"But Daaaad!" Lian whined, stomping her right foot on the ground. Jade couldn't help but smirk at her husband's angry father expression.

"Again, No! You better get your butt back to your room and change because there is no way in hell I'm letting you wear whatever the hell you call that scrap of fabric!" Roy's voice rose to a higher volume and Lian gave another teenaged groan.

"It's called a bandeau, Roy," Jade supplied with a small smile as Roy became more frustrated.

"I don't give a damn what it's called! You have 3 seconds to get back to your room and you're grounded!" Roy's face was getting as red as his hair now, and he solidified his point with a stubborn crossing of his arms. Lian pouted and ran off to her room, making sure to slam the door as loudly as she could behind her.

"Thanks a lot, Jade," Roy muttered as he sat down next to his wife.

Jade looked up from her magazine and smirked again. "You're just mad because now you have to be the bad guy and I'm the cool parent."

"…..Wait you bought that for her?" Roy turned around so fast to look at his wife he was surprised he didn't snap his neck. Jade just grinned and returned to her magazine.

"Wait til you see what I got for myself." Jade replied simply, not looking up from the article. She could feel Roy's stare and it took all her will power not to crack up laughing.

"…Lian, you're friends are here!" Roy shouted, his eyes still on his wife. This time Jade couldn't help but laugh. Somethings never changed.