Godzilla And Mothra: King Ghidorah

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I had a funny thought. Since Godzilla and Mothra seem to go together like sliced bread and butter, I decided to have some fun with it. So yeah, I decided to make this. Only, it's not so much as a typical Godzilla fanfic as it has just the monsters speaking and no special snowflake human of the day. So yeah... cough. Enjoy!

It was quite peaceful in Japan. There hasn't been any attacks since 1961, which was over fifty years ago. Godzilla, a radiated dinosaur fueled with rage, was amongst the first monster to strike Japan, but he was steadily killed by the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954. Mothra, a mythical insect of ancient times, struck Japan, but did it to save her fairies as opposed to raging mindlessly. Anyway, things were peaceful, and it seemed like Japan and the world was safe from any attacks.

...Until recently tonight. All seemed well on the Tohoku front, with nothing of interest happening on the lowlands. Suddenly, the temperature got colder, and the area got darker, a bright meteor coming swiftly towards the earth. A large quake followed, the meteor having landed. After several minutes, several bright lights cracked from the meteor, and it then cracked open, with a golden dragon emerging from the meteor. The dragon was bright yellow, and had three heads and two tails.

"Foolish mortals!" The dragon exclaimed with his middle head as he fired several beams from his other two heads. "I am the great King Ghidorah! I traveled from many miles in space to conquer planets and destroy everything! All shall bow down to me!" He laughed as he headed southward, blasting the many mountains that was in his way.

Meanwhile, far southwest from Japan, on a remote tropical island, a large pinkish larva was sensing something dangerous. The fearful worm was a young Mothra, having been living on the island her whole life. She hasn't sensed danger since her first encounter with Godzilla, who was a different one than the original that died in 1954. The young Mothra called out for Godzilla as she knew there was trouble.

"Godzilla!" Mothra called out as she headed to the western side of the island, where Godzilla normally hung out. She crawled over the craggy mountain, approaching the beach. "Godzilla, get out here! I feel something bad!"

Godzilla emerged out of the water, approaching Mothra as he stomped out of the water and onto the beach. He yawned loudly as he glared at Mothra. "This better be good. I was having a great lunch."

Mothra bopped her head up and down. "It's terrible, Big G! Something has happened, and an ancient evil has awaken!"

Godzilla rolled his eyes. "Like that hasn't happened in every continuity involving you and me." He headed towards the tropical jungle, replying to Mothra, "Since you're so interested, why don't you go look into it."

Mothra sighed. "You're always so grumpy, Godzilla. Fine, I'll go see what it is." She headed into the water, turning her head to Godzilla. "You'll come and help me if I get in trouble, right?"

Godzilla rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, sure thing."

Mothra waited for several seconds, then she sighed as she headed into the water, heading north towards Japan.