The Leaf's Orange Hokage! The sequel is coming up! It'll be filled with the continuation as well as cute little drabbles. Here's what it's all about! A character list and a little explanation! 'Allied Team' means teams with ninja from different villages.

Naruto and Hinata – The new Hokage and his wife!

Sasuke and Sakura – Continuing the Uchiha bloodline!

Neji and Tenten – With twins!

Tsuchikage – Stirring up war! The bastard!

Team Prodigy (their time as ANBU!)
Hitomi Uchiha-Hatake (youngest ANBU captain ever!)
Daisuke Izumi
Masaru Kasai (he'll fall in love too!)

Team Dojutsu (Allied Team)
Tenshi – Ame's little angel princess!
Sanagi Hatake
Raiden Uchiha

Team Ino-Shika-Cho (the next generation!)
Shikami Nara
Inoshi Yamanaka
Choutzu Akimichi

Team Akatsuki (Allied Team)
Takuza Uchiha
Teisu no Akasuna

The other people are still in here! No worries! So far what I've decided! This will be the first chapter of the sequel for your easy reference in case you can't remember the names!