A/N: This was going to be a filler chapter but then I got way too into it to keep it a decent length but it's still part of the story but set over a long period of time and not just a snap shot of a moment. It links the sections together. But it ended up being mega long. Longer than the other chapters which I didn't intend, but oh well. I hope you like it. Also, SORRY it took me so long to update it but I've been busy and the way I write this isn't the most time efficient way but I'm hoping to change that at some point. But… ENJOY!

It was a long year and a half. Work consumed most of Sam and Jules' time so planning a wedding took a back seat to trying save people's lives. Jules finally gave the role of chief wedding planner to Nat when Nat had an outburst about the date not being already set. Sam and Jules were lying on the sofa enjoying their peaceful day off when Nat burst in after finding out through Sophie that a date hadn't been set yet.

"You can't do anything without a date, you have to organise when things are done by, like the food and when you need to book the venue and some dates are much better than others and you need to consider the seasons because you don't want it to rain if you're having it outside". Nat spewed out a long list of appropriate dates and types of weddings that were suitable for only certain dates and although Jules was only half listening to the ramblings of her soon-to-be sister in law, she couldn't listen to another noise coming out of her mouth and so, caved in gave Nat all the wedding responsibilities to which Sam remained silent. And even though the decision came from annoyance more than anything, it turned out to be the greatest thing possible.

Nat was a god. She found time for everything, fittings, tastings, and visits and managed to fit it round the crazy, unpredictable work shift of two SRU officers. She insisted that Jules remained as calm as possible and so her only job was to find a dress; a task that proved itself very difficult for the woman who can talk people out of jumping off bridges. Jules insisted that the dress had to be perfect and what she wanted and she was determined to find it. But after looking in about 20 high street stores, she still couldn't find it. It frustrated her to the point that after a long, tiring, emotional shift that left every member of team one raw, she brought up the idea of postponing the wedding which ended up angering both participating Braddock's.

"How can a dress be so important that our wedding has to revolve around you having the perfect one? You're being selfish" Sam yelled

"Fine I'm being selfish." Jules retaliated "I want one thing that makes me look and feel beautiful and elegant but apparently that doesn't mean anything to you. And anyway, if you hadn't found the right ring, would you have proposed to me? Probably not, because the ring is important; like the dress. Both of the things are part of us being together. You choose the ring, I choose the dress."

"But you didn't know that I was going to propose to you so how is that the same? I get that you want to feel beautiful but you'll look beautiful not matter what. You could walk down the aisle in SRU uniform and still be the prettiest woman there. But there are millions of dresses out there so I don't get why you can't wear one of those?" Sam could see from the look on Jules' face that he had said something completely out of line and Jules was getting infuriated by Sam's ability to not understand that this was important to her.

"Look Jules I understand that finding the dress is important, but not as important as the whole event" Nat interrupted trying to calm everyone down "you can't change the date. Everything is set for that date and changing it would make life difficult for so many people and it would cost more money to change it than the cost of having the first wedding."

Jules couldn't believe it. Nat was on the same side as her brother. She felt like they were both ganging up on her and she couldn't take it anymore.

"I think I need to get some air" Jules muttered, head down trying to hide the tears filling her eyes, knowing that Sam would never understand what she was talking about no matter how many times she tried to explain it. She walked to the town centre trying cool off while blinking back persistent tears. She honestly thought Nat would be on her side.

After walking about for a considerable amount of time, Jules was much calmer and was starting to notice how tired she was. After spending 10 minutes deciding whether to go back or not, she came to the conclusion that an acceptable amount of time had passed for her to return. Jules found her feet moving on auto pilot taking her home through side streets and little roads with just houses. About 15 minutes from her house, Jules stopped to check her phone which had been buzzing since she left. She had a dozen missed calls and 5 voice messages from Sam as well as a bunch of texts from him and Nat. She read the text from Sam, asking where she was and looked up to find a street sign. That's when she noticed the shop right in front of her.

It was a tiny, independent, wedding shop that Nat must have ignored for it not being mainstream enough. But in the window stood the dress. Her dress. It was as if the gods had wanted their wedding to occur on their date and had magically conjured this beautiful little shop to make it happen. She called Nat who spent ages apologising before Jules could get a word in and tell her the news which then produced a scream that only dogs could hear and asked Jules where she was. After describing her exact location to Nat, Jules went into the shop to look.

