Never had a Dream come True

A secret saga


"It is Hanakomachi Castle" Kanata identified the palace. "It's the only mansion here. Great merchant family, Hanakomachi-s lives here. They are very very rich."

Though, it was not as big as the 'Kouzuki Mansion', its beauty really charmed Miyu.

"There is one more thing which you may like to see." Kanata smirked.

Then they started to walk again.

End of recap…..

Chapter 4

Miyu's 'Real' life history

Soon they reached the place."What is this? Just a long staircase!" Miyu's one eye was raised in wonder.

"This is not 'just a long staircase' you dumb" Kanata passed a few stairs.

"Hey, I have told you that I am not dumb." Miyu shouted.

"Then you must not talk like a dumb." Kanata answered coldly.

Between this chat-chatting they reached their destination, a Buddhist temple. It was on a hill-top, from where she observed a fantastic panoramic view of the village.

"It is wonderful." Miyu was charmed. "It looks like I'm the queen of this world." She raised her hands up and closed her eyes, to feel the fresh air.

"What you can't become in this life time."Kanata smirked. "You may become a slave there. That suits you."

"What? How dare you to call me a slave." Miyu flared up in anger.

"I dare very much." He smirked shutting his eyes and crossed his arms.

"This jerk can make my day a disaster" Miyu thought in her mind.

"Ohayo Kanata-san." Miyu heard a gang greeting Kanata. She turned her head back and found a gang with some girls as well as boys.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Miyu-chan" the girls greeted Miyu also.

"Minna?" Kanata surprised.

"Hai, Kanata-san, we heard about Miyu-chan and thought to meet with her." a short brown haired tall girl told.

Suddenly a red rose popped in front of Miyu. "This is for you Miyu-san. Welcome to Heiomachi." A handsome blonde boy knelt down.

"Hey Hikarigaoka, can't you give up your this bad habit?" Kanata disturbed.

He flew his lock "No, surely not. We must welcome new-comers in Heiomachi, especially beautiful ladies"

Miyu smiled and received it.

"Geez, you are a narcissist." Kanata irritated.

"Anyway I must introduce with them."

"She is Nanami Tenchi." Kanata commenced the earlier brunette girl.

"Aya Konishi" a girl with greenish hair, tied into two braids.

"Christine Hanakomachi, I have showed you the Hanakomachi Castle. She belongs to the family." The other two girls were dressed in normal, cheap clothes bur her was more expensive which sense the air of 'money'.

"You may call me Chris-chan." She said politely.

"And he is Santa Kurosu. My best friend." a raven haired boy with two small eyes.

"He is Nozomu Hikarigaoka" the welcomer blonde, in Kanata's language the narcissist boy.

Miyu became happy beyond measure that she had made so many friends this early.

"Ne Kanata-san we were thinking to enjoy a barbecue party lake side." Aya suggested.

"Oh! I have forgotten to show her the lake. In this chance she can watch the also." Kanata said.

"Okay then let's gathered the necessary things and meet at the lake." Nanami cheered up.

"And I will bring my fishing pole and extras, so that we can catch some fish there. It will be great fun." Santa said excitedly.

"Let's meet at the Misty Dew Lake."Kanata told.

"Yeah" all shouted raising their fists.

~Never had a Dream come True~

"It is so-sooooo a-a-awesome" Miyu's mouth gaped in bewilderment.

They are standing right beside the Misty Dew Lake. A sprawling lake the water of which was so transparent that that the pebbles were visible. As it was so came and the mellow morning sunlight reflected on it, from a far it seemed to be a big mirror. The surrounding was marvelous, just in the middle of the jungle, birds were chirping. Miyu could imagine that she reached to Heaven.

"Oi Miyu, close your mouth either you can catch a fly." Kanata teased.

"Kanata-a-a stop teasing me" Miyu threw a death glare at him.

"You two please stop." Nanami ordered.

"Let's make our meal right Miyu-chan." Aya asked.

'They are making food. But what should I do? I do know nothing about cooking." She thought with a frightened look in face.

