"What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"

I froze when I heard the all too familiar voice. I would know it anywhere but I hadn't really prepared myself to hear it tonight. Slowly and unsurely I spun around until I was face to face with him, and wondered how on earth I had forgotten that I was drinking in his territory tonight.

"Hi" He grinned and not for the first time I felt myself swoon.

"Edward Cullen, fancy seeing you here," I replied trying to act cooler than I felt.

Edward chuckled slightly. "Now, now Swan let's not pretend that you don't know that this is my bar."

"Funny Cullen" I replied. "I don't remember seeing your name on the outside or anything"

"I'm working on that" he teased.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Nothing would surprise me when it came to you"

Uninvited Edward slipped into the seat next to me, his thigh brushing against mine and leaving a tingle in its wake.

"So seriously what brings you to my humble abode?" he asked again.

I opened my mouth to argue the fact that it wasn't really his place, but bit down on it. Instead I shrugged.

"Drinking alone?" he asked surprised.

I shrugged away his enquiry; I didn't really want to admit why I was out, looking less than my best, drinking in a sleazy bar.

"Wow, Bella Swan out without my team of advisors. I'm shocked" he ribbed my.

I sighed at the little dig; Edward had never been shy at admitting what he thought about my friends.

"I'll have you know Cullen I used to come to places like this all the time" I said.

Edward chuckled. "I seem to remember that but then again it was a long time ago and you were a lot more fun back then"

His words instantly stung but I did my best to hide the fact from him. "I'm still fun" I said half heartedly. I knew I wasn't the type of girl Edward considered fun anymore and I was surprised after seeing him again how much that thought hurt.

"Right" Edward said.

"I am. I mean I'm here aren't I?"

"Drinking alone, Bella" he pointed out.

I turned back to the drink in front of me doing my best to hide the emotions I knew would be written all over my face. "I just wasn't in the mood for company tonight that's all. I didn't think anyone would be here"

"You came to a bar to be alone? And not just any bar my bar?" he asked not quite believing my.

"The whole world doesn't revolve around you Edward" I snapped. "It just so happens that this place is appealing because the people I hang out with wouldn't be seen dead here" I snarked.

"That's true. I mean could you really see my uptight brother and that big mouthed prissy Rosalie here?" Edward laughed.

Despite the fact he was bagging my best friend I couldn't help the smile that formed just thinking about Rose in a bar like this. "No"

"Is that who you're avoiding?" he asked. Edward had never been a fan of my friendship with Rose and by association his brother. He always claimed that they tried to micromanage my life. What he just didn't seem to understand was that Rose and I had been friends since birth and that her and Emmett only had the best intentions at heart.

"Everyone" I shrugged.

"Oh so your new boyfriend too, what's his name again, Alec?"

"He's not my boyfriend" I quickly point out. The last thing I need is people thinking that I have something going on with Alex. He was a wonderful guy but I just wasn't interested.

Edward nodded his head and smiled slightly, "good to know"

"What's your excuse?" I asked wanting to change the topic.

"For?" Edward asked confused.

"For being here drinking on a Monday night?"

Edward chuckled and his face lit up. It mesmerized me and I didn't want to look away. Edward always looked so carefree and beautiful when he was smiling. "Swan since when did I need an excuse to drink?" he asked.

"Right" I rolled my eyes, "remind me again why I broke up with you?" I asked meaning it to be in a teasing way but when Edward's eyes darkened and the smile in his eyes faded I realised I had made a judgment in error.

"If I remember correctly it was a long list and we'd probably need all night for that Bella and once I'm finished this drink I'm leaving" he said.

I had met Edward at UDub at a frat party of all places that Rose had dragged me too. He was the type of boy I never thought I would be interested in but from the moment he had handed me a drink and smiled at me I had been under his spell. We dated for nearly a year, a very long year where I had waited for Edward to get serious about school and life. He spent more time partying and doing frat stuff then he did going to class, he wouldn't declare a major and as time went on I became more doubtful that he would even graduate when he was supposed to.

Eventually I had realised though that it didn't matter how much I loved him, Edward wasn't ready for the type of commitment I wanted. I didn't see a future with this Edward and he seemed unwilling to change at all. So nearly 12 months earlier after days of tears I had broken things off.

"Edward, wait. I'm sorry" I rushed to apologise.

"What for?" Edward asked all of his previous sadness gone.

"That was insensitive"

Edward shrugged and downed the last of his beer.

"Can I buy you another one?" I asked hopefully. All of a sudden I didn't want to be drinking by myself.

