Pokémon Best Wishes Remix: Black and White

By OathkeeperRoxasxNamine09

Summary: Ash, Gary, and Misty reunite after last seeing one another and are heading to Unova where new/old friends, Pokémon and adventures await. Team Rocket and Plasma are planning something big, and our heroes must save the day. Intense battles, interesting events, and heroes growing up, all are store for the Unova Region. Join Ash, Hilda, Misty, Iris, Gary, Cilan, and Leaf on their quest through Unova and beyond.

Poke/Othelloshipping (Ash/Misty/Hilda) and Oldrivalshipping (Gary/Leaf).

From BW 001 to 141, every episode covered with brand new teams, with extra episodes/chapters focused on game events and character interaction.

Michael: Hello Pokémon Generation 5 fans and welcome to my own rewrite of Pokémon Best Wishes/Black and White. Now this one is really special as it is a rewrite of not only the complete saga of Pokémon Best Wishes and Black and White, but a rewrite of a bad story that I must rewrite (So I don't get attacked by the writer's reviewers, I won't say the name). This story stars Ash (around 15 years old), Misty (around 17), Gary Oak, (Around 16), Iris, Cilan, Hilda (from Black and White, around 15 as well), and Leaf (from the games not the manga (around 15). Now there is not any Egoshipping (MistyxGary), but there will be Pokeshipping/Othelloshipping and a bit of a love triangle between Ash/Hilda/Misty (not fighting over him crap, just developing either of their relationships with Ash). And just to let you know, there will be Character development and a change in a few characters (Bianca in general).

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, it is owned by Nintendo, Satoshi Tajiri, and Game Freak. Please review.

Update 2013: Adding the scenes with Team Rocket, extended the diner scene, and scenes with Ash's three past Traveling partners (May, Max, and Dawn), what they are up to in their point of view before going to Unova and adding an introduction to the world of Pokémon like in the anime.

Chapter Prologue: To Unova! Two old friends join for the ride!

The world of Pokémon is large and vast. Filled with many different types of Pokémon found in land, sea, and the air, Pokémon can be either be kept as pets or trained to do battle. Those who participate in battles are known as Pokémon Trainers; who are given their trainer's license is allowed to catch and train Pokémon at the age of ten. Once given their first Pokémon: the region's starters, the trainer travels the region or the world in search for what they want to do in life. Many become Pokémon Trainers and battled the respective gym leaders in the regions in order to compete in the Pokémon League. Many become Pokémon Coordinators, who bring out the beauty of their Pokémon in contests and compete in the Grand Festival. Many others become Doctors, Breeders, or even Researchers. The world of Pokémon gives trainers, both old and new the opportunity to find what they want in the world. A total of five years ago, a young boy started his journey to be a Pokémon Master. Now those five years has passed, and soon a new adventure was just around the horizon. (A/N 1)

After coming in 4th place in the Lily of the Valley Conference, Ash Satoshi Ketchum has had a relaxing time back at Pallet Town. But the raven haired Pokémon Trainer still had a sense of adventure. He has traveled through four regions, the Orange Islands, and even the Battle Frontier. He has grown from the small ten year to a very confident young teenager. His appearance wasn't that much changed over the years. His raven black colored hair was still very unkempt and messy, with his hat (a red and black baseball cap with a half blue Pokeball in the center with a black wide stripe in the center as well) on his head. His chocolate brown eyes were still their shade of brown; with his zigzag markings under his eyes and his boyish like face still remain looking the same despite how much he's grown. His clothes were a black vest with a yellow V in the front with a white short-sleeve shirt underneath with dark blue fingerless gloves which was lime green at the end of the gloves. His jeans were light blue and down to his shoes, with his shoes were colored red and black with a white line down at the soles. His body wasn't very muscular, but he had gained a little muscle from all his travels and walking and his height was very average, only about 5'7 in appearance.

It was after the start of spring and Ash was talking with one of two of his old traveling companions on the phone. May, who was Ash's Hoenn companion during his adventure in the Hoenn League and Battle Frontier, was speaking to him on the phone. Ash stood near the small desk which had the phone on top of it while he faced the receiver. His left hand held the phone while his right hand tapped on the small table. He had a smile on his face while speaking into the phone.

"So May, how are things with you and Max?" Ash asked her one early morning.

"The usual, Max and I are training right now. Max has started as a Pokémon Trainer and challenging the Hoenn League. As for me, I'm going to take on the Hoenn Grand Festival again." May explained.

"That's good to hear." Ash said with a smile.

"And Dad's contacting us later for something." May added, "But I'm not sure what it will be. It seems really important that he wanted to tell us."

"Okay, if your dad has something to tell you, then it must be important like you said. Norman has to be busy before Max wanting to battle him soon, if it is important, that'll be his first priority." Ash said smiling.

"Thanks." May said back brightly, "So Max and I are busy training again, what about you?"

Ash paused the moment he heard the Hoenn Coordinator said it and placed a hand to his chin and pondered for a minute. It felt almost a day since leaving Sinnoh and he didn't have the slightest clue what was his next move. It was also a few days after his 15th birthday, so it was a just very quiet celebration between him, his mother, Professor Oak, and Tracey, one of his former traveling companions from the Orange Islands. While still in Pallent Town, he spent most of his time in the house, training his Pokémon, or going around town visiting the different stores and doing errands for his mother, but what was he going to do now? He took his hand from his chin and spoke again to May a calm smile on his face. "Not really sure right now. Might do some more training as well, not really sure what to do." he replied.

"I hope you find something to do, Ash. You're not the one to be standing around." May said with a slight chuckled at the end.

Ash laughed a little too, agreeing with the brunette coordinator. "Very true, May. What about Solidad and Drew, they're entering too?"

Drew and Solidad were two Coordinators May knew and battled in the Grand Festival. Drew, mostly known for being like a green haired Gary in contest form was May's main rival during her Hoenn and Kanto adventures. He was confident, critical, and popular among his supporters, though he is generally not as overly insulting as Gary initially was. While he used to taunt May as Gary taunted Ash and rubbed salt in the wounds for him; he started to mellow out even more.

Solidad, like Ash, was a Kanto native from Pewter City and winner of the Kanto Grand Festival during Ash's second trip through the region. A surprisingly old friend of Drew, knew Brock, and knows Harley, she was one who beat May in the Grand Festival becoming the winner. Ash remembered she was most mature than most Coordinators he knew, and he knew a lot of different ones with interesting Pokémon, from Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

"Yes, they're here at home with us. And Drew has gotten a lot nicer, I wonder why?" May wondered.

"Maybe he finally leveled out." Ash answered, remembering how Drew was when he first met him.

"I guess so. Well, I better get back to training with Max. See you around Ash." May said.

"See you around too." replied Ash and hanged up the phone.

Ash walked into the kitchen where his starter and closest friend Pikachu was sitting on top of the table eating Pokémon food. His mother Delia was out in the garden with Mimey, her Mr. Mime. The Electric Mouse Pokémon looked up to see Ash sitting down at the table. Ash took an apple from a fruit bowl and decided to eat it. The dull silent of the kitchen was the usual thing Ash had to go through after coming home. After he finished his fruit, he looks to Pikachu who merely perked his ears and stared at him.

