Louella escaped Beth's fate and has been reunited with Willie. Sister Kira, the supposedly saintly healer brought in by Quentin has a sinister agenda yet to be uncovered. Quentin has been blackmailed into marrying Carolyn. Kenneth, Julia's husband has become paralyzed.


Chapter 1

Louella woke up slowly. She felt warm and comfortable in Willie's arms. She nestled hersef in them and closed her eyes. It was a quiet, happy feeling there, as his heartbeat fluttered against her cheek.

Soon he would wake up. And he'd be hungry... Boy, did he get hungry in the morning...

She slipped out of his arms, trying not to awaken him, and went to the kitchen.

She was going to make him the biggest breakfast this side of Philadelphia!

Julia watched Kenneth. He had regained consciousness, but kept slipping back.

She knew that it didn't help Kenneth if she stayed there, rooted to the spot. She knew the advice she gave people in the same situation.

"Go to work. get busy, do anything to get your mind off it..."

But what could she forget what Kenneth as going through? What right had she?

She recognized the symptoms. Survivor's guilt. But knowing the proper name didn't change anything.

She looked at the strained face, letting her tears flow.

With luck, he might regain use of one arm, she had been told.

Was that all she could look forward to?

Could she do it? Angelique wondered Would she be able to?

She knew that she wanted to do it more to impress Barnabas than anything else. If Julia and Kenneth profited, so much the better.

But she could fail. her powers were great, but there were things she couldn't do.

She was successful in healing those she herself had made sick. And then not always. There was an evil streak in her powers. Try as she did, she way more successful doing evil than good.

If she succeeded in healing Kenneth..

But she could fail. And Barnabas would think that it was all a trick to get him back...

If she healed Kenneth that should prove something, at least to herself.

"Do you have the keys for David's chains?" Barnabas asked Phillip.

"Here they are" Phillip gave them to Barnabas. "Why do you want them"

"Come and you'll see."

"You are not planning on releasing him...he isn't cured yet."

"I know. I also know that Julia interrupted his treatment and that now I am taking over. I am going to take a gamble on him."

David sat morosely on the bed, his back turned to them.

"Hello, David" Barnabas said.

David grunted without turning back.

"I am releasing you."

"You are?" quickly David turned around, in surprise.

"Under certain conditions. You are to remain in town. You are to keep clean of the stuff. I talked with the manager of the supermarket, and you have a job there."

"In the supermarket? " There was derision in David's voice.

"You'll work at it. You can keep the money you make there. When the full moon comes, you get in the cage. That's all. Do you think that's fair?"

"If I promise to do all that" David couldn't keep from wincing, "will you let me go?"


"Then I promise."

"You are crazy if you believe him." Phillip interjected "you unchain him and he skips town."

"I don't think so."

"He's going to skip town, I tell you."

"I'll make sure that he doesn't" And this time he flashed a significant smile.

"No!" David understood "You are not doing that to me!"

"I don't have many alternatives. I will not keep you chained here like an animal, waiting for you to cooperate with Julia. I will give you as much of a normal life as I can" he paused for effect "you can either open your collar or roll up your sleeve. It's all the same to me."

Sister Kira opened her mail. It waas the usual. Request for prayers. Her fan letters, she called them.

Except that Bob Woods had written to her.

She wondered. Was it safe for him to do so? And what was so important?

Inside she found a Xerox copy of Representative Evans' check to Sebastian Saw, and then what he could figure out of the relationship between her and Barnabas Collins.

"So, Representative Evans had a skeleton in her closet. And Bob Woods thought that there may be a way to profit form it."

Bob Woods was rather new. He could not yet tell when a lead had a big payoff and when it was a waste of time...

At least he had no idea that Barnabas Collins was a vampire. If he did, like all beginners, he would be more quick to see the advantages than the disadvantages of trying to exploit the situation.

Still, it may be worthwhile to look into it.

Roger let Carolyn lead him into his room.

"Everything is going to be all right now. You'll see." she told him.

Roger nodded. He wished it was true. But their troubles were not over. She had enemies and they would not rest until they destroyed her. They way they had destroyed Nixon.

But not if he could do something about it.

"I am getting married " Carolyn said "I want you to give me away."

"Married? To whom?"


Frank demonstrated to Sabrina the proper way to use chopsticks.

"It isn't so hard." he explained. "Just keep one steady and move the other. And never cross them."

"Like this?"

"That's right."

Sabrina attacked the bowl of rice next to her.

"Hey! It works!"

