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A/N: Since a lot of people have been doing a Percy x Artemis fanfic I've decided to write one as well. But be warned, this is darker than the rest.

The Hunter's lament
Chapter One
The Return

(Artemis pov)
*somewhere in northern Europe*

Burnt flesh, that's the first thing that went into my nostrils as my Hunters and I arrived at the outskirts of a Denmark village. The entire village was burnt to the ground save for the mass mound of bodies piled up at the village square, their bodies still smoldering in the flames so only their blackened bones remained.

Thalia crouched down and examined some footprints indentured on the ground, "Chimera, ten hours since its last been here."

I nodded and walked over to the remains of a mother and her child holding each other before their time came, "Are there any survivors?"

Thalia shook her head, "None my lady. We scouted the whole village and not a living soul. The Chimera did its job well."

"I don't think this was all the Chimera's doing."

Both Thalia and I turned to see my favorite sister walk towards us in her battle gear, "I fear that we have a demigod doing this."

"Lady Athena," Thalia bowed and smiled, "It's an honor to have you with us on the hunt."

"Ditto," I said and hugged my sister, "What brings you here by the way?"

Athena sighed, "Father, Poseidon, and Hades are having their annual meeting for the search of Percy. It's been two years and still no sign of him. When they heard of the Chimera attack, they went to the Oracle to see if that might give them a clue about his whereabouts and this time, they got the answer they were looking for."

Thalia stuttered, "You mean...the demigod that set the Chimera loose on the village might be-"

"Yes Thalia," Athena shook her head and sighed sadly, "It might be Percy."

"There could be an explanation to this Athena," I said as I placed a hand on Thalia's shoulder, "We don't know for certain if this rogue demigod is Perseus or not."

"You're right Artemis but who else could it be? If not Percy then who?"

Deep down, I knew she was right, who else could it be?

I kept silent, pondering my thoughts until one of my hunters; Phoebe sprinted towards us with her bow in hand, "Lady Artemis, Lady Athena, and Lieutenant Thalia. The wolves have captured the Chimera's scent; it's not far from here. If we leave now we may be able to catch up to it and avenge the people of this town."

Athena brandished her spear and shield and narrowed her eyes, "Let's do this."

She took off running after Phoebe while Thalia readied our bows and followed after them. Soon the rest of the Hunters followed suit as we entered a nearby woods. We raced through the trees until the sun began to set and the moon began to light the night sky as we neared a creek to stop and rest.

Phoebe knelt down and petted one of the wolves as it drank from the stream of water, "The scent grows stronger here, we must be close by."

"Nicely done," I looked over at Athena who was scanning the woods for any ambush, "Anything sis?"

She shook her head and sheathed her spear inside her shield,
"Nothing but its presence is near. We must set up a trap for it and the demigod now before they catch us off-guard."

I nodded and began directing my Hunters to take positions in the trees and bushes around the creek. After several minutes of hiding, we were ready for our ambush.

Athena and I hid in the tallest tree and waited with our weapons out as the unmistakable scent of venom and fire drew closer and closer to our position. Slowly, I notched an arrow on my bow and drew it back gently as the first image of our prey emerged through the trees. Its lion head roared and spewed out flames while its ram head leaned down to drink from the stream. Its serpent tail swung in the air effortlessly to keep guard from any attack from behind.

My breathing evened as I took aim at the creature and fired my arrow. It sailed through the air and impaled itself in the Chimera's body making it roar in pain. Then the rest of the Hunters fired their own arrows peppering the monster with endless accurate arrows. The monster kept howling in pain but that soon ended when Athena leaped from the tree branch we were on and drove her spear straight into the maw of the lion's head.

The Chimera twitched violently before falling down in a heap and finally dying. Athena grunted and yanked her spear free from the lion's mouth, "Good riddance."

I jumped from the tree branch and landed next to her in a kneeling position, "Looks like you were wrong about a demigod letting the Chimera loose."

"That or he escaped and left the Chimera to detain us," she sheathed her spear and growled, "A wise strategy I must say."