"Hey Pikachu, can I ask you something?" Ash said to him.

Pikachu smiled while looking at his partner. If it was something really important, Ash would speak to him, but the two usually trained or went around town. "Sure."

"What do you think should be our next move? I mean, we just recently came back from coming in fourth place in the Sinnoh League. May and Max are doing their own thing and Dawn's going around Hoenn with a new trainer. And Brock's getting ready for Pokémon Doctor School. But we're here in Pallet Town with nothing to do." Ash sighed, then slump his arms to the table, staring at the wall on the other side of the room.

Pikachu folded his paws across his stomach and thought about their friends and their plans. Ash went into thought as well and sat in his chair. What to do, what to do? It's too early to think about the Kanto league right now, it won't start up in only a year or so, it would be a waste to go through Kanto for the third time. Ash loved his home, but what kind of person would enjoy that, he laughed to himself. He would hate if that person only cared for Kanto and no other regions. (A/N 2)

A few minutes later, Ash got up from his seat and spoke up to Pikachu, "Let's head over to Professor Oak's Lab. He said to come over for an announcement he had for us, so let's go see him."

Pikachu nodded and hop onto Ash's shoulders. Ash took one last look to see if he had everything, exited the kitchen, and hurried out the door. He went pass Delia Ketchum and Mimey in the garden shouting, "Bye Mom, going over to the Professor's lab!" and dashed out down the road with his mother waving him goodbye. Delia smiled and called back, "Okay, don't be out too long and remember to come back for Dinner. Bye sweetie!"

Ash and Pikachu made his way to Professor Oak's Lab where the Kanto Professor was still sitting at his computer typing away. The two came closer to the professor and Pikachu hopped off his shoulder to stand near him while cleared his throat to speak.

"Excuse me, Professor Oak?" Ash said, announcing his presence to the Kanto researcher.

Oak turned around and noticed Ash, greeting him with a kind smile. The elder Kanto professor smiled to Ash, with his brown hair, blue eyes, and a red dress shirt over a white lab coat that reached down to his legs with tan dress pants and brown dress shoes.

"Ah Ash my boy, Pikachu, I see you made it. I was wondering when you made it here today." he said to him and his starter.

"Well I finished my calls with Brock, Dawn, and May so I decided to head over here. So, there was this big announcement you want to tell me. What is it?"

"Ah yes, there was something I wanted to tell so I will tell you. Ash, have you heard of Unova?" Professor Oak said.

"Unova, what's that?" Ash said confused.

"Unova, where is it?" Pikachu repeated in confusion blinking his black eyes.

It the first time Ash heard of that name, Pikachu too matter of fact. While they traveled through four regions and a set of islands, they know that the world they lived in was bigger than they imagined. But what is Unova, and what was it significance that Professor Oak wanted to tell them?

"I guess you haven't heard of it." Oak said seeing the looks on Pikachu and Ash's faces. "The Unova region is a region much farther from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. There are Pokémon you won't find here. I was planning on going but a new batch of trainers will come and Tracey will need the help. So I was hoping to send you and another to Unova to meet an old friend of mine. Since you want to might partake in the Unova League, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity."

Ash look to Pikachu and smiled. This was their chance to finally get out of Pallet Town and just in time too. Unova, a whole new region for them to explore, meet new people and Pokémon, and have fun. "Sure, I'll go. It'll be a chance to get out of Kanto for a while. But who's the other that is coming with me?" he asked him.

"That would be me, Ash." A voice called from behind him.

Ash and Pikachu turned around to see a familiar face. He was a boy a year older than Ash with brunette hair that was spiky with a black shirt and purple jeans and a small blue pendant around his neck. Like Ash, his body build was average, but showed a little more muscle than he did. Ash was stunned to see this new guest. He didn't expect him to be here or at least back in Pallet.

"Gary, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Sinnoh?" Ash asked.

"I came back to visit my family when Grandpa asked me to go to Unova with you. I thought it'll be fun to research new Pokémon there plus travel with my old rival. I mean, we're friends now so I guess it'll be okay, right?"

"Sure, sounds good to me. When do we leave for Unova?" Ash asked him.

"The plane for Unova leaves in two days so we a day to get to Vermillion City, pack up supplies and leave in the morning. Sounds good?" Gary explained his hands in his pockets.

"Cool, can't wait. Well I better tell my Pokémon the good news. Another region to travel to, I'll be right back." Ash said and he and Pikachu headed to the Oak Corral to see all of his Pokémon he caught over the 4-5 years he has traveled. Once he was outside the lab and standing out in the middle, he called for all his Pokémon. A few minutes later, a large crowd of Ash's Pokémon came running up to him. Each of them showed excitement for seeing him. As Ash has spent his time in Pallet playing and battling with them, they enjoyed just the opportunity to see him. Bayleef was first in greeting the raven haired teen by body slamming on top of him and nuzzling Ash's face. His Jhoto team consisting of Quilava, Totodile, Noctowl, Heracross, and Donphan all were ready to laugh at their fellow member, as she was the most affectionate than all of them. The Hoenn team consisting of Swellow, Sceptile, Corphish, Torkoal, and Glalie all seem excited and glad to see Ash again; even the Coal Pokémon blew steam from his nostrils and from the top of his shell. But it wasn't like a cry baby way like how he was during his meeting with Ash and his battles through Hoenn, Kanto, and the Sinnoh League. He seemed a little more grown up and no longer a crybaby. Even Corphish, while participating in the Sinnoh League, grew up too. He wasn't as brash and charging into trouble, but seems more like his fellow partner of Hoenn and matured greatly. All of Ash's Hoenn team showed a lot of growth from being with Ash to fight alongside him in the Sinnoh League. His most current team, the Sinnoh team showed their growth and development standing there smiling. They had their goofs and failures, but they never gave up, and it was their help and the rest of his Pokémon that he made to 4th place. Now with more experience given to them and growing up even more here in Oak's corral, they still remained standing their looking at Ash and Bayleef still on the ground.

Ash laughed, feeling Bayleef on his face. "Okay Bayleef, you can get off now!" he said to the Grass Jhoto starter, still laughing.

Bayleef obeyed and stood with the others. All the Pokémon stood with one another waiting to see what was their owner going to say to them. Their calmness and interest in the news Ash had was just waiting for them. What it was, this was going to be good.

Ash then spoke up, clearing his throat to the group. "Well guys, we'll be heading to another region in a few days."

All of Ash's Pokémon looked surprised that another region that they'll be going to. It was only a few weeks since Ash came back from Sinnoh, and now they were back on the road to adventure again.

"So I was going to take just Pikachu but I figured if anything happens, I'll have back up in case of anything. So I will choose Bayleef, Qulilava, and Gible to come with me when we get to Unova. See everyone okay with that?" he requested to the group.

The Pokémon all chattered with approve as a few envied those three for going to a new region first. Bayleef, Quilava, and Gible all stepped forward to their trainer as Ash placed his three suggestions into their Poke Balls and headed back to the lab, waving good bye to his Pokémon. They chattered good bye to their trainer as Ash walk back into the lab to see Gary and Oak were finished talking.

