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I was in the dark room again. The whirring blasting out of the speakers on the beige equipment that had been rolled up next to me. It was like this every time. The anxiety would flow through my veins making me twitch as it went. I hated showing any fear, especially now. I looked up at him. It was so weird having him next to me this time.

His presence was so unnerving. Questions kept running through my head, whether or not he would run once he saw the screen, or if he would stay.

The cold gel made me shiver as I waited on baited breath for the technician to finish her task. She'd really dolloped it up on there this time. He squeezed my hand harder sensing my anxiety, and I squeezed right back.

The techs hair was blond this time, but it was the same one that had done all of the rest of them, including the first one just six months ago, when I first moved here.

Ashley. Sweet and kind, she seemed like she knew what she was doing when it came to her job, but that was about it. She never said much, I guess it really wasn't her place.

I remembered her name because I found myself staring at her badge while I waited that day. Anything to take away from the nerves that were welling up in my stomach, something to distract me. This time I was searching for something again, anything to divert my attention from the reality of the moment. I stared at the border running along the top of the ceiling; it was of babies all laying in cradles that were hung in trees.

My mind raced.

Yeah, not quite as distracting as I would've hoped.

I searched for anything that would take my mind away from what was on the screen.

My eyes slid shut and I tried to concentrate on the sounds… all of them blending together and then separating in my ears, over and over again.

I listened as her fingers clicked across the keyboard and the whirring got louder. Then his breath would catch, but he would calm himself before I could even look up at him.

Click, whir, hitch… Click, whir, hitch. Separate… then together. A continuous, torturous loop.

It was almost like its own composition.

More clicks and then her hand moved. I knew she was just doing her job, but man that shit was painful. The pushing was almost at the point of unbearable, forget uncomfortable.

Not to mention the fact that I needed to pee.

"Almost done," she said softly.

She was sweet, like I said. She understood. Making me wonder even though she wasn't wrapped too tight, maybe she was a mother. Her caring side seemed to radiate through her gentle demeanor.

I nodded and closed my eyes before squeezing his hand again.

Finally one last click before she sighed.

I wondered if that sigh had anything to do with what she saw on the screen or not.

"Okay, you're done. Go ahead and get dressed, the doctor will be in to see you in just a moment."

Another squeeze and then Ashley pushed the cart through the door and was gone.

I looked at him and smiled gently but said nothing, I mean really, what was there to say?

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