Before I could answer, a woman's voice echoed from the woods to our left, "You may have defeated my son but the worst has yet to come."

Echidna cackled and showed herself, her reptilian body glowing in the moonlight. Thalia readied another arrow and fired it at her but she quickly caught it and snapped it in her hand, "Daughter of Zeus, it isn't wise to shoot at the mother of all monsters."

"That's the reason why I shot that arrow at you," replied Thalia with a smug look.

"No matter, once my master arrives, he will know what do with you."

Athena narrowed her eyes at Echidna, "And this master of yours, does he happen to be a demigod?"

Echidna smirked, "As a matter of fact yes. He is a demigod, the oldest demigod throughout the ages! He has returned to reclaim this world to avenge his father's demise!"

Both Athena and I looked at each other confused, she couldn't have meant Percy. Before we could question her any further, a vortex appeared right next to Echidna. All of us readied our bows and arrows as a young man wearing black robes and armor emerged from the dark swirling vortex. He was at least six feet tall and ripped with muscle; his entire body was cladded in armor from head to toe and covered with robes. He had no weapons but I had a feeling that he could make his weapons appear when he needed them the most.

What got me the most was his aura, he radiated with unimaginable power. Whoever this demigod was, he surely wasn't Percy.

The demigod looked at us through his helmet and chuckled, "So these are the famous Hunters of Artemis and the Goddesses Athena and Artemis. It's a pleasure to meet you all before I kill you."

Athena scoffed, "Foolish boy, immortals cannot be killed!"

"Oh but I beg to disagree Lady Athena," the demigod snapped his fingers and the scythe of Kronos appeared, "This is what remains of your Grandfather after he was defeated and sent to Tartarus again. He was attempting to rise again but I couldn't have him ruining everything after preparing for fifteen millennia's."

"Impossible...Kronos couldn't possibly be gone," stammered Athena. It took a lot for her to stammer, apparently this was a lot.

The young demigod laughed and snapped his fingers making the scythe disappear, "It's been a pleasure meeting with you all but we must get going. Busy, busy, busy with planning to take over the world."

I raised my bow and arrow and aimed it at the center of his body, "If you think that we will simply let you escape then you are wrong. The wild is my domain and you are my prey."

"Very well, I will play by your rules Goddess of the Hunt," the young man glanced at Echidna who grinned evilly in return, "Release the hounds."

Echidna roared and clapped her hands together creating a shockwave of sonic sound as the woods began to echo with howls unheard of before. Sounds of rustling emanated everywhere as twenty black figures leapt into the air then landed in front of Echidna and the demigod with a soundless thud. They stood seven feet tall with black metallic fur all over their bodies. Their fangs were razor sharp but strangely the bone was tinted with silver as well as their claws. From the waist up, they were muscular with a wolfish head and blood red eyes. To make things more complicated, all around them crackled with little streaks of lightning, dark lightning.

"I'm sure you will love hunting these Artemis. Farewell, for now."

"No!" I aimed and fired my arrow as they both disappeared through another dark vortex, my arrow passing through the dark smoke as it failed to fly into the vortex before closing.

Slowly all the wolf creatures snarled as they began to close in on us. Quickly we found ourselves trapped in a circle as they tried to lunge at us while keeping them at bay with our arrows. One tried to lunge at Thalia but it was quickly met with an arrow to the face. More of them tried to sneak in attacks but our arrows would shut down any opportunity to feast on us, the only thing was that we can keep them back forever. Then of happened, one of the beasts managed to break into our ranks and attack us from the inside. Left and right were Hunters being dominated by the wolf creatures until only Athena, Thalia, and I remained standing.

The rest of the hunters were being held by their throats as the monsters roared in triumph, their claws mere inches away from their faces.

Thalia kept switching her aim to different monsters but didn't fire, "Artemis what do we do? I can't get a clear shot!"

"Hold your fire Thalia, don't do anything to provoke an attack," I said as I kept my bow and arrow aimed at the beast that had Phoebe by the neck, "Any ideas Athena?"

