Chapter 5 - Problem

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The Return to the Past was successful. The group was returned to the lab. They were happy with their work, high-fiving each other as they walked out of the factory. They looked up at the night sky to peer at the moon, white in color and filled with craters, only to see it blotted out by Lyoko.

"No! We ran the return in time!" Jeremie shouted as he ran back to the elevator as the others followed. "Just great! The Return to the Past was successful, but the furthest it reversed time was by 24 hours. We needed one more tower worth of power to go back another day! Without it, Lyoko is still on a collision course with Earth.

"Well, we just go back to Lyoko, activate a tower and run another Return to the Past! Problem solved!" Odd said.

"Problem not solved, Odd." Jeremie said, "After the Return to the Past, the Skid was promptly destroyed from Lyoko as it was not part of it 24 hours earlier in the real world. I can recreate it, but that will, again, take so much time, that by time we get to Lyoko and run another Return to the Past, we will have taken up at least 24 more hours!"

"It's a never ending cycle! We'll spend forever doing the exact same thing but won't make any headway on it." Yumi said.

"Kinda like Franz Hopper and how he used the Return to the Pasts to work on XANA's programming to destroy Project Carthage and then creating Lyoko and virtualization scanners." Jeremie added.

"We have to find another way; I don't want to spend the rest of forever doing the same thing!" Ulrich complained.

"Well, if I can reverse the supercomputer's system to an earlier time, I can put Lyoko back in the supercomputer! But… I never made a backup disk…" Jeremie pouted.

"Odd Della Robbia to the rescue!" Odd shouted.

"What are you talking about now?" Ulrich asked.

"I copied the entire system to a few terabyte drives, remember? BEFORE Jeremie messed everything up?"

"Where are they?" Aelita asked.

"In a large bag… at Kadic… under Ulrich's bed."

"Why is it there?" Ulrich asked.

"Because… Kiwi was starting to chew on the bag from his drawer!"

"Odd, you do realize that we probably have to deal with Jim again, right?"

"No problem! I have a plan! Just energize me and I'll do the rest!"

"Okay…" Jeremie reluctantly agreed as Odd headed to the scanners. Soon after, his energized specter appeared in the lab.

"I'm off!" Odd said. Fifteen minutes went by before the door reopened and Odd entered the lab with the drives in hand.

"How'd you get into Kadic, Odd?" Aelita asked.

"To quote Jim: 'I'd rather not talk about it.'" Odd responded. A new window opened up onscreen. Once again, a news station.

"This just in, a break-in has been reported at Kadic Academy. Although all students were sent back home, the front door appears to be blasted open. We now go live to Kadic with the Chief of Police." The anchor said. The screen flashed to show a rather fat man wearing a French police uniform. Several other news stations had also arrived, symbolized by their logos on the microphones in front of the chief.

"Sir, what exactly happened here?" one female reporter asked.

"Well, we're not exactly sure. The security cameras were also fried by the strange electric signal we have seen earlier in this area. All we have it this." He said, holding a picture of the entrance to the dorms. The lock on the door was completely blown up. "And this." He added while showing the cameras an evidence bag holding a triangular shaped object. In the lab, the group slowly turned to look at Odd.

"What? Once we put Lyoko back in the supercomputer, we can run a return to the past and erase everything." He said while connecting the pack to a USB port on the terminal. Jeremie began overwriting files to restore the system.

"Yes, but we could have had the same results without energizing you." Yumi said.

"Ah, but you couldn't! We would have left fingerprints if we ourselves went to break in; if Jeremie messed something up we might not have been able to reverse it."

"Breaking news, it appears that the strange phenomenon in the skies of Earth is diminishing." The news cut in. A live feed began showing Lyoko dematerializing, starting with the Ice Sector. Jeremie's reversal of the system hegan gradually speeding up as time went on, as did the dematerialization. An hour later and the system had been repaired. There was no more Lyoko in the skies. But, there was yet to run one last return in time to erase the event.

"We just now need to activate a tower to run a retuen trip to the past." Jeremie said as he turned to the keyboard. Anomaly windows appeared onscreen. "The supercomputer needs more time to apply older codes, some of which activate towers. We have to activate it manually from inside the tower. This, however, is unhelpful since the millitary still know our location. Head to the scanners, those codes are already applied. The good news is that I can stop XANA's codes from applying since I can cancel them. Say goodbye to XANA!"

"Alright, I'll go alone if XANA is gone." Aelita said.

"Hey! I still haven't been virtualized you know!" Odd said.

"Alright guys, one last run on Lyoko, then we'll run a Return to the Past and then I'll energize Odd permanently as a Giant Purple Cat."

"Can you let me change between the two at anytime."

"Of course, I'll program it to work with phones and you can call a number such as 21 and switch will occur. Easy as can be!"

Several minutes later the return trip was activated. All traces of Earth's near destruction were erased from everyone's minds, excluding our Lyoko Warriors.

Code: Extras

Odd was energized and was able to go back to Kadic as a Giant Purple Cat. He now leads in first place at Kadics Archery Club, now accepting Laser Arrows built into one's body.

Ulrich, being jealous, was also energized. His experience in fencing and swordsmanship let him reach high ranking on Kadic's Fencing Team.

Yumi decided to actually have a relationship with Ulrich.

Aelita was finally asked out by Jeremie.

Jeremie finally went to Lyoko with all of his friends after everything was over.

Jim quit his job to become a commercial airline pilot, where he'd rather not talk about his past at Kadic.

William was not mentioned in this story.