"I told you it would." his voice became hard. "this isn't a social call, is it?"

"No. I want something out of you."

"In my official capacity, of course."

"Representative Evans is interested in conducting an investigation of OSHA."

"And you want me to leak to her?"

"You must know that there is corruption and inefficiency there."

"Of course I do." Fran's face set. "But I will not turn it to Representative Evans to gut. Because that's what she wants to do. She wants to destroy it and all it stands for. Corrupt it may be a times. Inefficient too. But still it mostly does a good job, and we need it."

"Is David cured?" Iris asked Barnabas.

"No. Not really."

"So how come you let him go?"

"He gets locked up in the full moon. In the meantime, he's got a job at the supermarket and can come and go as he pleases."

Iris shook her head. "It won't work. He'll be back on junk before you can say 'Mary Jane"".

"He won't" Barnabas smiled "I made sure he didn't"

Iris considered his meaning. "It is only a stopgap solution." she finally said.

"I know. He has to go to Julia for a cure. But he has to want it first. And I think he'll be more amenable if he can go out, earn his own money, meet people, have a bit of fun, and the rest of it, instead of just sitting on the bed and being miserable."

"Maybe" Iris wasn't sure about trusting David, not even under Barnabas' control. "Julia's going to have kittens when she finds out what you've done to her patient."

"It won't be for a while." he sighed "I wish she would scream at me. But she sits there and stares...It was such a senseless accident..."

"Yes" Iris kissed him impulsively. "I feel so guilty."


"For being so happy when she..."

"You are not the only one" Barnabas acknowledged "Do you know how long it took me to convince Willie that it was all right to go on a vacation? God knows that those kids need that trip."

"Specially with the wedding coming up. If you want my opinion, those two deserve each other. Did you get an invitation?"

"Yes." Barnabas looked unhappy. Carolyn's petty cruelties were sometimes too much to bear.

"Of course, you can't make it. Not at that time." Iris shook her head. "I'll have to shop for a wedding gift. I wonder where I can get a rattlesnake?"

How did you do with Torrance yesterday?" Maggie asked Sabrina.

"No sale. he knows enough, but won't give it to me."

"Did he say why?"

"Because he does not care to gut his agency just to get you on TV."

"Did you explain to him that there was more than that?"

"Saving taxpayer's money" Sabrina said derisively.

"What's wrong with that?"

"That suddenly that's all I hear around. Apart from saving taxpayers' money, what else do you do? We don't have an energy policy. We don't have a National Health Insurance. All those things that were promised if Carter was elected..."

"Blame Carter. or the public." Maggie sighed. "Do you think I don't know it? But that's the way it is. The sixties are over."

"And now the Me generation has taken over."

"Right. The Me generation. In the sixties you could get people to demonstrate for civil rights or against the war. Now what do they demonstrate about?"

"Proposition 13 and nuclear plants."

"See the difference? In the sixties, it was for the sake of others, the blacks or the Vietnamese. Now it is THEIR taxes, and the nuclear plants in their backyards."

"Some people still keep at it."

"Sure like Barnabas and Joan Baez. But they can afford to. I can't. I have to keep running for reelection."

"So you sold out?"

"I try to get things done the only way I can. You say that we don't have an energy policy? You are right. You know something else? Maine has an unbelievable reservoir of hydroelectric energy that ahs never been exploited. Ever heard of the Passamaquoddy project? It was an idea of Roosevelt's, to install a tidal energy plant in Maine. It never got off the ground. That's what I am fighting for. That's why I make the deals I make.

Sabrina looked skeptical.

"So I make my deals. So I try to cut taxes. So I try to hand the people back home some bureaucrat's head on a platter. In the meantime I let Barnabas and Davenport give a try to hydroelectric power. /And they are not the only ones. Money that I can scrape from Federal waste I cannel there. Or didn't you notice it yet? And if I can get the Passamaquoddy project off the ground, I will be able to sell it because of my reputation for slashing taxies and keeping such a sharp eye on waste. And if the price for it is nailing a few scalps to the wall, I am willing to pay it.

"If you can get away with it."

"I can try. Keep working at Torrance."

"So that's it, baby." Willie kissed Louella "you and I are going on a vacation."

"Leave now?" Louellla looked around.

"Sure. I cheated you of a proper honeymoon. We are going to have it now."

"Willie" Louella took his face in her hands. "you don't have to do this."

"I want to."

"You are a good man." She kissed him., then added. " I never thanked Barnabas properly. Would you tell him that I want to talk to him?"