"I'm trying to come up with a solution but I don't think these beasts will wait," Athena gripped her spear tighter than usual as she tried hard to come up with a plan.

The monsters on the other hand didn't have any problems in waiting for solution. They howled into the wind and brought their free claws up to slice the faces of the Hunters off but they never got the chance to as an eagle cry rang out through the woods, the monster who was holding onto Phoebe's throat stopped and sniffed the wind as if it was trying to look for something by its scent.

A loud twang of a bow firing an arrow was heard as one of the beast exploded into pieces. Two more sounds of arrows being fired and two more wolf creatures exploded.

I looked at Thalia to ask if this was her doing but she had her bow aimed at the ground while her face showed bewilderment. My eyes focused to what was happening in front of me again as two more beasts exploded from accurate exploding arrows. But who and where they were fired from was still a mystery.

Suddenly the arrows stopped firing from which ever direction they were coming from. Only sixteen wolf creatures remained as they grew agitated and weary of the woods surrounding them. A soft clank of metal rolling broke the cease fire as a round object no bigger than an apple rolled up to one of the monsters. I watched confused as it picked the metal ball up and sniffed up before trying to bite it. A small beep was heard as one of its sharp teeth ignited something in the ball causing it to explode in its mouth. The other wolf creatures roared in rage as they watched their now headless brethren slump to the ground lifelessly.

Athena silently mumbled, "What is going on here? Who is attacking them?"

Before I could offer an answer, the sound of footsteps running was heard on our left. We turned just in time to see a white robed hooded figure jump out from out the bushes and pulled out a Greek sword and a strange looking tomahawk from his weapons belt before slamming into a nearby wolf creature with his knees. The hooded figure rolled and sprinted with inhuman speed towards one monster and ducked as it swung at him. He quickly stood back up and drove the tomahawk in his left hand through the monsters stomach then spinning around it and slashing its back with his sword. The hooded figure then back flipped as another wolf creature lunged at him from behind. During mid-flip, he slashed downward with his sword across the back of the monster that charged him then raised his tomahawk up to block another sneaky wolf creature that tried attacking him from the left. Before the monster could react, he yanked his tomahawk back causing the beast to lurch forward while slicing it in half with his sword. He then threw his sword at an unsuspecting wolf creature before darting off into the woods again.

The remaining creatures were on high alert and in frenzy as five more of their kind laid dead on the ground in less than a minute. Suddenly one of the remaining wolf creatures yelped as a harpoon like hook protruded from its chest then yanking it into the woods. Seconds later, the monsters severed head rolled out into the open then followed by its headless body.

A gush of wind swept through the area as the white hooded killer, emerged from the trees again this time with his hands weaponless as he charged into battle once more. He thrusted downward with his hands and palmed one of the wolf creatures in the chest before using the monsters body to spring of onto another monster. He reached out and the sound of metal slicing through flesh was heard as the beast fell to its knee's slowly while clutching his throat as if he was cut there. I then noticed that underneath the white hooded warrior's wrists were two seven inch blades that retracted whenever he would open his hands wide. He kept attacking the monsters with his hidden blades as they fell one by one until there were only four left.

He retracted his blades then stood still as the remaining four wolf creatures circled him warily with the jaws hanging open. For several seconds, the wolf creatures circled around him trying to see where it be weaker for him to defend an all-out attack but after seeing what he did to their brethren, they didn't want to risk a suicide attack.

Apparently one of the monsters grew restless at waiting and lunged at him from the right. The white hooded warrior glanced to his right then stepped out to the side with his right foot and punched forward as the ground beneath him shot up and slammed into the monsters head. The wolf creature in front of him attacked after he moved to right off the other one that was hit in the face by the earth below him. The hooded warrior ducked and spun around until he was facing the creatures back and thrusted his left hand forward in a pushing motion as a strong gush of air blasted the wolf creature into a nearby tree. Without waiting for the last two to react, he twirled gracefully in a circle and used the water from the creek to freeze one of the creatures in place.

