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"Talk"- normal speechless

"Talk"- telepathy


Deep within the island city of Altomare, there is a secret garden, home to the Soul Dew, an artifact of unimaginable power. It was home to the Eon Twins, who guarded the Soul Dew with their lives if necessary. For centuries, the Eon Pokemon lived alone, isolated from the world around them. That was no longer the case.

A young man sat crouched in the moonlight next to the Soul Dew, eyes closed. He had raven-colored spiky hair that covered the top of his head. He wore a black undershirt with a opened white jacket with three dark red triangles similar to those found on an Eon Dragon; one on each sleeve and one on the very front of the jacket. He wore dark blue jeans and extruded an aura of confidence and control. His name, formerly Ash Ketchum, was Ashura Knight.

Several other pokemon surrounded him, training heavily underneath his watch. They had been going for hours, yet they would not stop. They were the Ace's pokemon, and they would everything they could to gain his satisfaction.

Ashura opened his eyes, dark red in color, and stood up, drawing everyone's attention to him. With a imperceptible nod, he said, "Good work, everyone. We went longer than normal. Time for a late dinner," With a cheer, his pokemon stopped what they were doing and walked across the garden where their master had already set up their food.

Ashura smiled as he watched his pokemon began to eat. He was so proud of them, the pokemon in front of him had worked so hard and stuck by him all these years every since that fateful day. He began walking toward his pokemon, intent on eating as well.

As he walked, one of his pokemon, a Rotom, floated besides him. After a couple moments of silence, the Rotom spoke up, "You forgot ketchup,"

The man laughed at the pokemon's words and replied, "Oh, partner. I wondered if you would catch that. It seems time hasn't dulled you one bit."

The Rotom snorted and replied, "Neither has death" Rotom's words made both of them quiet, once again reminding them of that day.

Ashura slowly began to speak, "You know I'm still so sorry over what happened. If Arceus hadn't intervened, you would of died." the man visibly hesitated, bring back more memories, "I never meant for what was done to you,"

The Rotom extended a tendril of electricity and used it to pat the man's arms, "And you know that I'll never hold it against you. It was not your fault; it was Team Rocket's. I may look different now, I may not be fully alive, but I'll always be the lovable little mouse you met the first day of your journey,"

Ashura laughed, bringing him out of his slump. "Indeed you will," He got out a bottle of ketchup and handed it to the Rotom, "Don't eat all of it," Rotom nodded as he floated back to the group of pokemon still eating.

Ashura, smiling from the recent conversation, smiled even wider as he heard the rush of wind caused by only one being. He turned to see a red and white blur knock into him, bringing him to the ground. Ashura laughed as Latias nuzzled his neck, extremely happy to see him after her short voyage.

"Easy girl, I just finished training here," he replied as he slowly got up.

"I'm sorry, Ash, I'm just so happy to see you again!" Latias replied, still clinging to Ashura's form.

Ashura leaned and whispered, "As am I," Latias blushed as he spoke; with three words he could be incredibly seductive.

Latias began to float to where the other pokemon are, with Ashura following her.

"So, Ash, what have I missed for the week I've been gone?"

Ashura shrugged and replied, "Not much really. We haven't had much true battling since I became the Altomare Ace and the Prince of Champions after completing the Prodigy Challenge and the Royal Line. We did participate in a small tournament on the south side of Orre, but we crushed that easily. It was to mainly keep our skills sharp. We've mainly focused on improving the city, creating our arena, and enhancing our public image,"

Latias nodded as her mind moved back to those days. Ashura, after a month of living in Altomare trying to recover from that day, learned of several tournaments that existed outside the five main regions that were on a whole other level than the Pokemon League. Ashura had immediately thrown himself into those tournaments, training incredibly hard and acquiring powerful pokemon. After two years of work, Ash had triumphed over all of these, including the prestigious Prodigy Challenge and the Royal Line.

The Prodigy Challenge was a tournament, based out of the metropolis Forever City, that determined the best of the best. Forget the Master Tournaments that the Pokemon League flaunted so very much; true trainers fought and bled in the Prodigy Challenge. It started with 256 trainers, that were slowly whittled down to 32 via a series of three on three preliminaries. Then after a round of double battles that brought the number down to 16, the third round was full six on six battles all the way to the end. It was a nightmare, one that truly tested the trainers endurance, power, cunning, speed, and connection with their pokemon.

If you win the Prodigy Challenge, you were allowed to try the test simply known as the Royal Line. If you did not compete, you earned a large cash prize as well as public distinction, like a normal tournament. If you did compete, you had the chance to truly be the very best. In the test, you were pitted against all the previous winners of the Prodigy Challenge, who were considered to be the best trainers in the world. If you lost to just one trainer, you received a smaller cash prize for beating the Prodigy Challenge as well as the public distinction. If you beat all the trainers, you were given a much, much larger cash prize, the title of Prince of Champions, and the opportunity to make your own arena and title to become a part of the challenge.

One year ago, Ashura had entered the Prodigy Challenge. People scoffed at him, believe that a "League" boy like Ashura would not survive the first round.

Imagine their surprise when he won the whole thing. Imagine their shock when he then proceeded to take on the Royal Line. Imagine their hearts' stopping when he beat the final trainer in the Royal Line, making Ashura the new Prince of Champions. There hadn't been a new Prince in over fifty years

Latias sighed in happiness as she continued to reminisce. After winning the Royal Line, Ash had decided to become a part of the challenge. To her shock and happiness, he chose Altomare as the sight of his facility. When she confronted the soon to be crowned Altomare Ace, he had this to say,

"Latias, I was a wreck after that day. I could barely focus and I had lost my passion for battling. You, along with this city, are the reason I am in this position today. It's only fair that I give something back to the city that sponsored me,"

Before Ashura's ascension, Altomare had declined severely. The Five Regions had cut off the small island city for some reason or another, making it a sole entity without any trade partners. Without help, the city would have been abandoned to its neglect.

