"... And finally tonight, Canada is gearing up for what it hopes will be the biggest Canada Day celebration in years. Thousands are expected to attend tomorrow night's festivities, held all across the country.

No matter what part of Canada you're in, it's sure to be a celebration that won't soon be forgotten. We'll leave you tonight with some footage of last year's Canada Day fireworks. For KING 5 News, I'm Grace Smith wishing you a good night."

"Oh geez, not this again!" Martin complained from the comfort of his chair.

Daphne looked up in surprise. "What's wrong, Mr. Crane?"

"Every year those damn Canadians try to outdo each other with their overrated fireworks displays! It's stupid! I'd just like to see them try to outdo the Americans!"

"But Dad, Americans don't have firework displays on Canada Day!" Frasier quipped.

Ignoring his son's smile, Martin rolled his eyes. "I know that, wise guy! I meant that-."

"I know what you meant, Dad. You're disturbed by the fact that their celebration could very well be bigger and better than the biggest celebration at our nation's capitol. I agree that America is the best but can't you at least let the Canadians enjoy their holiday? After all they have as much reason to celebrate as we do!"

Martin groaned at his son's long-winded explanation. "I should have known that my son, the big-shot psychiatrist would find a way to analyze a national holiday! But I'm telling you, the Americans are gonna win this thing hands down!"

Frasier shook his head in disbelief. "Dad, it's not a contest! The two countries celebrate on entirely different days! Canada Day is July 1st and the fourth of July is... well, on the fourth of course!"

"Gee, is it really Frasier? I'm so glad you told me that! I had no idea!" Martin said.

"Contrary to what you might think, Dad... Your sarcasm is not amusing!"

"Oh yeah, well neither is your constant analytical garbage! In fact this conversation is stupid! Isn't that right, Daphne?"

But Daphne wasn't listening. Instead she stared at the television; her eyes transfixed on what was the most beautiful fireworks display she'd ever seen.

Huge bursts of color accompanied by lively music and cheers from the crowd. Celebrations in Manchester were never like this.

And the sight was truly mesmerizing.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful in me life." Daphne sighed.

"Neither have I."

"NILES!" Frasier yelled to his brother who stared at Daphne with a faraway look.

"Hey, Niles!" Martin said, never taking his eyes off the television.

Niles walked into the condo, purposely avoiding Frasier's annoyed look.

"Hey Dad; hello, Daphne."

Daphne smiled at the sight of her boss's younger brother. "Hello, Dr. Crane."

Niles peered at the television. "What are you watching?"

Martin scoffed. "Oh, the damn Canadians think they can do a better fireworks show than the Americans!"

"Ah yes..." Frasier said wistfully. "The debate of the century."

"They're so beautiful..." Daphne sighed. "I'd give anything to see this in person."

Suddenly she turned to Frasier and Martin; her eyes sparkling. "Hey, why don't we all go? Remember when we took that trip to-."

"NO!" Martin yelled; his tone indicating that he meant business.

"Why not?"

"Because I refuse to take part in such a ridiculous ritual!"

"Well Dad, I suppose that July fourth is a 'ridiculous ritual' as well!" Frasier argued.

Martin rolled his eyes. "That's just stupid! They're two completely different things!"

"How can you say that? They're both national holidays! What's so different?"

"Because... This is America!"

"That's preposterous! Just because they are two different countries-."

"Will you two please shut up?" Daphne yelled, startling Frasier and Martin to silence.


"I'm sorry, Dr. Crane. I mean no disrespect; being that I work for you, but me head hurts something awful and I was just trying to relax in front of the television. The last thing I need is to listen to you and your father arguin' over something so stupid!" Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lie down in me room. I'm sorry for gettin' you both so wound up about the bloody fireworks in Canada. I guess I didn't need to see them anyway."

"Daphne, wait!" Frasier pleaded, but it was no use.

Martin, Frasier and Niles watched helplessly as Daphne disappeared into the hallway.