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-Yes, I 'am-

They were a couple for many months now. Sawako and Kazehaya became closer to each other every day and every girl at school is jealous of the sweet and known to be timid girl, Sawako. But from the past few days, they observed Sawako's bizarre attitude though she was like that before she meet her friends.

One morning, Sawako together with her friends Chizu and Ayane walk side by side towards school.

"Sawako" Chizu tried to catch her attention.

"Sa-wa-ko?" She turned to Ayane after having no response from kuronuma. "Didn't she hear me? I called her name twice!"

"Sawako!" Ayane yelled. Sawako was astonished and delayed her next steps. She faced her friends and said in a low hesitant voice, "I'm sorry to both of you. I was just thinking of something and did not notice you calling me."

"Why are you spacing out frequently these past few days, Sawako?" Ayane asked. Still, their pale modest friend was voiceless.

"Did Kazehaya and you have a fight?" Chizu continued. "We are worried about you so if something bothers you, tell us, ok?" She gave Sawako a smile and held her hand.

"Okay." Sawako replied. "I'll surely tell you soon"

They spent the day together at school. Sawako's friends saw that she was kind of cold towards Kazeyaha lately. But still, he's doing his best to find out why his girlfriend acts that way for days now. He knew his girlfriend hides something but Sawako's trying her best to avoid discussions for a while.

Upon going home, Chizu and Ayane invited her to go with them in the mall but she refused and told them that she has something else to do.

"I'm going to tell them tonight." Sawako said to herself as she walks on the way to their house.

"I'm home, Okasa, Otousan." She greeted her parents and went directly to her room.

It was not long when her parents called her for dinner. They were settled at the table and stillness fill up their house. Her parents wonder why their daughter seems to be upset. They seldom see her smile, nor talk with them normally.

At the time they were almost finish with their meal, Sawako broke the silence, " Okasa? Otousan? I have something important to tell you."

"What is it, Sawako?" Her mother asked.

"I want to tell you that..ummm." She was nervous and was anxious.

"If you have problems at school just tell us and we will help you." Her father said. He held his daughter's shivering hands. "I'm sure it's not about pregnancy?"

"Yes, I' am." Sawako admitted. She cried and bowed down her head. She was ashamed. "I'm sorry to disappoint you."

Tears keep falling even though she did her best to minimize her cry. The sweet and timid girl's parents were surprised. They did not expect that to happen to their one and only daughter especially that she was shy.

"Oh, Sawako, stop crying. We are not angry." Her mother attempted to comfort her. "This is unexpected but it's good to have a grandson/daughter early so that we can see him/her grow before we get too old to recognize faces, right otousan?"

Sawako cried even more.

"Your mother is right Sawako." Her father added. "We are happy to have a grnandson/daughter."

"Okasa…Otousan.." She wiped her tears. "I'm very sorry to cause you so much trouble. Thank you for understanding my situation."

"Of course Sawako, your father and I love you." Her mother continued to comfort her. She stood up and gave her a hug. "We are proud that you did not think of aborting your unborn child."

"Who's the father anyway?" Sawako's father asked curiously despite the fact that he had an idea on who the father was.

"Kazeyaha" She uttered. "I haven't told him yet, Otousan."

"You have to tell him and let him come so that we can discuss this very important matter." Her father stated. "Don't worry, it will be fine. Tomorrow your mother will accompany you to the hospital in order to check on if the baby is fine."

Sawako smiled for the first time after so many days. The next day, she and her mother went to an obstetrician. She confirmed that she's three months pregnant and the baby is doing fine. The day after yesterday, she told Chizu and Ayane of her pregnancy. Her friends were astounded and also had mixed emotions. They congratulate her and from that day onwards, they took care of her more.

Sawako was happy again moving forward as she accepted her pregnancy. But Sawako hasn't spoken with Kazeyaha yet not because she did not want to. Kazehaya was sick and for a week was bedridden.

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