Edward raised his eyebrows at the suggestion. "You trying to get me drunk Swan?" he teased.

"You wish" I laughed glad that the mood had shifted once again.

Edward leaned in very closely then until his lips were mere centimeters away from my ear then, "I don't have to be drunk you know" he whispered and trailed a hand down my arm leaving goose bumps in his wake.

I looked up like a deer in the head lights knowing exactly what he was referring too.

"Roommate?" I grunted as Edward slammed my body against the closed door.

"I'm the president now Bella, I have my own room" he murmured as he trailed kisses down my neck.

"Make sure you lock it" I moaned as Edward's hands made short work of the line of buttons on my shirt. The last thing i wanted was for one of Edward's gross frat brothers walking in on us, it had happened in the past more than i cared to remember.

When I heard the distinctive click of the lock I let myself go. Throwing myself into the kiss and busying my hands with Edward's belt.

I pulled him towards his bed in the middle of the room and unconsciously noticed for the first time that the room was almost perfectly clean. I dismissed the thought though before pushing my shirt off my shoulders and my skirt down my legs leaving me standing in front of him in only my skimpy underwear.

Edward whistled when he saw me and beckoned me towards him. I made myself comfortable on his lap and quickly brought my mouth back to his.

Edward's hands massaged my breasts over the lace of my bra before expertly unclasping it. His fingers then began to toy with my nipples until they were hard peaks and I threw my head back and moaned. Edward was always so good with his hands and he was reminding me of how well he knew my body.

"We always did have hot sex" Edward whispered as he began trail kisses down my throat and towards my aching nipples.

The hottest, I thought. "Uh huh"

"Don't you remember?" Edward asked. He wanted to hear me verbalise it. The two of us had always enjoyed a healthy sex life with a lot of dirty talk.

"Yes" I moaned as he finally took a nipple into my mouth.

"Tell me" he demanded.

"Edward please!" I pleaded with him pushing my breasts to his face and grinding my aching core against his hardness.

"Just a few little words Bella, call them an ego boost to help my performance" he told me huskily.

"It was always hot Edward, from the very first time it was always hot" I whispered.

My words were all Edward wanted and he flipped us over on to the bed and removed my panties before thrusting two fingers inside of him.

"You're so hot and wet Bella" he moaned

I reached for his cock and stroked it expertly. "God Bella" he groaned. I had immediately began the rhythm that I knew drove him crazy.

"I can't wait any longer" he whispered then.

"NO" he agreed. "I need you inside of me" I agreed.

Edward entered my in one smooth thrust and I cried out. I wasn't sure if it was relief or something else but I knew I had missed this, missed him more than I had ever let myself believe. This wasn't some guy I had picked up in a bar for a one night stand. This was my first love, the boy I had lost my virginity too.

Edward built us up with a hard and deep rhythm until i was crying out his name and he was moaning mine as we came together.

When it was over we sunk onto the bed wrapped in each other arms falling into a peaceful slumber where the ghosts of past would hopefully not touch us tonight.

I didn't want to open my eyes but i knew i couldn't stay in bed forever, i had classed to get to after all slowly began to stretch but soon realised it was impossible with the extra weight laying all over me. Looking down I found the reason quickly and smiled. Edward's face was buried against my breast as he slept soundly.

Not wanting to disturb him i stopped my attempts at stretching and instead began to explore Edward's room with my eyes. It was obviously the master suite since it was so large and I could see an ensuite off to my left. I noted again that the room was almost spotless and was shocked. The Edward I remembered could barely find the wash basket and on most occasions when we were dating I often wondered when the last time he washed was.

Needing to go the bathroom suddenly i began to wiggle free from Edward's grasp. He didn't wake up as I got up and I was relieved that I didn't have to leave the room in search of a bathroom, so I quickly rushed towards the bathroom and shut the door.


I smiled when the familiar smell greeted me as slowly woke up and quickly the night before came flooding back. I automatically reached out for her and but found the bed empty where she should be. Reluctantly i opened my eyes and sighed when my fears were realised and that she was already gone. I didn't know why i was surprised. Maybe it was because in some weird way i thought that maybe because she had come to me those maybe things might be different now. I should have realised that was stupid. I was never going to be what Bella Swan wanted and it was time i finally faced it.

"Fuck" I shouted and banged my hands on the mattress.


I was still in the bathroom when i heard Edward yell and without bothering to wash my hands rushed back into the bedroom to see what was wrong.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried.

