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How to Play: Flip on a random episode of Prince of Tennis, grab your alcohol (or water if you're underage), and drink every time something on the list appears. Guaranteed to get you drunk (or give you the sudden urge to pee.)

Seigaku Version

Drink every time…

Tezuka appears dramatically, and the trademark guitar "Tezuka's Theme" plays in the background. Take a shot.

Oishi freaks out over someone's potential injury or emotional damage. Shot.

Horio mentions his two years of tennis experience. Take two drinks, one for each year.

Momoshiro and Kaidoh get into a fight. Take a shot for each of them.

Oishi tries to break up said fight. Shot.

Sakuno gets lost. Shot.

Fuji opens his eyes. Admire them for a moment and then DRINK.

A thief on rollerblades randomly appears. Take a shot.

Kawamura grabs a racket (or any other object) and randomly goes into BURNING!mode outside of the tennis court. "DRINKING!"

Karupin meows. Drink.

The freshmen trio act surprised when Ryoma uses the Twist Serve, despite having seen it fifty times. Shot Shot Shot.

Ryoma is drinking Ponta. Follow his lead and DRINK.

Momoshiro is on a bike. Drink.

Kikumaru says "nya." Drink, nya~

Inui's glasses flash. Drink.

Oishi says "Te-tezuka!" in that weird way. Take a shot.

Ryoma intentionally provokes someone. Drink.

Fuji is referred to as a "tensai", because we apparently need to be reminded constantly. Drink.

Tomoka cheers in an annoying loud voice and Sakuno acts embarrassed. Shot.

Momoshiro says "Don." Point at your drink. Then drink it.

Tezuka says "Yu Dan Sezu Ni Ikou!"

Inui Juice appears. Be thankful you aren't drinking Inui Juice and DRINK.

The animators are lazy and use a Key Burns effect. (This is when it's just a picture sliding across the screen/getting zoomed in, instead of animation). Drink.

The wind rustles around Fuji's hair ominously. Take a shot.

Kawamura shouts random English words while in BURNING!mode. Take a shot for every different word.

When everyone narrows their eyes at the same time because some awesome move is about to be unleashed. Drink.

Inui gets good data. Drink.

Tezuka orders laps. Run a lap around the drink. Then drink. (And try not to throw up.)

Kikumaru spins his racket around his arm. Attempt to mimic this with the nearest object and then drink.

The animators are lazy and reuse the same sequence of animation during a match. Drink.

The regulars say someone's name simultaneously when they get injured in a game. Shot.

Kaidoh says "Fshhhh…" Fshhott.

Kaidoh and Inui have a "moment." You know what I'm talking about. SHOT.

Ryoma speaks supposedly fluent yet horribly butchered English. Teikku a Shottu.

Ryoma says "Mada Mada Da Ne." Sigh, accept it, and drink.

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On another note. I also started writing a fic featuring TeniPuri characters in a Hunger Games scenario (yes, they have to kill each other), so if you have time, check it out. Most likely featuring slight Perfect Pair, and Tango Pair.