Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – PART 5

A/N: I don't own Torchwood it belongs to the BBC.

"Five minutes 22 seconds." Ianto says holding his stopwatch.

"I can't find the frequency the device works on. There's no chance of jamming it!" Said Tosh.

"What happened to Jack? He should be here." Gwen said.

"What I've been saying all along, unreliable." John stated.

"Shut up!" Gwen shouts.

"Think I'm starting to see what he likes about it here. She's beautiful, he's stunning."

"Don't you ever stop?" Said Gwen.

"What five minutes to live and you want me to behave? Oh, that's gorgeous!"

"That's a poodle."

"That's nice."


Owen hands Jack the syringe that has everyone's blood in it.

"This better work."

"Trust me, I'm an improviser" Owen replied.