Hello Lovelies, here is my first Leddi Multichapter fic. Basically its what I think the BBC should have done with our beloved Luc and Eddi.

A/N: In my head Luc returned roughly a week after he ran away, after realising how much he loved Eddi and how much he'd hurt her by leaving. She was furious, but she took him back eventually. This fic starts just after they've started to get their relationship back on track...

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Chapter one: Sickness and Secrets.

This was clearly no ordinary hangover, two days, three shifts and endless cups of coffee later and she feeling worse than she did before- if that was possible. Eddi Mckee was slumped over the computer at the nurse's station feeling dizzy and sick, she glanced at the clock, she had 20 minutes of her shift left to complete before she could go home and sit with her head in the toilet if necessary.

"Earth to Nurse Mckee?" Eddi sat up to find Luc Hemingway leaning over the desk, apparently trying to engage her in some form of conversational exchange.
"What?" She quizzed, trying not to look flustered by his presence. Since the high emotional drama of the legionnaires outbreak, things had slowed down between them somewhat. After a mere few weeks of dating, she'd given him the spare key to her place, a move that had sent him into a flying panic and almost set them back to square one. When he'd finally returned and she'd finally forgiven him (which didn't take as long as he'd expected) they both agreed that things were moving too fast and agreed to tentatively take the steps to having a more "normal" relationship. That meant dates, dinner and nights in, it had been a little awkward at first, but Eddi had gradually grown to love spending evenings curled up in the caravan against Luc's chest, either idly watching telly or simply just enjoying his company whilst he read.

Of course, just because she was now Luc Hemingway's girlfriend, it didn't mean that everything was plain sailing. Although, they were almost certain that Sacha, Chrissie and in fact most of Holby were aware of their relationship, at work they fought hard to remain just professional Mr Hemingway and the equally professional Nurse Mckee. Though she knew he cared deeply about her, Eddi understood why Luc had wanted to "stay in character," as he put it. Some things just couldn't be rushed; she knew how hard it had been for both of them to admit the strength of their feelings to each other. They were never going to be AAU's "power-couple" that role had already been seized by Sacha and Chrissie and they were both more than ok with that. The thing was, Eddi found it increasingly hard not greet him with a flirtatious grin or a kiss some days, especially since recently he'd been making her feel the happiest she'd felt in years.

"What is it Mr Hemingway?" She prompted sharply, her symptoms, making the acting task at hand more achievable. As always when on the ward, Luc avoided all eye contact; "I need you to chase the lab for Mr Pilgrim's blood and urine tests please." He requested emotionlessly. "Right, yes of course," Eddi replied, swinging a bit too casually on her chair to reach the phone, knocking it off its cradle with a clatter in the process. Unfazed, Luc simply raised an eyebrow as if to say 'subtle Nurse Mckee' and stalked away. Trying hard to look casual, she quickly chased the results and turned back the patient notes she'd been trying to locate.

As she stood up to finally leave, she was alarmed as the whole ward swayed slightly, but nevertheless she made it to the locker room and managed to change out of her scrubs. She was just about to leave when another wave of dizziness suddenly overcame her and she was forced to lean against her locker in order to steady herself. At that moment, Luc came bursting in, knowing that her shift was over and wishing to see her before she left, he wound his hands around her waist and kissed her swiftly on the cheek, taking full advantage of the fact that they were alone.

"Are you alright?" He asked when he realised how pale she looked.
"I'm fine." Eddi lied "It's just been a long shift,"
"Are you going to be ok for tonight?" He asked, slightly looking worried.
"I think I can manage dinner for two in my own flat" she shot back sarcastically.

"7 o'clock at Mine; be late at your peril."

Luc responded by making an equally sarcastic salute and turning to leave the room, though not before stealing a chaste kiss that left Eddi swooning involuntarily.