"So Ash, is everything taken care of with your Pokémon?" Professor Oak asked.

"Yeah, I decided to take Bayleef, Quilava, and Gible with me as well." Ash explained looking to the professor and then to Gary. "What about you Gary?"

"Well my Starter, Umbreon, Arcanine, and three secret ones I took care of in Sinnoh, but I'll be catching a few Pokémon for my research so I can see how they differ from other regions."

"Cool! So I guess that settles it, I going to tell mom the good news. Bye Professor, bye Gary. Tell your sister I said hey!" Ash said as he headed out the door with Pikachu still on his shoulders. Gary and Professor Oak watched the young team vanish from site and chuckled lightly.

"Well looks like Ash is more ready than I am, but I think I'll manage. Then again, rarely Kanto trainers go to Unova, so Ash and I might stick out being foreigners and all." Gary said to his grandfather.

"Well I'm sure you and Ash will be fine. Plus I'll have nothing to worry about you boys since you'll be watching out for one another." Professor Oak said.

"That's true. Well I better get back home as well. Mom's making dinner. Bye grandpa." Gary said and he left the lab too.

Professor Oak turned back around and continued his work, but his eyes gazed to pictures of Ash and Gary from five years ago. It was from their first League (The Indigo Plateau) after the first day. Ash looked a little annoyed standing with Gary, but he was with Brock and Misty (the Cerulean Gym Leader holding Togepi in her arms), with Delia standing with them too. Oak chuckled at how far the boys have come since those days, and now they are going to be traveling together to a whole new region. This was something he never expected, but he was glad how much both of them have grown, especially Gary. While he wasn't completely proud of Gary's attitude towards Ash and how much his ego and pride have the better of him, he couldn't ignore Gary's skill as a Pokémon Trainer and how well he treated his Pokémon. Now, his grandson was a researcher and helping Pokémon and learning more about hem like he was. And Ash, he changed a lot from traveling through the regions he has been so far. He remembered the ten year old coming to get his Pokémon and was late, and in turn got Pikachu. Now he has really changed drastically since returning from Sinnoh. He wasn't very mature completely; he still looked like his old self but he seemed he has changed so much. Professor Oak remembered seeing Ash having time out of the day to come by and have fun and train with his Pokémon before hearing the announcement about the Unova Region. Ash was Ash, even if he matured or not.

Professor Oak beamed even more before looking at another picture, showing Ash and Gary years before they even began their Pokémon journey. They each were seven-eight years old in appearance dressed in the summer, but they weren't alone in the picture. With them were two young girls, both with different colored hair (The fist with a dark brunette color, the other a light brownish color). The first had her arms around Ash smiling while Ash smiled too holding his two fingers up in a V sign. The other girl had her arms around an annoyed Gary smiling while Gray merely frowned and pouted with his arms folded. They were in front of Ash's house near their doorway with shadows of adults on the ground. The picture also showed a beautiful summer's day with many flowers. Professor Oak chuckled softly, thinking, 'That takes me back to when this was taken. Eight years has it been now, time sure flies. I wonder how 'they' are doing?' before going back to work on his research on his computer. (A/N 3)

Back at Ash's house—

Ash returned home and told his mother the good news of him going to Unova with Gary. Delia was that Ash will be traveling to a new region like he always does and that he'll travel with his former rival. Delia decided to make Ash two things: a going away dinner and new traveling clothes to replace his Sinnoh ones. Ash and Pikachu enjoyed themselves that evening, as this would be a long time before they have Ma. Ketchum's cooking again. When dinner was finished, Ash headed up to his room to get some sleep before the big day. He changed into his sleepwear and climbed into his bunk bed, Pika taking his spot on a pillow. Ash looked around his rom and saw everything he collected over the five years: A picture of Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Delia, and a younger girl by the name of Molly Hale, Professor Hale's daughter, a hand drawn picture of Ash and Pikachu given to him by Bianca (or Latias, the Eon Pokémon), The handkerchief given to him by Misty, the half contest ribbon from May, Soothe Bells he received after winning the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition, The Focus Band he was given, The wooden model of a Teddiursa he was given as a gift from May when she came to Sinnoh, The diploma he received for attending the Pokémon Summer Academy, The certificate he received for winning the Squallville PokéRinger competition, and the trophy he was awarded by Palmer for winning the Twinleaf Tournament. Looking at those memoires of the past made Ash determined for the future in Unova. He looked back to Pikachu who started to curl up on his pillow ready to get some sleep.

"Tomorrow we head for the Unova region. I can't wait!" Ash smiled excitedly.

Pikachu spoke his name in agreement as the two drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow was the big day and a new adventure.

The next day—

Today was the day for Ash, Gary, and Pikachu's departure to Vermillion City and to Unova. Ash was now wearing his Unova attire given to him by his mother. It was a short sleeve blue and white jacket with a yellow zipper in the middle and a blue hood. On his hands were black and red fingerless gloves, dark blue jeans and red and black shoes. On his head was a red and white cap with a blue Poke Ball in the middle of it. Pikachu hopped onto Ash's right shoulder as the raven haired teen look into his mirror. His door opened up and Delia Ketchum walked in with a smile on her face.

"Ash, Gary is outside waiting for you." Delia announced coming in.

"Okay, thanks mom." Ash said with a smile.

Delia walked up to Ash and straightens the hat on his head. After straightening it, she looks at her only son with a proud look on her face.

"Take care of yourself and be good." Delia said with a smile.

"I will and don't worry; I'll have my Pokémon with me and Gary as well. We'll be fine." Ash said with a smile still on his face.

Delia shed a tear and hugged Ash tightly goodbye. Ash picked up his backpack (Which was filled with everything he needed (Including clean underwear) and headed downstairs and out the door. Standing at his lawn with Mimey watering the garden, stood Gary Oak. Added to his white lab coat was a red and blue shirt and tan khaki jeans. On his head were black tinted Sunglasses.

"There you are, ready to get going, Ash?" Gary asked calmly.

"Yeah, so how we get to Vermillion City before nightfall?" Ash asked.

"We'll be riding on my Arcanine to get to Pewter City, and then we'll fly to Vermillion City." Gary took out a Poke Ball from his belt. "Arcanine, I choose you!" and tossed a Poke Ball into the air and out from the blue light was a familiar Pokémon Ash remembered from the Silver Conference.

It was a quadruped, canine-like Pokémon. Its head is covered in a cream-colored hair, except for the region around its eyes and ears, which is orange. Its body is a combination of the same orange fur with black stripes and completely black fur on its belly. It also has patches of cream-colored fur on its chest, legs, and tail, resembling smoke. Its paws each have three toes and a round pink paw pad underneath.

"Wow, great to see you again Arcanine." Ash said, walking over to pat the Legendary Pokémon on the head. Arcanine bark happily, happy to see a familiar face even if it was an opponent years ago.

"Okay Ash, hop on!" Gary ordered the raven haired teen as He and Pikachu climbed on board Arcanine and Gary as well. Pikachu was in the middle of the two boys as Ash asked him, "So how we get there by riding Arcanine?" Ash asked his former rival.

"Easy. Although, this is my first time ordering him to do it and gramps said it was pretty fast. Well it never hurts to try." With a look back to his Pokémon, he added in an order with a confident smile, "Arcanine, use Extremespeed!"

