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Firstly, thank you so much for your reviews and for those of you who are reading and following the story. If you're reading some of my other stories you might be wondering why i'm updating daily but not for Ten Year Plan. I'm still writing this story! so its a work in progress so please bare with me.

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I was relieved that I didn't have to the walk of shame when I left Edward's frat house that morning but my relief was short lived as I walked up the hallway to my dorm room to find my best friend standing outside impatiently.

This would be worse than a walk of shame.

The minute she saw me I could tell that she was annoyed and her blue eyes wasted no time taking in my appearance.

"Aren't they the clothes you had on yesterday?" she asked.

Ignoring her I fished my key out of my purse and opened the door. Not surprisingly though Rose didn't wait for an invitation and pushed her way inside.

"They are!" she said when I didn't answer.

"Where have you been Bella?" she asked.

"Rosalie you're not my mum" I told her.

"You're right I'm not but I am the friend that you stood up last night" she pointed out.

I frowned trying to remember what plans I had made with Rosalie the night before that I had forgotten about. When it dawned on me I sighed.

"We had plans Bella and Eric was disappointed"

I shook my head in annoyance. Right now my mind was full of things that definitely did not involve Eric Yorkie. But I knew that Rose was the last person I could confide in about what was really on my mind this morning. The truth was Rosalie hated Edward with a passion. The two of them had never been able to see eye to eye on anything and it had only gotten worse when Rose had started dating Edwards's brother last year.

"Look I'm sorry. I completely forgot. Tell Eric I'm sorry" I said to placate her.

Rosalie frowned. "Why don't you tell him yourself over lunch to make it up to him?"

"NO" I shouted.

Rosalie's eyes narrowed. "Why not? It's the least you can do after standing him up" she pointed out.

"Actually if I remember correctly I stood you up, Rosalie. I didn't make plans with Eric, you did" I snapped

Not wanting to continue the conversation any longer I made my way towards the bathroom, turned on the shower and began to strip off my clothes knowing that Rosalie wouldn't follow me in there.


"Look Rosalie could you just back off" I snapped near tears. I was grateful that right now she couldn't see my or I knew there was no way Rosalie would let things go. She would continue to nag at me until I revealed the entire tale about my night with Edward and then lecture me for an hour about why he was no good for me.

"Bella's what's going on?" Rosalie asked. "You come home in the same clothes you had on when I saw you yesterday, you're snapping my head off when I'm just trying to be a good friend, and you're flaking on promises you made to me. This isn't you so obviously there is something going on that I don't know about."

I let the water fall over my face drowning out the sound of Rose's voice and washing away the tears that I didn't want her to see me crying. I had thought at one point that there were no more tears to cry for Edward Cullen but after one night I realised my biggest fears. I was no more over Edward Cullen this morning that I had been 6 months ago when I broke up with him.

Rosalie continued to call out to me and I continued to ignore her. It was typical of Rosalie to turn everything around and make it about herself. We had been best friends since we were children and Rosalie had always been dramatic, but since college and dating Edward's half brother Emmett she had changed. The worst part was that I had put up with it for too long I had allowed Rosalie and Emmett to tell me that dating Edward wasn't healthy for me and even allowed them push Emmett's frat brothers onto me even though I despised the type of

"I just need you to back off and stop trying to run my life" I called out finally.

"I am not trying to run your life" Rosalie replied annoyed.

"Then what do you call pushing Eric onto me at every second" I snapped.

"Eric is one of the smartest, richest and most popular boys in Emmett's fraternity Bella. You should be happy that..."

"Just stop!" I screamed as I turned the shower off and reached for a towel. "I don't give a shit how much money he has Rosalie. I can find my own boyfriends just fine thank you."

"Ok, because that turned out so well for you last time" she added sarcastically. I suspected she hadn't intended for me to hear it but I had none the less.

That was the finally straw for me; I was already at the end of my emotional rope. I couldn't do two arguments in one morning especially when one had been so hard like the one I had had with Edward.

"That's it. GET OUT" I told her through gritted teeth.

"Excuse me?" Rosalie asked shocked.

"Your heard me. Get out of my apartment before I get out of this bathroom Rosalie or so help me god I'll throw you out. I asked you repeatedly to back off but you just can't help yourself. This is my life and I'll date and fuck who ever I want" I yelled.