Edward jumped at the sound of my voice and looked towards me with surprised eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked. All of a sudden I felt self conscious standing before him naked and regretted my decision to not put some clothes on before rushing off to the toilet.

All of a sudden Edward smiled. "It's nothing" he said.

My eyes narrowed as I looked the familiar guilty look on his face that I had come to know over the years. "You thought I'd left, didn't you?" I guessed.

Edward looked away guiltily. "Kind of" he admitted. "I woke up and you were gone" he added with a shrug looking away so I couldn't see the hurt in his eyes.

I felt my nose crinkle in confusion at his behavior and made my way to the bed and sat down. "I guess I'll forgive you since you actually seemed upset about it" I told him.

Edward moved until he was straddling me from behind and pressed his naked body against my back. I allowed myself to close my eyes in contentment for a few minutes

"Of course I was" He whispered.

"Look last night was..."

"And here we go" Edward sighed and moved back away from me again.

"Let me finish ok" I said and turned to face where he was now lying on the bed. "It was really nice" I smiled.

"Just nice?" he asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes at him, obviously some things never change. "You know it was more than nice, it was hot just like it always is between us"

"Right from our first time" he agreed.

"Back on track ok" I told him. "I just don't know what it means."

"Ok" Edward said.

"Ok?" i asked confused as to why he was simply agreeing with my statement, and why it hurt as much as it did.

"Yeah ok" Edward shrugged.

Annoyed I stood and began gathering up my things internally berating myself for going down this track with him again.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked confused.

"Ok isn't what I was looking for, so I'll just cut my losses..."

Edward hopped up and began pacing in front of me as I began throwing my clothes back on

"I don't get you Swan, what the hell do you want from me?" he asked pulling at his hair in frustration.

"More than ok apparently" I replied.

"You're the one who broke up with me Bella!" he yelled.

I stopped what I was doing and stared at him then at startled by his anger.

"You didn't want all of this remember? I wasn't part of your ten year plan, remember?" he reminded my angrily.

"That wasn't how it was" I whispered and for the first time since we had broken up it was apparent to me that I had hurt Edward just as much as I had hurt myself when I had ended things.

"Really? Because we were together for over a year and then all of a sudden I wasn't good enough, my life, my future plans weren't good enough for you. You haven't spoken to me for months Bella!" he shouted, "and last night you show up at my bar and..."

"And I slept with you"

"Right. Your bad" He mocked my.

"That's not what I meant!" i cried.

"Then why don't you start saying what you mean" Edward told me.

"This isn't me Edward. I don't just pick guys up in bars and sleep with them" I cried.

"I know that" Edward whispered.

"You make it all sound like it was my fault Edward but it wasn't, you knew what I wanted from you and you couldn't give it to me. You think you were the only one who got hurt?" I asked.

It had taken me days to get out of bed after I had broken up with him and it was weeks before I was fully functional. Sometimes I don't even know how I had gotten through it, but I had and I knew I was a stronger person for it.

Edward looked away as he tried to push the memories away.

"At least you didn't have to watch me hook up with half the women on campus" I added angrily then. Unlike me Edward had seem to have no problem suddenly becoming a single man. For months I had to endure stories around campus from girls who had managed to snag the irresistible Edward Cullen.

"It was hardly half, only the hot ones" he joked but his smile died when he saw that I wasn't laughing. Instead there were silent tears running down my face making it obvious to him how much his behavior with those other girls had upset me.

"Right" I whispered pulling on my last shoe.

"It wasn't like I enjoyed seeing you with Newton and Yorkie you know"

I shook my head and wiped my eyes before standing back up to face him. "It doesn't matter anyway. Clearly this was a mistake" I said and went in search for my bag.

Edward came after me and stopped me, "No, you're not running away from me this time"

"Why?" i cried. "What's changed?" I asked.

"Are you serious?" Edward asked me as he looked around the room and gestured towards the clean living space. I couldn't deny that it certainly seemed like Edward was different. His space was clean and there was a desk set up that looked like he might actually have been using it from time to time to study but did that really change anything.

"So you learned to clean up?" I shrugged.

"It's more than that!" he objected. Deep down I knew he was right. I had barely seen him at a party or heard anything about him in months which mean that he had definitely stopped partying as hard as he had in the past.

"Do you want my ten year plan?" he asked sarcastically.

Annoyed i marched towards the door but Edward reached out and grabbed my arm again determined to have the final say. "I might not have my life mapped out like you do, or care about where I am in ten years I just know I want it to be with you" he said simply before releasing me and allowing me to slip out the door.