With a bark of approval, Arcanine was cloaked in wind and dashed into a mad sprint left Ash's house and finally left Pallet Town. Ash and Pikachu were screaming, but Gary couldn't hear him and Pikachu through the rushing wind. Everything was rushing pass the two former rivals and Pikachu as they left route one and entered Viridian City. They were a complete blur that not even the residents citizens could see them but felt a strong breeze of wind. They left Viridian City within minutes and entered the Viridian Forest. Arcanine maneuvered through the forest, passing by many, bushes, and bug type Pokémon. The Legendary Pokémon could see the opening to Pewter City and the trio and Arcanine shot out of the forest and made it to Pewter City. Arcanine stop near a Pokémon Center with Gary patted him on the head.

"Thank you Arcanine, you got us here safely." Gary said as he, Ash, and Pikachu hop off its back.

Gary looks to Ash and Pikachu and added smiling, "We made it to Pewter City, how you feel?"

Both Ash and Pikachu were a little windswept from the ride that Ash's raven black hair was sticking out in odd places. Ash adjusted his hair and hat as Pikachu shook his fur like a Growlithe, making it all smooth and straight again. Ash continued to flatten his hair back to how it was supposed to be as Gary looked a little embarrassed, laughing nervously at his blunder. "Sorry Ash, but Grandpa wasn't kidding to how fast Arcanine's Extremespeed was. How you feel?" he asked in a concern voice.

"Super." Ash admitted, placing his hat back on his head.

"Okay, if that's all…" Gary turned around to return Arcanine to his Pokeball and pulled out another one. "You okay with flying?" he asked them again.

Despite their arrival to Pewter City was a little too speedy for their liking, Ash and Pikachu were still eager to get to Vermillion City. They nodded to the young researcher.

"We're okay to fly Gary. How will we get to Vermillion City?" Ash asked.

"With this, Salamence, go!" Gary exclaimed and tossed another Poke ball into the sky. Emerging from the blue light of the Pokeball was a familiar Pokémon from the Hoenn Region. It was a large quadruped dragon type Pokémon with large fully grown red wings. Although most of its body was green-blue and red, its underbelly was a grey armor. Its wings, eyebrows, necks, and the undersides of its tail and limbs are red while the grey portion was its lower jaw and its belly. Lastly were the three spiky extensions either sides of its face that looked like gills. The Dragon Pokémon landed on the ground with a small thud, allowing Gary to pat her on the head.

"It's great to see you again, Salamence." Gary said.

Ash and Pikachu were astonished at this. They knew Gary researched Pokémon from other regions, but never thought the brunette haired researcher would have something as strong and well trained as a Salamence.

"Whoa Gary, when did you get a Salamence?" Ash said amazed.

"I've been taking care of her when she was a Begon. After a while, she became a Shellgon and now a Salamence. So I mostly use Salamence to travel on when Arcanine is tired to carry me. Plus I was interested about why Begon want to fly, but I'll tell you and Pikachu some other time. Hop on!" ordered Gary.

Ash and Pikachu nodded and hop onto Salamence as Gary sat in the front and held the Dragon Pokémon's neck while Ash held his former rival's back. Salamence took off on the ground and hovered over the ground. The two Kanto trainers and Pikachu were now over the city as Salamence headed east to the direction of Mt. Moon. Ash and Pikachu enjoyed the view of mountains as they flew over Cerulean City. It felt like an hour or so as they fled when they passed over familiar locations like Saffron City, Lavender Town, and also Celadon City. Ash could see the faint outline of the rebuilt gym. He hopes to rematch Erika when the Indigo League starts up again next year or so. It was around two hours when the two boys made it to Vermillion City, the location of the Sea Plane that will take them to Unova tomorrow. They landed near the Vermillion City Pokémon Center and hop off Salamence. Gary patted the Dragon Pokémon on the head and said, "Good job Salamence, you did a great job. Return!" and places the Hoenn Dragon back in her ball. He put her Poke Ball back on his belt and looks to the two.

Ash looked around the city and remembered battling Lt. Surge and his Raichu. It was in his memory not one of his best battles at first, but in the end he pulled through and won the Thunder badge.

"Boy it takes me back." Ash sighed, placing his hands behind his head.

"I heard from gramps that you won the Thunder Badge in an interesting way. How'd you know Lt. Surge evolved his Pikachu too early?" Gary asked in an amazed way.

"Brock helped me understand that I should use Pikachu's speed against Raichu." Ash explained looking back to Gary.

Pikachu nodded in agreement, remembering one of his toughest battles. While he took the first beating from Raichu, he still won and proved himself again in Sinnoh.

Gary smiled placing his hands in lab coat, "Remind me to talk to Brock about his battle tactics; he was a gym leader after all."

Ash and Gary's stomachs began to growl, Pikachu's as well. The two boys then laughed, like the good old days when they were friends as kids.

"Looks like that I'm not the only one that's hungry. Come on, there's a Café in town, we can eat there." Gary informed him.

"Sure!" Ash said with a smile on his face.

The two boys and Pikachu left from in front of the Pokémon Center and east of Vermillion City to the Vermillion City Café. The Vermillion Café was a medium size building that once they entered, they found a quiet little place with a few trainers and residents sitting around, being served their food by waiters and waitresses. Gary, Ash, and Pikachu decided to sit at one of the booths they were near a window. The two could see the distant sea as a waitress came to their table as they were deep in their menus. She was close to Ash and Gary's age with blond hair tied in a bun with light blue eyes and wore a waitress uniform with a white apron in the front.

"What would you two like to order?" she asked.

"I'd like a double cheeseburger with fries and Lemonade." Gary asked her.

"The same for me I'll have a cola for me and a plate of fries for Pikachu with a bottle of Ketchup." Ash asked and looks to see Pikachu's eyes shine with happiness.

"Thank you, I will return shortly with your orders." The waitress said, taking their menus and walks away.

Ash looked pass his shoulders to see the waitress that took their order was speaking with several other waitresses and saw the girl pointing to Gary and Ash's direction. They giggled and continued their work. Ash looked back to Gary, smiling at him.

"Well, you seem to be the ladies' man, Gary." Ash said with a smile on this face.

"What'd you mean? I didn't notice." Gary said nonchalantly,

"Come on Gary, you had a whole gang of cheerleaders when you were traveling around Kanto years ago." Ash pointed out,

"I was an egotistic person when I was young, but even then I wasn't interested in girls. Then I became a researcher and knuckled down. But my mom, Daisy, and even gramps want me to settle down and preserve the family name." Gary explained.

"I see…" Ash said at once, spinning a salt shaker on the table.

"What about you?" Gary asked curiously.

"Me?" Ash questioned.

"Come on Ashton, it's so obvious. Gramps and Ms. Ketchum always talk about Misty, May, Dawn, and all the girls you met on your journeys and even your mom hopes to be a grandma one day." Gary explained smiling with his arms to the table.

"I never thought of that." Ash thought briefly.

Gary was the first one to ask him about his future with anyone. While Gary waited for his response, Ash thought about his friends Misty, May, and Dawn.

