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A strange event seems to occur on a very ordinary weekend.

The golden trio hung out at their favorite spot by the lake.

'Hermione,' moaned Ron, 'can I please see your essay?'

Hermione did not reply, instead she was looking at something in the distance.

'Why the hell-' began Harry following her gaze but before he could say another word, Hermione stood up and walked over to the couple that she was staring at.

'What the bloody hell, muttered Harry and Ron in unison.

Hermione yanked Pansy Parkinson off Draco Malfoy. Harry and Ron hurried over to stand beside Hermione. Draco raised an eyebrow and looked at Hermione warily.

As far as he was aware he had not done anything to the mudblood for the past 48 hours.

'Hey hey, you you,' cried Hermione,' I don't like your girlfriend!'

'No way!' muttered Ron gaping.

'No way,' repeated Harry equally shocked as Draco gave Hermione a WTF look.

'I think you need a new one,' continued Hermione, 'Hey hey you you I want to be your girlfriend!'

'Hey Hey, you you!' cried Pansy turned to Draco, 'I know that you like me!'

'No way no way,' snapped Hermione rolling her eyes.

'You know it's not a secret!' snapped Pansy at Draco.

'Hey hey you you, I want to be your girlfriend!' said Hermione pointing at Draco.

'Mudblood!' said Draco dryly, 'You on crack?'

'Your so fine, I want you mine, your so delicious,' said Hermione smirking, 'I think about you all the time, you're so addictive. Don't you know what I can do to make you feel all right?'

'Don't pretend-', started Pansy but Draco cut across her.

'I think you know I'm damn precious,' pointed out Draco to Hermione.

'And hell yeah I'm the mother f***ing princess,' said Hermione to Draco.

'I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right,' said Pansy to Draco.

'She's like so whatever', snorted Hermione.

'You can do so much better!' cried Harry and Ron together to Hermione.

'I think we should get together now' said Draco to Hermione.

'And that's what everyone's talking about.' muttered Pansy dryly.


Hermione sat up in her bed with a start. She was sweating a lot.

'What the hell was that?' she whispered shocked.

A dream about Draco Malfoy.

Hermione started laughing uncontrollably.