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This story centers on Tsuna and even though his guardians will come later, they will not get a sekirei and I don't think that will work after all, they are all loyal to Tsuna, even Hibari though he doesn't show it. I have yet to decide which Sekirei I'm going to pair with Tsuna, rest assured I'm not going to let Tsuna just wing one sekirei, the sekirei that will be bonded to Tsuna will be based on three things, Most of it will come from you, I will be setting up a poll later and there will be choices to pick from, the biggest influence will be coming from the reviews, because unlike the polls where you will just choose, in the reviews you have to tell me why do you think it's good for that particular Sekirei to be in Tsuna's flock.

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Chapter 1: Arrival

Sawada Tsunayoshi, a 19 year old young man who was also known as Vongola Decimo, the leader of the largest and most powerful mafia famiglia, The Vongola Family, was currently sitting in an orange car that was given to him as his birthday present from Nono, it was named Ferrari Enzo, the most popular supercar built, it was very fast and only had 400 of its kind in circulation.

He was driving toward the city called "Shin Tokyo", a city that had the most prestigious university in Japan, it was also the most advanced based on technological advancement because of the MBI or Mid-Bio Informatics, a powerful conglomerate that was both founded and owned by Hiroto Minaka, he had never met the man despite the standin agreement between them, MBI sent its head researcher as well as vice director, Sahashi Takami who had the same hair color as Gokudera, she had a slender figure for a woman her age as well as grey eyes that looked alert yet disinterested.

Gokudera was angered at the fact that the director himself didn't come despite the fact that they were the one who arranged for a meeting, and though he wasn't insulted, he was curious about their intentions. The final arrangement was that even though they won't be allies, they were allowed in Vongola territory as long as they didn't interfere with their activities in exchange, other mafia family that was interested in their technology advancement won't trouble them as they were now under their protection, and in addition to that Vongola family members were also allowed to roam Shin Tokyo, the seat of power of MBI, freely and unhindered.

Reborn took advantage of the agreement and had sent him to study to Japan's most prestigious school named "Shin Tokyo University", and though he protested saying that he could do his duties better if he studied in Italy or even just get home-schooled, but said protest were surprisingly stopped by Gokudera, his right-hand man, "You need some time off Juudaime, You've been cooped up here in the base, only leaving for a mission or when negotiationg with other families, although we won't be able to come with you since Reborn-san said you needed some time alone."

Reborn smiled an evil smirk while pulling his fedora down to his eyes "Don't worry Dame-Tsuna, your work will sent to you by your computer, Irie and Spanner already made a program, and you have to finish them all and still pass or I'm coming after you in Japan, Your things are already packed and you already have a place to stay in Japan, I've also taken the liberty of sending your car ahead of you and you're already enrolled so you don't have anything to worry about,your private plane will be arriving in three minutes."

After that dizzyingly fast three minutes, Tsuna found himself shuffled off to his private plane and back in Japan in record time, In the bag he saw a letter from Reborn that contained his new address where his things were sent as well as the keys to his car, not to mention the paper that were the proof that he was a student and in the top of the files, he found a note that had Reborn's handwriting it said that he was going to send his guardians one by one after a few months, this was receive by a very grateful smile that the brunette had after reading the note.

It was already night when he arrived at his new house,it was at the northern part of town, right next to an old inn, 'I guess I have to go over there sometimes, it's only polite to greet your neighbor after all' the house was nothing as grand as the Vongola mansion but it was large enough that it wouldn't have any trouble housing at least seven persons, his things were no longer in they're boxes but rather it was already arranged and settled to their proper place, the pantry was empty 'I guess that what my agenda for tomorrow' but the kitchen fully equipped, there were 7 rooms all in all, but only the room that had a purple door was located at the first floor, 'This is probably for Kyoya' , as he moved upstairs, he found a total of six rooms, there were three rooms per row and they were facing one another, all the doors would have looked identical if not for the different colors they sported, Intense red were at the right side of the door with the golden orange color which Tsuna guess was his new room, at it's left was a door with soft blue color that was easy on the eyes, and in front of it was door with a bright yellow color and at it's right was an indigo colored door wich was facing the blue door, while the green one was in front of the red colored-door.

He understood the underlying message that Reborn was sending, 'I'll be sending them soon.' He moved to the orange-colored door , it was a large room that had its own bathroom, it also had the typical desk and drawer,he was unsurprised to see that his things were already in order and his laptop was at his new desk. Having eaten already, Tsuna changed to his pajamas and hopped to the King-sized bed, it was very comfortable and Tsuna immediately fell asleep as soon as his head touch the pillow.

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