First was Misty Waterflower. Misty was Ash's first friend and travel companion. Despite their arguing and bickering to one another, they still look out for one another. Ash remembered the times when he was in danger and Misty would save him. Thee biggest memory he could remember was Misty fishing him out of the freezing waters after falling off Lugia. They were rivals at times, wanting to continue their gym battle, but all in all, Misty was his friend through it all.

Next was May Maple. May was a rookie trainer and Ash was a tutor to her. They were the same and had the same traits: love food, have similar Pokémon and looks out for one another. Ash remembered protecting May and Manaphy during a little 'Sea Crown' incident. He and May had a special bond; the split ribbon they share. Ash keeps it with him at all times along with Misty's lure and handkerchief.

Lastly was Dawn Berlitz. Dawn was like May, a rookie trainer that Ash helped out from time to time. Dawn reminded him of his first days as a trainer when he started his journey. When they battle together, Ash and Dawn were a team (same with Pikachu and Piplup). They had a strong bond same with Misty and May and he would look out for her when she was in trouble.

Misty, May, and Dawn were all important people in his life and to see a future with either or with any girl really boils in his heart.

"Hey Ash, are you still there?" Gary's voice called him.

Ash snapped back into focus and looks to Gary. "Oh, I'm here."

"You were deep in thought, what were you think about?" he asked calmly.

"It's just what you said to me, Gary. Maybe one day I find someone, but I want to think about the Unova league as well." he replied to him.

"Got you priorities in order, you've really grown." Gary smiled and Ash smiled.

The two continued waiting for their food when Gray spoke up again, bring up something to talk about. "Hey Ash, remember those kids we used to play with growing up?"

"Those girls we played with from town. Their parents were close to ours, so they got us to meet them and they were our friends most of the time." Ash said to which Pikachu looked confused looking at them. Ash saw the confused look on his face and chuckled cheerfully, patting the Electric type on his head, "Oh right, it was years before you and I met."

"Ash and I when we weren't always being rivals had two childhood friends who live in Pallet Town with us. One of them actually became a Pokémon Trainer with the both of us and another kid." Gray said.

"But the other girl, her parents had to move to another region since her mother found this great job there. I was very young, so I didn't know of the region or if other places besides Kanto existed." Ash said looking sad.

"If I remember correctly, you and that girl were close." Gray said before thinking, 'I think she liked you too as well.' but added out loud with a smile. "I think one day, we'll see her again."

Ash smiled too as they heard the sound of a bell ringing and a door opening too. A couple of people were entering the Café before the door closed behind them, one of them was speaking.

"We should have their special double cheeseburger with a strawberry Milkshake."

"Don't order that Daisy, you need to stay fit for our next performance." A younger girl said to the one named Daisy.

"Azurill, Azurill!" spoke a small Pokémon in agreement.

The other girl named Daisy replied with a disappointing sigh and spoke up again, "You're right Misty, my bad."

DaisyMisty… Those names rang in Ash's ears. It couldn't be?

Pikachu recognize them as well and hopped onto Ash's shoulders and followed Ash to the front. Gary was curious to why Ash got up when he saw the trainer and Pokémon walk to four young women. Ash spoke, his voice a little shaky. "Misty, is that you?"

The four girls all turned around to face Ash. They gasped, more so the red-orange hired girl. Her expression turned into a sense of overjoy as she came up to him.

"Ash, I can't believe it's you!" she exclaimed embracing the raven haired teen and even patted the Electric Mouse Pokémon on the head.

Ash's shaky voice disappeared, now feeling warm in the pit of his throat. "Misty, I'm so happy to see you again. Sorry I haven't visited lately, been really busy." he said, breaking apart.

Misty chuckled at her friend's response. "It's alright; the Cerulean Gym has been busy too."

Ash smiled too and place a hand to his head, eyeing Misty's new look. Misty had changed drastically from Ash's last meeting with her. Her flaming red-orange hair was no longer tied up by a small ponytail but not down to her neck, her bangs behind her ears. She wore a yellow and blue halter top with the Cascade Badge in the front, blue jeans that reached to her knees and light blue trainers on her feet. Although she dropped the tomboyish appearance, she still looks like one of the guys.

Her sisters' appearances were slightly different as well from the last time Ash saw them. The first sister Daisy still retained her blond hair that reach behind her back, green eyes and a pink flower in the right side of her head, her clothes had a change to it. She wore a blue jacket with a pink shirt underneath and blue jeans that reached to her feet. The second sister Violet still retained her indigo long hair similar to Daisy with it behind her back as well and brown eyes. She wore a light mint green blouse with a tan skirt that reached her knees with red heels. Lastly the third sister Lily still retained her pink hair with two strands hanging off her shoulders with blue eyes. She wore a matching pink halter top with a yellow bow in the front and a red skirt and white shoes. Ash noticed they were a bit more mature than how they normally were. They weren't very egotistic and not all stuck up as Ash and Brock once put it, 'Someone not from the city'. Lily spoke up to the group getting their attention. "Hey let's not stand around, let's get to our seats."

Ash, Misty, Daisy, and Violet all understood and head to Gary and Ash's booth. Gary reintroduced himself to the sister, who remembered the young boy battling their gym five years ago, now he was a researcher and a lot calmer. The food came fifteen minutes later with Daisy enjoying a salad she bought. As they ate, Ash decided to ask the girls about life at the gym since coming to the gym three years ago.

"So how are things at the gym? Bet battles have been booming." Ash asked.

"They have and even Misty has been teaching us how to battle challengers. We never thought Misty would be our tutor for battling." Violet said matter of fact.

"Plus the gym has become even more popular after Misty became a Sensational Sister." Daisy explained.

Both Gary and Ash looked stunned. Did they hear right or was there buildup of wax in their ears. They looked to the girls, their eyes wide with shock.

"Misty's a Sensational Sister, when, how?" Ash asked, curious to this bit of trivia.

"Well I caught a bad cold a few months ago and it was before our big performance. Misty didn't want to let us down so see pitched in. Then afterwards, Misty became a huge success that we decided to let her in the family business." Lily explained.

Ash and Gary were both astonished and looks to Misty. Being a Sensational Sister was something Misty self-proclaimed when Ash met her at the gym, now she was one. Ash beamed at his former traveling partner with his brown eyes looking straight at her. Misty felt a little embarrassed but nodded as Ash responded with, "Wow Misty, you're a Sensational Sister, good for you."

"Thanks Ash, but I It's nice to be acknowledged as a sister than a runt of the family."

"Runt, when were you?" Gary joked to everyone.

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Azurill, Gary, Daisy, Lily, and Violet all began to laugh as Ash thought of something looking at Misty his brown eyes focused at her again.

"Wow, Misty has changed since the last time I saw her." he thought thoughtfully.

He watched the red-orange haired girl laugh even more as an odd feeling pinged in his heart. He stared at Misty even more, eyeing how matured and beautiful she looked. He took a hand to his heart and felt it beat with a steady rhythm. He never felt this feeling before, it was different to catching Pokémon or battling, it felt more… Human like, something that made feel like a whole another teenager.

'My heart never beat like this before… Am I in love with Misty?'