She knew she needn't have lied to Luc, he wouldn't have minded if she cancelled but in the month and a half that they'd been together she had begun to crave his company more and more. So much so that she'd not had a drink for weeks now and she felt fantastic- or rather she had done until today. Love could do amazing things for a woman- not that she would ever call it that of course. Over the past month and a half she'd started to look more and more like a woman in love and she was starting to care less and less about who noticed. She was almost grateful for the legionnaires out-break for making her realise exactly how much she and Luc needed each other, in fact that night in his caravan was probably the best decision she had made in a while. A rare smile crossed her lips as she remembered but quickly disappeared when a particularly worrying thought crossed her mind, a thought that made her feel more nauseated than ever, she couldn't be -could she?

Her heart was hammering inside her chest, as she began to count the days. Thanks to her medical training, Eddi knew exactly what her symptoms could mean but equally how they could mean a number of other things. In many ways, she hoped that that was the case but she needed to eliminate all the possibilities and fast. With a small groan she realised that she would be making a detour via the pharmacy or the store cupboard on maternity tonight.

By the time she made it home she was no longer dizzy but shaking and feeling sicker than ever instead, she dumped her satchel and jacket and practically ran to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She tore open the packaging discarding it without reading the instructions, she knew what to do, she'd had 'scares' like this before when she was younger and had nothing to lose. She clamped her eyes shut and prayed; she couldn't be pregnant this time, she just couldn't be, it would ruin everything she'd been trying to build with Luc.

The two minutes that followed were two of the longest of her life. It wasn't that she didn't want a baby- she did, just not now. This time she actually did have something to lose and she just couldn't face it. Eventually she peeled her eyes open a small amount to look at her watch, time was up. So with a deep breath she opened her eyes fully and looked at the pregnancy test in her hand. There it was, two lines, two blue lines merging to form a tiny blue cross. Suddenly, Eddi's stomach lurched violently, forcing her to dive for the toilet and finally throw up whatever it was she'd eaten that day.

When she felt sufficiently recovered Eddi brushed her teeth, wandered into her bedroom where she collapsed on to the small double bed with her head in her hands. She was pregnant; Pregnant with Luc Hemingway's baby. She shook her head, this was all wrong, they were still adjusting to the confines and freedoms of their new relationship; they'd only slept together a handful of times and had always used protection. This baby had a 3% chance of even coming into existence- it was nearly impossible.

However that wasn't the problem now though, the fact was that she was "with child" and that needed to be dealt with in some way. It all seemed so bizarre; the ever-prepared, decisive and fearless Eddi Mckee had now been reduced to a shaky mess with no idea how to deal with the issue in front of her. Tears trickled down her face, she felt so stupid- twenty seven was a more than acceptable age to be pregnant but somehow she felt like a lost seventeen year old with no-where to turn. At the end of the day, the nurse within her knew she had two real options: either terminate it, or become a mother but either way she would have to tell Luc.

That was the part that terrified her the most, because above all else, she risked losing him. She was the closest person in his life and he was the best thing in hers and though she hated to admit it, she needed him -more than ever now. Nevertheless, Luc was both the most predictable and unpredictable man she knew. He was like her, a nomad with as few strings attached as possible, free to go where he pleased, whenever he pleased. A baby would mean commitment and restrictions the very things that would terrify him to the core. Unless they really were stronger than they thought, their relationship was too new to withstand this- they weren't mature enough to be parents. Despite being a few years her senior, Luc was in many ways was still an over grown child, he still played with remote control helicopters and lived in a caravan for goodness sake! All of this was, of course, assuming that he didn't totally freak out and run away, just as he'd done the day she'd given him the key to her flat. If moving in scared him that much, then a baby would most likely push him away for good and there was no way she could cope as a mother on her own, for starters she could barely feed herself on a nurses wage, let alone a baby.

Then there was the small issue of having no idea how to be a good parent, as far as examples went, she had very little to go on and from what she did know about Luc's past, she suspected that his were worse than her own. Like herself, her mother had always enjoyed a drink but when her father walked out on her family, a heart broken Morag Mckee's drinking spiralled out of control. In the end it was a 13 year old Eddi who was left to pick up the pieces and look after a 3 year old Liam. Though she knew her mother loved her and her brother, Morag Mckee had always held more love for the bottle than anyone else and Eddi had all but given up trying to compete. When she finally left home age 17, she'd sworn never to be tied down again. Although now, it seemed she didn't have much choice in the matter, she was trapped once more.

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