"I'm serious Rosalie" I told her. In all our years of friendship I don't think I'd even been so angry with Rose, nor had I ever yelled at her like I was right now. Rose must have sensed this too because before long she was backing away from me.

"I don't know what's going on with you Bella but call me when you pull that stick out of your ass" I called out before leaving and closing the door behind me.

"Don't hold your breath" I yelled at the door when she closed it.

As soon as the words left my mouth I felt all the tension drain from my body. The feeling of relief was overwhelming and I finally understood Edward's animosity towards my best friend and his brother. I had spend too long listening to their opinions on everything but most importantly how Edward was no good for my and where had that left me? Unhappy and alone, dating people that they deemed suitable whilst Rose and Emmett were happy together.

"I might not have my life mapped out like you do, or care about where I am in ten years I just know I want it to be with you"

I closed my eyes as Edwards words washed over me. I don't think he had ever said something so beautiful to me the whole time we were dating.

When I had heard the words from his mouth that morning I had been shocked. They were the words I had longed to hear from him 12 months earlier but he had never been able to tell me. He had never even told me that he loved me, not even when I had been walking away from him. I think that's what had solidified my position in the end to stay away from him. He hadn't even tried to fight when I had told him why I was breaking things off. But now for some reason it felt like maybe he was ready to fight for me.

I banged my head against the mirror as I looked at my reflection.

I had waited so long to hear him say something that showed me that I meant something to him and what had I done when he finally had? I had walked away again.

Walking to my bedroom I pulled out a pair of fresh jeans and a red tank top and threw it on sans bra. My hair hung straight and wet down my back and I didn't worry about make up or jewelry as I stepped into a pair of flip flops before grabbing my hand bag.

Whatever happened I knew I could not walk away again. Finally, whatever the outcome I and Edward had to find closure and was determined I wouldn't leave his room until I did.


I didn't want to leave the room but I knew if I stayed I would end up being bombarded by my fraternity brothers. So eventually I packed up my stuff and made my way outside towards my car. I had no real destination in mind just something that might take my mind off Bella.

My head was a mess. Things with Bella had gone completely wrong this morning. I hadn't articulated my feelings very well and I knew that I shouldn't have tried to whilst we were in the middle of a fight but it was always the same when it came to us. Bella was too caught up on ideals and appearances and listening to her best friend and I just never felt as though I was going to be good enough for either of them no matter what I did. I hated that Bella couldn't see the changes I had made to my life though over the last few months. It might have taken me a while to realize what I had lost when she had walked out the door a year ago but when I did my entire world had fallen apart.

At first I had tried to move on from her, and that had been slightly successful for a while but none of the girls were Bella and none of them ever made me feel the way I did when I was with her. I knew it was love. She had told me countless times that she was in love with me and although I suspected I had been in love with her too I had never been man enough to admit it to her and that had been my biggest regret.

At the time I had thought I had everything in my life that I needed. I was young and I didn't see why I needed to make all these decisions now. Yes it had been nice to have Bella in my life but like everything else at the time I thought she was replaceable. I was wrong. Getting over Bella Swan had been the hardest thing I had to do.

When I showed up at the bar the other night and found her there I had been confused and concerned. I figured she must have been looking for me to show up because she knew it was my bar, I went there to get away from everyone and she was the only one who knew about it. I had felt though that I was ready, I was finally ready to tell her how I felt and ask her for a second chance but the minute she opened her mouth everything started to go wrong. I hadn't intended to end up in bed with her but I wasn't sorry about it either. I was however sorry about the way things had ended this morning.

The house was quiet as I made my way through but I wasn't surprised since it was still early and most of the guys slept late when they didn't have early classes.

I opened the door and was about to step out when I looked up and came face to face with familiar brown ones and froze.

"Hi" I whispered.

Her eyes were red I realised instantly and I immediately felt like shit for making her cry.

"Hi" she replied.

"Were you leaving?" she asked motioning to his bag.

I was drinking in the sight of her, barely able to take my eyes off her. She was wearing a red top, my favorite color on her, and I noticed immediately that she had opted for no bra.

"If you have classes I can come back" she added.

"What? No" I quickly replied and stepped back so she could enter.

Bella walked in awkwardly and looked around the house. It was different from what she remembered. It looked like the house had been done up.

"Let's go up to my room" I suggested and began guiding my up the stairs with his hand on the small of my back.