After an hour in the shop trying on the dress discussing little alterations here and there, Nat and Jules left feeling incredibly pleased with themselves. The one issue had finally been solved although not without pain being caused.

Time seemed to speed up once the dress was found. Sam and Jules established their routine of 'go to work, come home, go to work, come home' that what was months before the wedding, turned into weeks. Only it wasn't Jules or Nat to crack first.

Sam walked into the locker room after shift, looking for the perfect person to talk to. Ed was standing in front of his locker, rearranging various items when Sam interrupted.

"Hey Ed" Sam said causing Ed to bash his head on the locker door, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"Whoa Samo, where'd you come from?"

"I came in about 5 minutes ago; you were just too engaged with arranging your beauty supplies to notice." Sam laughed but Ed was just glaring back at him. "I wanted to talk to you about something...personal" Ed was to lose his glare which made Sam nervous as he could no longer read Ed's emotions. The last time Sam asked Ed something personal, he almost got shot. And Ed was standing in front of him, unreadable and still in full gear, with guns.

"Nervous about tomorrow?"Ed inquired.

Sam let out a sigh of relief; he wasn't shot.

"Maybe, a little, I don't really know how I feel." he was starting to think this was a bad idea. Ed was still fully equipped to shoot him and Sam was about to leave when Ed forced him back into a proper conversation.

"Sam, you didn't come here to have a girly chat about feelings so what do you want?"

"Um I just wanted to ask, how do you know you're ready to get married?" Sam looked at Ed straight in the eyes with genuine fear.

"Definitely personal. Why come to me? I'm starting to think you want to marry me instead of Jules." Ed was fully prepared to shoot Sam. He was aware of the risks before opening his mouth.

"You're not my type." Sam responded a bit too coldly for him which made Ed think Sam was genuinely scared and not trying to get shot.

"Ok then" Ed said mimicking Sam's tone. "Listen Sam, no one knows for sure whether they're meant to get married. But they do it anyway. Why? Because they love each other and want to share their love with other people."

"You honestly believe that? The 'sharing their love for others' thing?"

"Of course not. You get married because you love each other, the sharing it, it for the free gifts!" Ed smiled and shut his locker.

"Right, yeah, helpful. Exactly the answer I was looking for Ed" Sam was losing his patience with his teammate.

"Sam," Ed said in a much friendlier tone. "You love Jules. We all know that. Hell, we knew that when you guys were meant to be sneaking around. Marriage is just another step in the relationship. But think of it more as a day of celebrating the fact that you can be together rather than you needing to show people how much you love Jules. If you're just yourself, everyone with see how much you love her. I hate to ruin this lovely bonding moment but I promised Sophie I'd put Issy to bed".

"Yeah that's it. Thanks." Sam gave a small smile.

Ed walked out and bumped into Jules, leaning against the wall.

"Whoa sorry Jules" Ed said hurrying past.

No problem. Hey, have you seen Sam?" Jules asked "We were meant to meet 10 minutes ago and I know for a fact it takes him less than 5 to get ready."

"Um yeah, he's in there" Ed pointed to the locker room "he'll be out in a bit I think. I'm sorry I really have to go, I'll see you tomorrow." Ed hastily backed away and almost sprinted through the door. 'Sophie really has him on a tight leash' Jules thought just as Sam was exiting the lockers.

"Hey. Are you ok you look really bewildered?" he asked noticing Jules blinking at the exit with a vague expression on her face.

"What?" Sam's voice pulled Jules out of her bewilderment. "Yeah, Ed was just acting like he couldn't get away fast enough. Anyway, what took you so long?"

'Don't tell her about the talk. Don't tell her about the talk' Sam thought. "I couldn't find my socks." Jules's face looked at him in disbelief but Sam ignored it, moving the topic back on to Ed. "Ed needed to get back to put Issy to bed. Shall we go?"

Jules scrutinized Sam's face to read if he was telling the truth. "Yeah".

Sam placed his arm around Jules's waist pulling her close and left the barn for the night.