

"Show yourself", said Rock as emotionless as ever.

"Very well", the voice chuckled. The liquid they were in grew heavy, as everything around them started to shake. Out of the ground came streaks of white light that moved over Rock's head.

"Ron!", she shouted.

"I can't move!"

They were soon enveloped in the blinding light that formed a dome around them, and started to slowly retreat back into the ground with the two inside. All Rock could see was white, even if she closed her eyes she could still see the blinding light. She looked around herself only to find that she couldn't even see her limbs, all she could see was the white expanse that surrounded her. Drowsiness soon overtook her, grunting to herself as she tried to move her limbs to no avail, and finally succumbing to the embrace of slumber.

As Rock came to, opening her eyes to a blurry vision of what appeared to be a man in front of her, she realized she was moving. She fidgeted a little before realizing that she was being carried in his arms. Immediately, she swings a fist straight at what looked like to be the man's face. He dodged her initial attack, but Rock landed a hit straight to his gut with her elbow, causing him to grunt and release her. She quickly regained her footing as she landed on the floor stumbling back a little, still dazed from being unconscious. Ron was nowhere to be seen, but despite being weaponless, Rock was also very skilled in hand to hand combat. She could see clearly now, the man who stood before her. He wore a long black trench coat that ran down to his lower body with black pants, leather strap boots, a grey vest that covered his torso, and a large silver pauldron on his left shoulder. His arms were bare and bulging, save for his gloves and strips of white cloth that covered his forearms. His face was hidden by the hood of the trench coat along with a dark blue handkerchief that was tied loosely around his neck. The blue flame in her left eye ignited as she engaged the presumed enemy with a series of kicks and punches, all of which were dodged effortlessly. She continued to launch an onslaught of attacks with incredible strength and speed, but was unable to get even a single hit. Rock paused and jumped back from her target, as her attacks were ineffective. With heavy breaths, she kept on her guard, not letting the target approach any closer.

They were in a strange place, with lush grass all around them, but there was no sunlight. The only source of light was from the moon, which glowed brightly in the night sky. The glow of the moon gave almost a calm ambience to Rock's situation, despite being in combat. The grass turned into small slopes of hills, with a forest standing not too far away from the two as a river ran into it. It was almost like a fantasy world.

"I am not your enemy", said the man.

Rock was taken aback by his voice, it was the same voice from before.

"Where's Ron?", she demanded.

The man outstretched his hand, forming his hand as if he were holding a sphere. He lifted his hand up, which in turn made a white sphere appear out of the ground and dissipate. Within the white sphere was the serpent familiar, who seemed to be safe but unconscious. Rock quickly scooped him up and forcibly transformed him into the Black Blade.

"Now there's no need for that", said the man. "If I had wanted to hurt you, I'd have done so by now."

"Then who are you?", asked Rock.

"Your salvation."

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