It fully transcended into night, and both Godzilla and Mothra in her new imago form were prepared to gove King Ghidorah a whooping. The eastern half of Tokyo was already a lost cause, lost in a raging red sea of fire that contrasted with the dark black night. King Ghidorah cackled with his middle head as he fired his gravity beam at Godzilla and Mothra with his two other heads. Godzilla fired off his atomic breath at King Ghidorah's belly, causing him to fall on top of the Tokyo Dome, devastating it greatly. Mothra flew over towards King Ghidorah, firing off more poisonous powder at the intergalactic dragon king.

"Poison powder?" Godzilla commented as he folded his arms. "That's new. You really did learn new tricks."

Mothra giggled as she glanced back at Godzilla. "Well, changing from a worm to a moth does wonders for you."

King Ghidorah got back up, roaring loudly with all three of his heads. "So, you think you could make a mockery of me? I'll show you!" He exclaimed as he started blowing hurricane winds with his gigantic golden wings.

Godzilla and Mothra were able to withstand the winds, but the buildings, on the other hand, were completely destroyed. King Ghidorah fired more gravity beams, causing more fire to erupt around the three monsters. Godzilla performed a full on headbutt, knocking Ghidorah back down. Godzilla then grabbed his two tails, swinging him around and then tossing him into the Tokyo Tower. Mothra fired her own gravity beam, zapping Ghidorah around the neck.

"Ack! Damn it!" King Ghidorah cursed as the Tokyo Tower toppled on him.

Godzilla then fired off his atomic breath at Ghidorah, burning him. King Ghidorah tried getting back up on his feet, but Godzilla tossed part of a building at him, knocking him down. Mothra flapped over King Ghidorah, firing more of her gravity beam as King Ghidorah was getting exhausted. The golden intergalatic dragon wasn't able to handle all this combined power from the two monsters.

"Bah! I have had enough!" King Ghidorah exclaimed as he started flying, heading towards the atmosphere. "Fine! You two losers win! I don't want this stupid planet, anyway! I'll go conquer galaxies far away!"

Godzilla and Mothra both celebrated as they let out victory cries, having triumphed over King Ghidorah, with all of Tokyo burning as a result.

"Godzilla, we did it!" Mothra exclaimed as he flapped her butterfly wings excitedly. "Now that King Ghidorah is gone, we can finally have peace again!"

Godzilla nodded as he turned southward, heading out to Tokyo Bay. "Well, hopefully the military won't focus on us and just let us be. I'm going to need a long rest after this battle."

Mothra nodded in agreement as she followed Godzilla in the sky. The two monsters disappeared within minutes, leaving behind Japan in peace, and ruins.

...Until the next evil looming threat...