Never had a Dream come True

A secret saga

Chapter 1

Run away from 'Kouzuki Mansion'

The first ray of sunlight has touched the entire 'Kouzuki Kingdom' just a few hours ago. Everywhere was seems so peace and everybody was seems to be happy. Except a particular blonde, whose hair was fluttering in the fresh air of morning and as green as emerald orbs were staring lazily at the town.

"A new day like every day, no change. Nothing new will happen in my life." she sighed.

"Princess Miyu, king and queen are waiting at Grand hall for you. Your breakfast has served there." a royal maid said.

"Coming" she sighed again.

Miyu, the princess of Kouzuki Kingdom then come down from staircase and entered into the Grand hall.

"Miyu, come fast. Your favorite breakfast is waiting for you." Queen Miki of Kouzuki Kingdom and Miyu's mother said cheerfully.

"You absolutely don't mean about us." Yuu, the king (Miyu's father) replied calmly.

"Something special?" Miyu said

"May be" her mother said.


Miki coughed and said with a serious tone "Actually we are talking about your marriage."

"What?"Miyu shouted in shock.

"Wh-a-a-t d-do you m-m-mean b-by m-my m-marriage" she started to shutter.

"Have we said something wrong?"Asked Miki.

"I don't think so." replied Yuu.



"Has it been final?"
"Yah honey of course. It has been final when you two were born. Oh what a day that was!" Miki started chanting.

"Then why it is now. I have so time to marry."

"Oh Miyu what are you saying? You are old enough to be married."

Miyu banged her hand on the table.

Miki and Yuu became astonished at their daughter's odd behavior. Every princess has to be married. Then what is this for?

"Miyu are you okay?"Miki said

"Have we said something wrong, dear?" Yuu said being amazed.

"Mama Papa how have you decided such an important thing without telling me a single word? Tell me why?" Miyu shouted.

~Never had a Dream come True~

"Long long ago, the world was different. There was neither danger nor trouble. But that was before a little girl named Pandora came to live with Epimetheus…" Miyu read.

It is a night of full moon. Mild breeze is blowing and our beloved princess sat on a bench beside the biggest window of her room. She was reading a storybook named 'Pandora's box'. To forget the incident she concentrated in the story. The big grandfather clock standing at the corner, struck ten at night.

Sometimes later it struck quarter past ten. Now the scene has been a little bit changed. The storybook was closed and Miyu was staring through the window. She can't concentrate. But what has happened just in a quarter of an hour?

"My life has gone. My life has ended. Some days after I am going to be married with an unknown person and my all dreams are going to be thrown into drains." she exposed a huge sigh. Her eyes are full of tears. Then they started to fall.

"I shouldn't cry. Why should I cry? No problems of my life will be clear by crying" she said to herself. She sweep away her tears and started to read again.

Now the clock struck half past ten. The expressions of her eyes are different. It seems to be….astonished.

"Here is written that 'Hope gives new life to the troubled world. Hope makes all things look bright.' Is that true? Is there really a chance that can give me a new life? Is there any." She asked her. Thinking about all these things she went to bed but not to the world of sleep. She was still awake.

After four hours…..

An idea hit Miyu's head. Her lips curved into a small smile. And her eyes are now full of determination.

~Never had a Dream come True~

The next day…..

The whole kingdom was gossiping about their princess's marriage. Like others some girls were chatting in the market. They were as well as curious.

"Uhhh! What a news." A girl named Sashiko said.

"Yah! Our princess's marriage. She must look so gorgeous in wedding down." Another girl, Ai said.

"I was thinking about the prince. How will he be?" third girl Shina said.

'Oh! What are you saying? He must be so handsome, so brave." Sashiko said.

"The Royals are so lucky. If we were princesses then we have all these too." Ai said in despair.

"Yah! You are right" Shina said. They all sighed.

In the castle the scene was same. All the servants and maids were chatting about that topic. The king and queen were also happy. They sat at the tea-table in the garden.

"In my life I was waiting for this day."Miki said while wiping her tears. "Our daughter is going to another place away from us. We have to tell her 'Goodbye'. "

Yuu's sweat dropped.

"Miki, she still hasn't gone anywhere. Why are you acting this way..."

"But she has to. Oh-hu-hu-hu" Miki started crying heavily. Yuu tried to control his wife.

But between these all things no one knew that what was going in Miyu's head.

"The perfect day for my plan must be the upcoming new moon. I have to do my job that night. But before that I should find a suitable place." Saying this she closed the door and left her room to find something….. God knows what…..

Two weeks past…..

It is now 12 at night now. There is no moon in the sky. The whole kingdom as well as the guards of castle is sleeping. Everything was so quiet. But…..

"Kyaaaaa" the gate at castle's backyard get opened. A shadow passed through the gate. Then the shadow started to run fast. Soon it disappeared in the midst of the jungle.

~End of the first chapter~

Waiting for Kanata? Well he will be found in ch2