"Oh?" I begin with a sly smile, "And what does Student know about car sex?" I implore as I lean into him and squeeze his thighs. I peek behind him to see he's folded the seats down and scooted all his graffiti paraphernalia and surf gear to one side of the vehicle and the floor of the Jimmy now features some beach blankets and towels strewn out. Zach's face delves into the spot where my shirt's collar meets my throat and he inhales before replying.

"Juvenile fumblings that meant very little. Student is ready to learn what Master knows. Has set out blankets to ensure Master doesn't get hurt and promises to be gentle," he teases, pulling me closer between his legs. I can feel his excitement press against my stomach and that swiftly prompts my own arousal.

"I'll let that 'old' joke slide, 'cause I've missed you so much," I begin, raising my hands to cradle his jaw as I look into his beautiful eyes. Though I can still observe the lack of sleep in his face, I can also see passion, excitement, and longing, mirroring what I'm sure my eyes are communicating to him. He hooks his thumbs through the belt loops at my waist and tugs downward. I'm suddenly very grateful that the driveway we're parked in is secluded as my loose-fitting jeans sag down.

I lean him back and press into his chest, lightly brushing my lips against his as he struggles to unbutton and rip my plaid shirt off me. Zach scoots back into the Jimmy and I kick off my jeans and flip flops and crawl in with just my boxers and undershirt. He lifts his ass up and shimmies out of his own jeans, shoving them next to his belt, where I spy a stash of condoms he must have grabbed when he retrieved his belt. Brilliant man! His lips are magnets as my mouth returns to his. We kiss for several minutes, rediscovering each other's lips and breaths and tastes and habits. As excited as I am to what will be happening shortly, there's a satisfying rightness to this extended, lazy make-out session. This already feels familiar and I remember the languid afternoons and mornings and nights we spent in my bed talking and touching and teasing.

My hands graze Zach's waist as he moans and helps me pull up his shirts. He tosses them aside and assists me out of mine. Clad only in our underwear, our hands begin to explore; mine delve into the dips and crevices of his abdomen and chest as Zach grips the muscles in my arms. He pulls me down to cuddle with him and though it's not the most comfortable arrangement, lying in the back of a car like two teenagers, I wouldn't choose anywhere else in the world to be. I smile, thinking of how if everything had gone according to plan, I'd be in Spain right now on vacation, instead of here. I thank my lucky stars, my muse, fate, and any deity that's listening that I'm right where I belong: in this man's arms. Spain will be there when we're ready, but I could have missed this reunion had I not stuck around.

As I'm thinking this, I sense Zach's mouth over my heart and feel a pressure and suction I'm sure will leave a bruise. I embrace the idea of him marking me again, and though I've never been one to enthusiastically do that to others, I feel the sudden need to brand him as mine. I begin kissing and nibbling and sucking on his shoulder. He pauses and looks at me, realizing my intentions. A smile spreads across his gorgeous face.

"I love you Sweetheart. You know that, right?" he implores, running his fingers along the waistband of my boxers. I nod, kissing up his neck and along his jaw.

"I know Babe," I sigh, then try to adjust so I can see him better and end up elbowing the side of the car. I consider my nice, roomy bed that's so close, but know that making this memory is just as important to Zach. I sit up and use my elbow against the window to pull myself up so he can disrobe me completely. He sighs as he gazes at my cock. He hunches over to take me in his mouth. I remember the holy feeling I experienced the first time he did this. That sensation returns even stronger during this reunion. Zach's knowledge of me and what turns me on, the information he gleaned during our time together as a couple, makes this so much sweeter than the first time. When I come, he swallows and smiles as he sits up, until his shoulder bumps into a crateful of spray paint. I can't help but laugh as I see his frustration with the limited space lose out to his desire to continue with our activity.

I pull his underwear down and touch his dick. It's already twitching and a moan escapes his mouth. "I need… you. To be in you," he spits out between deep breaths. I look around at our makeshift bed and debate the logistics. Zach sits up on his elbow and grabs a condom as I notice the windows are steaming up. In my head I can hear my brother jovially reciting something ridiculous like "If the car's a rockin,' don't come a knockin'!" I push Gabe out of my sexy-time thoughts and remember the task at hand: getting busy in the back of a car. I lean onto my hip, giving Zach access to my ass. He sheaths himself and grabs my hip that I'm not balancing on, pulling himself sideways alongside me. Having him pressed against my back like this just feels right.

Slowly, he enters me as I lift up my leg, kneeing the side of the car. I look back to see Zach smirk as I wince. "Memories, Sweetheart," he whispers, kissing the spot under my ear as he pierces deeper inside of me. I feel a completeness I hadn't realized I'd lost and sigh as he thrusts and I begin to match his pace. Back and forth we rock, and the feeling, in the car which rocks along with us, is a different sensation than our times in bed. Harder he drives, hitting me exactly where I need him to. I grab his hand, which was on my waist, and kiss his palm as I can feel he's about to climax. I gently bite the fleshy part of his hand near the base of his thumb as he comes.

Zach kisses where my shoulders and neck meet, pulling me closer to him after he pulls out and discards the condom. Using his arm as a pillow, I settle into him as he closes his eyes for a bit with a smile against my shoulder.

We wake up a bit later and I notice that the Jimmy now smells of sand and paint and sex wax and sex now. I feel a bit stiff, having spent a significant amount of time on the same hip, but other than that, I feel glowy and great. Car sex may be impractical, but I wouldn't trade this reunion with Zach for a spot on the New York Times' Best-Seller List.

Eventually Zach begins to stir. "What time is it?" he asks, rubbing his eyes and stretching his non-pillow arm as far as the car will allow him. I remember the first night we were intimate; he'd said the same thing.

"Why, you got somewhere to go?" I parrot my former words with a small, self-satisfied smile, knowing this time he's not uncomfortable or embarrassed or going to take off with no explanation beyond 'I gotta go.'

"Yeah, we gotta get goin' to pick up Codes," he explains, doodling across my side with his fingers. I begin to tear up a bit when I realize I'd missed that habit of his.

"Okay Babe," I agree, ready to start our life together immediately. "But let's still take my car," I offer, turning over so I can see Zach's face.

"Still creeped out with my car, huh?" he asks, the sides of his mouth downturned. "I guess it didn't work, making a memory?"

"Ahh, no," I explain, with a grin, rubbing his shoulder. "This car reeks of sex Babe. We can't have a kid in here right now. Or anyone probably unless we're comfortable with them knowing you're a Car Sex Master."

"Student becomes Master!" he exclaims, pumping his fist in the air. I roll my eyes. Then he begins to sit up and I notice a red Sharpie stuck to his back.

"Car Sex Master might wanna do a better sweep next time you decide to 'make memories' in here Babe," I offer, grabbing the marker and handing it to him. He giggles and grabs my hand, putting my 'Z' back on my pinkie.

I choke up a bit as he adds his 'S' to his hand. I thank the deity and fate and stars and my muse for returning him to me.