"Miyu-chan what happened?" Aya and Nanami chorused.

"Actually I'm not good in cooking." She uttered but enough for everyone to hear.

"What more we can get from a loser." Kanata smirked closing his eyes seemed to be boastful.

"I'M NOT A LOSER" Miyu shouted.

"Then prove it." Kanata challenged.

Every one sweat dropped at their constant argument.

"Make a pumpkin dish."

"Huh? Pumpkin? Why pumpkin?" Miyu blinked with a blank look and a question mark over her head.

"Because because I like it." He muttered the last three words so lightly that except Miyu no-one could hear.

'He likes pumpkin? What a typical choice?' she thought.

"Okay fine I'll make it." Miyu accept the challenged.

"Without anyone's help." Kanata threw a condition.

"Yah yah" Miyu groaned.

"Kanata while the girls are cooking other items let's catch some fishes." Santa said cheerfully.

"Oi Santa why are you so excited? Don't you catch fish here almost every day?" Kanata asked raising his eyebrows.

"The lake's fishes are so tasty" Santa licked his lips and his eyes widened like a big plate.

"Have you ever eaten here's fishes" Kanata enquired narrowing his eyes.
Santa hung his head down and some blue lines formed over his head. "No"

Hearing his reply they all started to laugh whole heartedly.

~Never had a Dream come True~

It was midday. The sun's power got increased which made the temperature hotter. And this made everybody to sweat heavily. Though as well as others our gang had sweated, they had completed their works.

"We are done. And it's time for digging them." Aya grinned.
"And also the time for Miyu's test" Kanata concluded.

Then they all sat on the grassy ground beside the lake for eating their meal. "Itadakimasu" they chorused. Everyone was gossiping except Miyu. She remained silent. "God knows, what I have made."

All plates were finished and every food container was empty. Without a can in which was pumpkin made by Miyu. Miyu served it on a plate and handed it over to Kanata.

"What the hell have you made?" Kanata choked to see the condition of the food. "It's almost burned. How have you called it 'a dish'?"

"I accept my defeat. I can't cook" Miyu lowered her head and her some tear-drops fell from her glamorous emerald orbs.

"I've told you. You should've accepted your defeat before." Kanata smirked with a victorious glory.

"KANATA-SAN STOP IT. Don't shrug her off more at her very first day at Heiomachi." Nanami stood up from her position.

"Anyway Miyu-chan, we wanted to know how did you reached here?" Aya turned to Miyu.

Hearing the question, Miyu swept her tears away. She was ready for the question. She started a painful, emotional, heart-touching story, she read earlier."This is really a long story. I've to start from the first. I am from the south coast of this kingdom. My parents and I lived near the shore. We had a big house there. My father was a merchant and a sailor. He went to voyages for two or three months. And every time he gave me some unique things. He had a personal ship named 'Santa Maria'. My mother also helped him. Sometimes she went with him too; leave me in a care of my grandmother."

"But my life's U tern stared from a stormy night. It was a July evening Wind was blowing strong. The entire sky was full of dark clouds which could burst anytime. But that was the day my father had to go. There were many things to do. So, my mother escorted him. I pleaded them not to go. But they didn't listen to my words. And" she sniffed. "next week the structure of 'Santa Maria' in dilapidated condition. No one was rescued from the fatal accident. Hearing this news my beloved grandmother passed away. From the very day I became alone in that engulfing house. And my father's rivals started to try to kill me, that they can occupy his wealth. So, I decided to leave in disguise and started to go here and there like a tramp. Thus I reach here." A tear rolled down her cheek.

Everyone gulped at the story and their eyes widened in shock. They didn't find any word to reply. Miyu felt awkward. 'Did this story touch their heart so much?"


"We felt so sorry for you Miyu-chan." Aya sobbed.

"No need for sympathy till I've great friends like you? I'll not feel agony with your company. Will I"

"Absolutely not" Nanami and Aya hugged Miyu tightly.

~End of the forth chapter~

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