He stood up from his seat, surprising everyone. They each look at Ash, wondering why he stood up and to add to his bizarreness, he didn't finish his meal.

"What's wrong Ash?" Misty asked worriedly seeing the raven haired boy stand up for some odd reason.

"I have to make a phone call, excuse my rudeness." he bowed and walk to the phone booths in the next room. Thankfully he was alone in there so his important call would be private. Let's just hope the person he wants is home. He took a deep breath and prayed that this goes well.

After dialing the number, he waited for a minute when the familiar face of Brock appeared on the Videophone. Ash saw that he had just returned from doctor school; he was wearing a white doctor's coat.

"Hey Ash, how are you doing?" Brock asked.

"I'm fine Brock, doing well. Gary and I are here in Vermillion City where we bumped into Misty and her sisters and well…" he paused for a second, closing his eyes before opening them again, "don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you."

"Sure Ash, I won't tell anyone. So what's eating you?" he asked curiously at the boy's request.

So Ash went into full detail about seeing Misty again, hearing about all she's been up to since the Battle Frontier and his new feelings for her. He then went on explaining that it's a feeling that never felt before that wasn't Pokémon battling and he never felt real love before. Ash took a deep breath and waited for Brock to speak.

"Well Ash, I don't know what to say. I knew you finally see Misty in a new light." Brock said to him.

Ash fumbled with his raven hair and replied, "I guess you can say I'm a little dense. So what should I do Brock?"

Brock placed a hand to his chin and said wisely, "Well I can't say you should confess your love to her, she might take it as a joke and laugh at you. My advice, take things slow with Misty, let your friendship grow and then your feelings will grow too. You're a big Feeebas in a small pond of romance; just like I believe you'll make the right decision. And remember, love is an uncontrollable emotion, time might pass when fall for another girl. Misty's a tough girl, she can handle if you're feeling are to another, we aren't this corny romance story, we're human beings, it's natural." (A/N 4)

Ash smiled brightly. He was glad he went to Brock for help; the former Pewter City Gym Leader knew what to do. He may not have a love life, but Brock was one of his most mature companions he has ever known so going to him was the right choice.

"Thanks Brock, you really helped. Well, the others might be worried for me." Ash said.

"You're welcome, enjoy Unova and win it for all of Kanto." Brock told him as their call was over.

Ash felt more confident than then he ever was than when first spoke to Brock, now it was back to the others. Gary and Misty waved for Ash's attention as he sat back down with the sisters, Misty, and Gary.

"Good you're back, we got some excited news. Since we can handle the shows and battles now, Misty decided to come with you to Unova." Daisy said.

Ash looked surprised but happy inside. Misty will come with them and he can take Brock's advice and spent time with her.

"You mean it, Misty?" Ash asked hopefully.

"Yeah, I really want to go to the Unova region and see all the new Pokémon. Plus a vacation is just what I need." Misty said. "Plus Daisy and they have their own Pokémon to battle trainers with, so we're set."

"That's awesome, welcome abroad. "Ash said and picks up a glass of cola to toast Misty. Misty responded and toasted too.

After eating, the three Sensational Sisters, Ash, Misty, and Gary were ready to depart from one another. Gary and Ash waited for Misty as she spoke with her sisters one last time.

"Well Sis, take care of yourself in Unova. As both gym leader and Sensational Sister, you have a repetition to keep up in a new region." Daisy informed her.

"I understand, plus Kanto too." Misty replied.

"And another thing, Misty…" Daisy lowered her head and whisper to Misty. "Bring back a boyfriend when you come back, especially Ash and Gary." The two sisters look back to the two Kanto boys waiting and conversing. "They're quite the lookers now."

Misty's face started to turn light pink with a blush and whispered into her sister's ear with a tiny grin, still blushing. "What about you, you haven't even asked Tracey out on a date."

Daisy smiled at her sister's comeback but stood proud. "You got a point there. Have a great journey." Daisy said and the sister shook hands.

Misty watched her sisters walk away as she came back to Ash and Gary. "Well, I'm all yours now. Let's book a room at the Pokémon Center." She instructed.

Gary, Pikachu, and Ash nodded as they walk to the Pokémon Center. Misty decided to pay for their room (with impressive money by the way) and got them a room fit for a champion. Even Ash was impressed about seeing the room, but was surprised Misty would pay for a room of like that. Misty explained that it's one of many benefits of being a gym leader, as the official Pokémon League usually funds the gym and everything they need, so they mostly earn their keep by running them. Also, Misty and her sister' shows rank up a lot of money too, so she gets her pay (it was bigger than Ash imagined). Once settled in, it was already around nighttime and each one of them had taken their baths. Misty was last to take her bath and exit the bathroom, now drying off her head from the water. Her hair was drooped mostly in front of her face with the towel covering her eyes.

"I was right about their bathroom in these rooms, they are heavenly." But she looked up and pushed her hair from her eyes to see Ash, Pikachu, and Gary already asleep in their respectable beds. Misty chuckled, remembering the times when she was twelve and first traveling with Ash. She wouldn't admit how much of a brat she was to him and Brock when she younger. Now it was five years later and she was now seventeen. She took her place on her middle bed and decided to sleep too, her Azurill sleeping on its tail.

Tomorrow was to be a new day for Ash, Misty, and Gary, but a new beginning for other as while… for the bad and the good.

Sometime before Gary and Ash made it to Vermillion City and met up with Misty, at an unknown location at the base of Team Rocket, a Criminal Organization in Kanto, something was going on in those walls. Inside a darken room with only a single light laminating them, stood three familiar agents of Team Rocket: Jessie, James, and Meowth. Jessie was a young woman of average had long magenta hair which curled in the back with blue eyes and red lipstick. She dressed in her Team Rocket Uniform, only they were black instead of white but still looked the same. James was a young man of average height who had periwinkle colored haired with one bang in front of his forehead with the rest of his hair down to his neck with green eyes. Like his partner Jessie, James wore a black Team Rocket Uniform instead his usual white one. Last was their third and final partner, Meowth the Cat Scratch Pokémon. Meowth was a small, feline Pokémon with cream-colored fur tipped in brown on its hind legs and tail. Its oval-shaped head features four prominent whiskers, wide eyes with slitted pupils, and a gold oval coin embedded in its forehead. Its ears are black with brown interiors, and are flanked with an additional pair of long whiskers. Meowth is also standing like a quadruped with the ability to walk on his hind legs.

The three were standing in front of a large monitor looking at the leader of Team Rocket and their boss, Giovanni. Giovanni from the monitor appeared like a man in his late 30s with well groom brown hair, black eyes, and a very cold but serious look on his face. He dressed very proper with a black suit with two rows of yellow buttons on both sides going down to his waist with a red strip on both his shoulders along with the cuffs on his sleeves; each had a single red button in the center of an arch pattern. His pants were black as well and also wearing black dress shoes. He faced Jessie, James, and Meowth with a serious look on his face before speaking to them.

"Now once again, what is Team Rocket's number one goal?"

"Sir, our goal is to capture powerful Pokémon..." Jessie said her face showing the outmost seriousness her arms close to her side.

"Pokémon which are powerful and rare…" James said his face the same as Jessie.

"And to use them to take over the world..." Meowth said at the end.