Now only one remained as it growled and skirted around him with its teeth barred open. The warrior simply smirked and swayed his arms from top to bottom in a circle before unleashing a surprise attack of fire. The red flames scorched the last remaining wolf creature until all that was left were its burnt bones that were quickly turning into ashes.

He let out a puff of air through his lips and looked over his shoulder to take a good look at us. While doing so, we took this given time to observe him as well. From head to toe he was covered in a white with a navy blue trimmed cloak that had a colonial revolutionary war look to it. On his shoulders were shoulder pauldrons made of a strange metal while inside his cloak, he wore the chest plate of a Roman Legionaries General that was the same material as his shoulder guards while underneath the armor was a blue Greek tunic. His black pants had two long knives strapped around his thighs while his brown boots were covered in metal grieves. But that was only his clothing and armor; his weapons were a different story. Strapped to his back was a bow but with no quiver full of arrows while strapped around his midsection was a utility belt and an array of throwing knives. On both sides of his hips were two flintlock pistols while hanging from his left hip was the tomahawk that he used to kill the wolf creatures with. It wasn't like most tomahawks since the handle was slightly longer than most tomahawks were and the shape of the blade was far from any Native American design. The last thing to be looked at was his gauntlets; they were the most intriguing out of his weapons. It covered most of his forearms but they were very thin and weightless. Underneath both gauntlets were the two hidden blades that would slice out then retract back in with a flick of his hand. Also noticeable was the insignia on his gauntlets, '/\' the same design as the blade of his tomahawk.

If was as if he was going to war, but to war with what?

He kept his line of sight focused on us as we tried to see into his hood but it must've been enchanted so only his nose down would show. Slowly he broke his gaze towards us and walked over to one of the bodies that had his sword sticking out of its chest.

Our ears were suddenly filled with the sound of metal sliding out of flesh as he yanked his sword free and sheathed it right next to his tomahawk before turning to face us once again.

But just as he turned, my hunters and I as well as Athena pointed our weapons at his chest, "Who are you?"

He stood there not moving an inch as he glanced at the sky for an answer, eerily someone provided him with an answer. From the east came the rising sun as my brother Apollo raced through the sky with his sun powered sports car. My brother banked to the left and began circling us before landing next to us safely.

He got out of the car with usual attire of modern day clothing and Ray Ban sunglasses as he walked over to us smiling, "Little sis! So glad you called!"

I growled and narrowed my eyes at him as he stopped in front of me, "For the last time I am not your little sister and I did not call you, he did."

I pointed over at the hooded warrior and Apollo did a double take on him, "Whoa dude, nice Connor outfit! Been playing a lot of Assassin Creed III lately haven't you?"

The Assassin cocked his head to the side and shrugged then pointed at my brothers Maserati spyder and made a driving motion.

Apollo laughed, "You wanna drive the sun?"

The Assassin shook his head as if to say no. He then pointed at me, Athena, Thalia, the rest of the Hunters, then himself before pointing to Apollo's car and making the driving motion again.

"You want me to drive you and the Hunters?" Apollo asked confused, "Drive you guys to where?"

He sighed then made a lightning bolt by shooting out lightning from the palm of his hands then with his sword, he drew the letters on the ground below: O, L, Y, M, P, U, S. Olympus.

"Olympus," Apollo said and looked at the Assassin, "You want to me to take you and the Hunters to Olympus and speak with Zeus?"

The Assassin nodded and sheathed his sword only stay quiet once again.

Athena stepped forward with her shield clenched tight in her left arm, "Why do you need to speak with Zeus? What business do you have with my father?"

His reply was simple, the gesture for "lips are sealed". Athena glared and stepped closer to him until they were toe to toe, "I said, what business do you have with my father, Assassin."

The Assassin only shrugged and began making his way towards Apollo's car as Athena huffed in annoyance, "Is anyone else suspicious about him meeting our father?"

"Honestly I understand your concern sis but he did save us," I said as I made my bow disappear, "It isn't always that I give credit to a man. This one seems...different."

