Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A/N: I don't own Torchwood it belongs to the BBC.

Gwen and Owen are looking for the canister in a dark warehouse.

"You beauty!" Owen shouts as he climbs up and finds it on a high shelf. "Yes! Job done!"

"Good work, team!" John walks in from the dark.

Gwen spins around and aims her torch at his face. "Where's Tosh?" She then starts grabbing her pockets for her gun.

John walks up steadily, grabs and head-butts her in the face. She falls to the floor. Owen climbs down from the shelf.

John aims his gun Owen. "Ah ah ah! Gun on the floor" He changes his aim from Owen to Gwen who is still bleeding and on her knees. "Or I shoot her"

Owen clicks his comm. "Jack, where are you?"

"I muted the comm system as soon as we left the palace under the pavement." He looks at his wrist strap. "I love my little wrist strap. Now… Phones."

Owen slides his phone across to John. "You touch her again, and I will kill you. OK?"

"Okay." John shoots Gwen and she falls.