"Very good," Giovanni said his eyes staring sharply at them, "We are now in the process of assembling a most powerful squadron of Pokémon; an army that allows complete control of the world. Take a look." And Giovanni's screen flickers out to show a full map of a region. The three members looked at it in slight confusion, never seeing the region before by just looking at the map.

"What's this?" Jessie asked the boss.

"The Unova region, a major new stepping stone they'll move us towards the successful completion of our plan." Giovanni's voice said before the map flickered out and returned to showing the Team Rocket Boss adding, "I'll be sending the three to the Unova region undercover. But first you must enter the Unova region by yourselves."

"Sir!" the three said in unison standing more firm and proud to do their mission for their boss.

The screen flickered off and the three made their way out the base, leaving Giovanni to return to his office. The head of Team sat himself in his chair and turned away leaning back from someone behind him with his Persian coming to his side and purring onto his lap. Persian was a large, quadruped, feline Pokémon. Its fur was pale tan with the exception of its black-rimmed ears. It has a short muzzle with a small, black nose, red eyes with slit pupils, rounded ears, and three whiskers on either side of its face. In the center of its forehead is a red jewel. Its long tail has a distinctive curl at the end. Persian communicates with body language, and holds its tail upright to signal its intention to pounce. It has long legs and three-toed paws with retractable claws. Giovanni patted the Classy Pokémon's head before the person spoke up. She was a young woman of average height much shorter than Giovanni. She had purple hair that appeared bowl cut in front with the rest hanging down her face. Her red eyes were behind oval framed glasses and dressed in a feminine version of Giovanni's suit, more red on the sides than black with the same rows of yellow buttons in the front. She stood very seriously behind Giovanni, her hands in front of her body.

"We've received reports that there's a mysterious unidentified organization operating in the Unova region." the woman informed him.

"Once those three start operating here, I'm certain they will reveal themselves. It's a matter of time, Motori." Giovanni said smiling still patting his Persian.

"Of course sir," Motori said bowing her head seriously.

As Team Rocket prepared themselves for their next big plans, in the Hoenn region, another familiar face was enjoying her time from training for the Grand Festival and her brother's gym badge adventure. May Maple and her brother Max were usually enjoying themselves before hitting the road again, but training before contests and gym battles was the daily routine they went through. But today was going to becoming most interesting when their father Norman was coming back home from a meeting with the other Hoenn Gym Leaders.

May and Max were wrapping up a double battle to hone their respectable skills as trainer and Coordinator. May had out Wartortle and Munchlax and Max had out Grovyle and Ralts. Wartortle was a bipedal, indigo-blue Pokémon similar to a turtle. It had brown eyes, a dark blue streak on each cheek, and two sharp teeth protruding from its upper jaw. It has three clawed fingers and pointed toes. Bluish white fur covers its long ears and tail. A brown shell with a pale yellow underside encases its body. A thick, white rim separates the upper and lower halves of the shell. Munchlax had a teal-colored body with a cream-colored spot on its chest. Its round head is teal in the top half and cream on the bottom half. It has big, round eyes and large pointy ears. It has five-fingered hands and cream-colored feet with three clawed toes. The fur close to the bottom of a Munchlax seems to resemble a dress. Munchlax has two pointy teeth that stick out of its mouth even when it is closed. Grovyle was a bipedal Pokémon similar in appearance to a theropod dinosaur. It was primarily green with a red underside. There is belt-like green stripe across its belly. Grovyle's hands have two clawed fingers, and powerful legs with bird-like feet. Its well-developed muscles make it an expert climber and allow it to leap quickly from branch to branch. Grovyle has three long leaves on its wrists, a large leaf on top of its head, and two tails that have a leafy appearance. Lastly, Ralts was a bipedal Pokémon with a white body. Its body and legs resemble an oversized dress. Its green hair resembles a bowl cut, which covers most of its face. Its hair is split by two flat red, a large one toward the front and a smaller one at the back.

Max and May's clothes changed a lot from the last time they saw Ash and Brock. May wore a red and blue version of her old travel clothes with her bandana not on her head. They were a much lengthier as she grew a little since last seeing Ash in Sinnoh, her bicycle shorts and skirts passing even her calves. Max wore an emerald green jacket over a black shirt with matching shorts and white trainers. His glasses were not on his face, but hanging from his front pocket, his black eyes exposed. Showing some expiration from his former travel partner Ash, Max also had a pair of fingerless gloves on his hands.

The two sides of Pokémon both showing fatigue from their sparing battle, even the little psychic Pokémon looked winded. Drew and Solidad, the spectators of the match, were both intrigued by the results of their match, Both May and Max really have grown as trainers and their Pokémon was proof enough. Drew was impressed by May's tactics to keep Grovyle's super effective moves from Wartortle with Munchlax and Max showed some good defensive moves and offensive counterattacks.

The sunset of Petalburg city was a beautiful sight after their battle was over. May smiled to her brother and her Pokémon proud and accomplished look on her face. Max too smiled too before hearing May clap her hands from the other side of the training field before walking up to her Pokémon and patting them on their heads. Munchlax and Wartortle looked up at their owner, their round eyes looking extremely happy at him despite their many scratches on their bodies.

"I'm proud of both of you, good job. You two were really gotten in sync and were great sparring partners for my brother and his Pokémon. I promise I'll treat you both an extra meal for dinner, sounds good." May said to the Kanto and Sinnoh Pokémon work chattered them with excitement. May looked from her Pokémon to Max smiling at him as well. "Max, good job too, I think you improving every day now."

"Thanks May, I think I'm improving too." Max said picking up Ralts and holding her in his arms and walked to her sister with Grovyle following after him. The two siblings and their Pokémon stood face to face with Max running a hand through his raven short haired looking bashful. "Of course I wasn't expecting some of your contest moves, even some brand new one."

"That Flamethrower/Aqua Tail combo May was impressive." Drew pointed out, him and Solidad walking up to the Maple siblings, "And from just Munchlax's own raw power, not metronome."

May giggled brightly, (like her brother running a hand through her brunette hair). "I was just lucky it finally worked right."

"Well you made good progress, that's a good thing you perfected it." Solidad said smiling.

May and Max look to the sky to see the sun disappearing behind the horizon, the Hoenn Coordinator sighing, wishing the day wasn't going to end now. She took from her belt some potion sprays and tosses two to Max. The siblings sprayed the bottles on their Pokémon to heal them up from their battles, their scratches vanishing from their bodies and now felt much healthier now. May and Max turned from their Pokémon and walked back to their house with Drew, Solidad, and their Pokémon following after them.

Inside May and Max's house, the Hoenn and Kanto trainers decided on releasing their Pokémon from their Poke Balls to eat as well. Using the gym as a perfect spot to house all their Pokémon Drew sent out Roserade, Masquerain, Flygon, Absol, and Butterfree, Solidad sent out Slowbro, Lapras, Pidgeot, and her Butterfree, May sent out Blaziken, Beautifly, Skitty, Venusaur, and Glaceon, and Max sent out Breloom and Mightyena..