"Maybe it's because you have a thing for him," whistled Apollo but he was quickly zapped by lightning by Thalia's spear, "Jeez I was just kidding, no need to electricity me."

"I do not have a thing for the Assassin, he just seems...familiar...like I knew him," I looked at Athena who seemed to understand my meaning, "Thalia get the Hunters ready to travel, we have to talk to father and the council of our little encounter here."

*Mt. Olympus*

A few minutes later, we arrived at Olympus as the inhabitants of the Greek capital began to arise for the day's beginning. Me, Athena, Apollo, Thalia, and I as well as the Hunters made our way towards the throne room while the Assassin trailed behind us silently.

Nymphs, Satyrs, woodland creatures, wind spirits and more bowed all around us as we passed by, but looked up in shock and confusion as the white hooded Assassin followed us to the golden bronze doors of the Throne room.

Gently, we eased the doors open and eased inside while Athena, Apollo, and I morphed into our forty foot god form.

Zeus, who was in a conversation with his brothers, noticed us walk in and raised his hands for everyone else to quiet down, "Seeing that Apollo, Athena, and Artemis is finally here, We shall go on with the meeting."

To my father's left stood Poseidon who changed in the course of two years. Then again, we all changed when that day came.

"Today marks the first anniversary of Percy's disappearance and the first death anniversary of our architect, Annabeth Chase," All of us looked at Athena with sorrowful looks as she closed her eyes to hold in the tears over the loss of her favorite child. Zeus sighed, hating to see my sister still hurt over her child's death but he continued, "For two years we have experienced peace, not just for ourselves but for the world as well. But let us not forget the sacrifice of our children that brought us this peace. As a testament to their sacrifice, this day isn't only for the search for the lost hero of Olympus, but also a day to celebrate and remember life of our children, Greek and Roman, who we loved dearly so much despite our restraints by the ancient laws. By the fates, we hope that their courage and bravery has earned them an entrance into Elysium."

All the Gods, including Ares, stood silently with their heads down to remember the fallen heroes of the second Giant war. Some like Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite wept silently while the rest casted their eyes onto the ground where it was newly decorated with the painting of the fallen heroes of the second Titan and Giant war.

Athena stepped forward and knelt down to the painted engraving of Annabeth's face as more tears fell. She was about to lose it when a hand was placed on her shoulder. Slowly she got up and buried her face in Poseidon's chest as he held her, tears of his own spilling down his face.

Thalia as well was weeping for her fallen friend but her mourning turned into anger as the Assassin walked and knelt down to the painting.

He slowly reached out and touched it as Thalia and Athena snapped, "Don't you dare touch Annabeth!"

The Assassin surprisingly didn't flinch as he lowered his head and began mumbling something. He then looked up at Athena and held her gaze before looking away and standing up to walk over to a different painted/engraved picture of another hero.

Unlike Annabeth's picture, he stopped and stared at the picture of Percy as Poseidon walked up right beside him and spoke, "That is Percy Jackson, the hero of the Titan war and one of the seven heroes of the Giant war. He went missing before this was completed. He would've loved it, because it honored his friends that died."

Finally the Assassins spoke, surprisingly it was a mixture of an American accent and a English accent, "I believe if he were to see it now, he would be happy to see it." he turned to Athena who was still glaring at him for touching her daughters painting, "You were right...about what you said to me all those years ago."

Athena blinked, confused as she replied, "What do you mean? I do not recall ever talking to you."

The Assassin looked down at Annabeth's painted face then to Percy's, "You told me that my fatal flaw was personal loyalty, that I would do anything to save my friends even it meant the destruction of the world. It was because of my actions...Annabeth died in my arms...I failed to save her."

Slowly he reached up and pulled down his hood to reveal a shocking face that disappeared two years ago. Everyone gasped but the ones who were affected the most—Athena, Poseidon, and Thalia—stood there with their hearts beating fast as the familiar black messy hair, the tanned skin, the rebellious look, and the sea green eyes suddenly came back into existence.

Poseidon staggered backward as Percy looked at Thalia and smirked, "I'm back."

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