Ashura changed all that. With the arrival of the newest member of the Royal Line, Artican Industries, the main sponsor and industrial power of the 'true' tournaments, began to pump money into the city. This money saved the city, and with Altomare now an essential part of the non-Five Region Economy, the citizens of Altomare had Ashura to thank for their survival. He was a hero, an icon to all that lived in Altomare. Latias had Ashura to thank for much more.

You see, while Ash had been dealing with the aftermath of that day, Latias had still been dealing with her brother's death. She still had nightmares of her brother crying out and dieing right in front of her, unable to do anything. She still wept during the day, wishing that her brother was still with her. Both were grieving, so they reached out to each other for comfort from their losses. After some time, that comfort turned into so much more.

Latias was brought out of her recollections when a Pidgeot came into the garden, carrying something. Everyone watched curiously as the bird delivered a letter to Ashura, who took it with some degree of caution. He had instructed Pidgeot to only bring mail to the secret garden only if it was important and time-sensitive. He slowly opened it up and began to read aloud,

Dear Mister Knight,

You are herby invited to attend the Top 128 Competition this coming March 1st in the Ever Grande Stadium in the Hoenn Region. 128 Trainers will gather from all around the world to compete. Registrations will be made in the closest convenient town no later by Feburary 15th, which is in three weeks time. Simply show this letter to the registration and you will be all set to compete.

Please arrive to Ever Grande City by Feburary 29th for the opening Ceremony.

Thank you,

Mr. Charles Goodshow

Owner of the Pokemon League

In addition to the letter, there was an additional hand written message.

Dear Ashura Knight/Ash Ketchum,

Congrats on the disappearing act. Took me four bloody years to find you, and that was by using circumstantial evidence and paper thin trails.

I know that you are not a fan of the League, hell I wouldn't after what they put you through. However, I need your help, and yes, your help does deal with the invitation. You're the only one who could even consider doing what needs to be done. It's too important to discuss via letters; this needs to be spoken about face to face.

I plan on visiting Altomare in three days as part of my annual vacation. Once I'm there, I'll sneak off from the guards protecting me and head to a location of your choosing. All I want here is a confirmation that you'll speak to me and a location. Once we speak, you're entirely free to shove this entire situation in my face and laugh. I won't hold it against you.

Just one more time, no matter what you think, please at least speak to me.

See you soon,


Creator of the Battle Frontier

After Ashura finished the letter, everyone in the garden was silent, analyzing what was written and what it meant for the future.

Ashura wasn't shocked that his identity had been found out. He wasn't shocked that he was being asked to come back. He wasn't even shocked of the absolute secrecy of the letter. He was shocked that Scott, a fun-loving lively man, had reduced himself to begging beneath Ashura's feet in order for Ashura to just listen to him. He was also shocked by how much Scott went out of the way to make everything conciliatory to Ashura. Hell, he didn't even have to leave town. The measures Scott had taken with this had convinced the young man, despite his hatred for the League, to at least hear the man out.

Ashura turned to his pokemon and said, "I think that we should at least listen to Scott given the measures he's taken. Besides, if we don't like it, he said we could back out without complaint. What do you guys say?"

Once Ash saw his pokemon agree with his opinion, he swiftly grabbed a pen and began to write a counter-response. After five minutes, Ash finished writing and read it over one time.

Dear Scott,

I daresay I am impressed that you managed to find me, even if it took you four years. I had expected no one to be able to figure it out unless I told them myself.

In response to your message, I have decided to give you a chance to plead your case. Find me on the bridge that the Tour de Altomare starts at 8:00pm. I'll be disguised; my normal appearance is too well known to the citizens of Altomare.

See you soon,

Ashura Knight

Altomare Ace, Prince of Champions

Ash folded the message and gave it to Pidgeot.

"Get this to Scott secretively. No one but him is to even see you" Pidgeot nodded and flew off.

Ashura turned and replied, "No training after dinner. You have the rest of the night off. Be prepared for tomorrow's training, starting at the usual time."

After speaking, he walked away, leaving his pokemon curious for what was to come. Latias got up and followed him through the garden.

She found him staring at the Soul Dew that was the last remnant of her brother. She walked up to him and, after turning into her new human form that she made after giving up Bianca's, snuggled up to him. Ash sighed as he held her.

"Ash, what do you think is going on?" she said, able to speak English in her human form after years of practice.

Ashura shook his head, "I don't know. But I intend to find out,"

Latias stared up at Ashura's dark red eyes, losing herself in their intensity. She could remember the day when his eyes, among many other things, changed.

"I'll always be there. We'll get through this together, like we always have," Latias said softly, causing Ashura's head to turn towards her.

He leaned in, his lips almost touching hers. After a second, he whispered, "I know" and kissed her.

The kiss was just as good, no even better, than the one's they had shared before. Ash's sweet, soft lips dominated her own. It sent fire running through her transformed veins, bringing a feeling of pure ecstasy. She could never get enough of him.

After several minutes, the two broke apart for air, and simply gazed at each other. Ash lightly tugged her arm as he said, "We should get some sleep. We're probably going to need it"

Latias was all to eager to comply.

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