Cheshire dropped into a rock alcove without a sound; the large rocks surrounding her shielded her from the light of the moon. It was a simple retrieval mission given to her by dear old Daddy. She didn't want to do it initially, but when she heard what she had to do she figured it was more than worth the money. Go in, grab it, and get out.

Of course, things were never really that easy. The not-quite-up-to-par-yet mini Justice League, or whatever they decided to call themselves were given the same mission from Batty. She knew this because Robin kept radioing in to him to confirm the location and the object. They had already tried entering the hidden cave underneath a large rock in the quarry. They set off a trap almost immediately, and if it hadn't been for Superboy knocking the Martian girl out of the way, there would have been a nice poisoned arrow in her back right now.

Speaking of poison, she wanted to retrieve that arrow. It could be useful. Of course, the speedster had already claimed it as his souvenir. Cheshire thought they might want to see if they survive first before deciding on a souvenir.

She dropped down to the opening of the cave, careful not to make a sound and to judge how far away her rivals were. They were far enough that she could no longer hear them, but the glow of their flashlights revealed that they were closer than anticipated. She began to slowly follow them, being careful to dodge any traps or snakes that may be hiding in the darkness.

A sharp yell alerted her to the prospect of another trap, and she pressed against the wall until the shouting subsided. They were so….Loud!

Thirty minutes and three traps later, the team was inside of the inner sanctum of the cave. Cheshire could just barely see the prize among the jewels and gold surrounding the pedestal. It reminded her almost of the Cave of Wonders from that Disney movie Artemis always wanted to watch. It was now no longer time to hide.

Cheshire darted out from against the wall, being careful not to make a sound as she headed in the opposite area the sidekicks were located. Surprisingly, they were after a different prize. A yellow jeweled necklace that the magician girl said would work well for concealing spells. Cheshire grabbed her prize, a small rock tablet with ancient carvings on it. She had no idea what the carvings were for, but this was by far the easiest mission she could have asked for.

Kid Flash found a cool looking helmet in the pile of treasures which he found more exciting than the arrow. He tossed the arrow away, closer towards Cheshire's area. She grabbed it before they spotted her, along with a pretty gold and silver necklace for her own enjoyment before making her exit. It was almost disappointing. The cave didn't start spurting lava, nor did a flying carpet come to her rescue. She had nearly exited when she heard her sister exclaim. "Hey, where did that arrow go? I wanted to use that!"