The Pokémon were scattered across the gym battlefield eating Pokémon Food from dishes while Max, Drew, and Solidad carrying more food for their Pokémon. May sat legs crossed in between Munchlax and Wartortle who both had big bowls of Pokémon Food and were gladly eating their food for their hard work. May turned her head to see her father, Norman, walking into the gym battlefield. He was a young man of average height with navy colored hair and eyes, a long sleeved red shirt with a high collar and the hem to the center of the shirt with a black line, navy pants, and black hi top shoes. The Hoenn Coordinator smiled to see her dad as she ran up to him, happy to see him home. Max noticed him too and followed her to his dad.

"Dad, you're back!" Max said excitedly to the Hoenn gym leader. "How was the meeting, what is about, can you tell us?! His voice sounded more eager and like how he sounded like when he was nine. May sighed, eyeing her brother with crossed look on her face. While she loved her brother, he can be really childish and act more like his old self.

Norman chuckled, keeping calm and responded to the young Hoenn trainer. "Now, now Max, let me explain one bit at a time." he paused for a second but added, "You probably wonder what the meeting was about. Well it was a little get together between the gym leaders of Hoenn over an important announcement. What it is about was something coming up from another region that I'll and a few gym leaders will attend in the late fall."

"What is it?" asked May and Max bewildered and interested.

"The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup in Unova." Norman said smiling.

"What's that?" May and Max asked. It was the first time they heard of the Unova region, let alone a tournament, so their father telling them this must been really important that all the Hoenn gym leaders had to come. The two look to one another and back to their father. Drew and Solidad looked curiously at the Maple family wondering what we're talking about.

"The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup is a tournament held in the eastern Unova. 16 trainers, most young gym leaders, partake in a one on one battle where the winner will fight the current champion Alder." Norman said calmly.

"A battle against the champion?" both siblings repeated to which Max added, "That's incredible, and a chance to battle some likes a champion. I want to try!"

"You sure Max, you only have five of the Hoenn badges and the Hoenn League will start in late October. Are you're sure about it?" May asked looking at her brother with a worried look.

"You should do it too May, after watching all of Ash's battles when we traveled, I think something of him would rub off about testing your skills." Max said smiling at May.

May pause for a moment when Max said his request. It was true she has been improving as a trainer and a coordinator that maybe a little tournament actions could be just an opportunity for her to show what she can do like her brother wanted to do. Also, a break from the Grand Festival to a new region is an extra treat and it'll be foolish to not take the chance. She nodded to her brother whose black eyes shined with happiness.

"You'll be heading to a new region?" Drew asked overhearing the conversation and walking up the Maple family with Solidad following after him.

"Yes, I'll be going to the Unova region with a few more gym leaders. I thought about going alone, but." Norman chuckled, seeing the eagerness of his son and his daughter, "I think it just turned into a family vacation."

"We got time to train and I can collect my remaining badges beforehand, this will be great!" Max said more fired up than ever.

"Sounds go to me." May said smiling again before looking back to Drew and Solidad. "Does one of you know about the Unova region?"

"I do, it's very far off, farther than Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, or Sinnoh. You'll even find Pokémon you never seen before. There are so much fun things to do there, it's be a waste not to check it out." said Solidad to May. "If this Junior Cup is in Unova, we should see it and cheer you on."

"Sounds got to me." May replied to the Kanto Coordinator before taking her eyes off her friends and to her Pokémon. She spotted Munchlax sleeping soundly near his bowl, his stomach completely full. She tried her best to keep any giggling she had out loud in front of her friends and brother about why Munchlax was sleep after eating just one bowl. She thought to herself smiling, 'I knew putting pieces of May's Pink Surprise would come in handy.'

After feeding their Pokémon, the sun was already down and the many stars were already out in the night sky. Drew and Solidad (the latter with a towel on his shoulders), were walking through the hallway of the second floor where May, Max, and their parent's rooms were before passing May's room. They stop for a second to peer inside her to find both siblings near the windowsill looking into the night sky. Their hair was lightly moving in the light breeze of the night time with smiles of excitement on their faces. Both Drew and Solidad smiled solemnly at the two trainers and for moment or a trick of the light, they thought they saw the images of May and Max from two years ago. The memories of the two Hoenn natives were still fresh, but seeing how much both of them grow was much better than a memory. They wonder what was on their minds, what could make the siblings of Norman looked so joyful in their smiles. The two thought in unison the same exact words as they remained there looking at the stars:

'Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup…. I can't wait!'

With May and Max looking into the stars and a start to new adventure to the Unova region, another friend traveling in the Hoenn region was traveling with a few friends. Sitting in the Pokémon Center in Slateport City, three familiar faces and a new face were discussing something in a booth near the window. The first sitting on the left near the window was Dawn Berlitz, Sinnoh Pokémon Coordinator. She had dark blue eyes and matching blue hair tied in a plait behind her head. She wore a mini dress which is mostly black with a white undershirt inside a V-shaped neck with a short pink skirt. On her head, she wears a white beanie with a pink Poké Ball print on it. She also wore gold hair clips that hold up her hair in front. On her feet, she wore pink knee-high boots with black socks underneath. She also has a small yellow backpack with all her personal belongings. Sitting on the table drinking a glass of juice was her partner and starter, Piplup. Piplup's appearance was that of a penguin chick, having yellow feet and a light-blue body. There are two white spots on its chest that seem to resemble buttons on a suit. It also has something resembling a blue cape on its back. It has a circular, blue head with white circles around its eyes and a small, yellow beak. The light blue mark between its eyes above the beak resembles a small crown. On Dawn and Piplup's right of their table sitting on their side is another Sinnoh native and Childhood friend of the blunette, Kenny. Kenny was a Coordinator like Dawn with brown hair with most sticking out in the back of his head and in the front. His eyes were black while wearing a green short sleeved shirt with a while collar and a large line in the center with a long sleeved lime green shirt underneath. His pants were grey and khaki with green and white trainers. On the two and Piplup's other side sat another two. The first is a boy with blond hair and orange eyes. He wore an orange and white jacket with a green scarf, black jeans, and brown dress shoes. On his wrist was an orange watch. His name is Barry, A Sinnoh Pokémon Trainer and from the same town of Dawn and Kenny, Twinleaf Town. The last one of the group and on Barry's right was a young girl close to Dawn's age, named Shinko. Shinko had brunette hair and green eyes behind a pair of rectangle framed glasses and a pink bow in her hair also. She wore a light pink shirt with a white collar and a pink shirt underneath. She wore dark pink pants to her knees and yellow boots. In her hand was a white note pad and sitting on the table was her starter Chimchar. Chimchar was a bipedal Pokémon resembling a chimpanzee. Its fur is primarily a shade of orange, though its face, outer ears, underbelly, hands, and feet are light yellow. Its rear has a small, round, red patch that is usually obscured by flames produced by burning gas in its stomach. Its ears are large in comparison to its head size and red inside. Chimchar has red markings nearly surrounding its eyes, a swirl-like symbol on its chest, and five fingers on its hands with three toes on its feet. It has a swirly crest of hair on its head.

The four friends were just taking a break in the town during both Barry's and Shinko's badge quest. Both trainers had three badges a piece, and were going from their fourth on the way to Lavaridge Town where the gym was located. It was getting late as the sun was about to set. They've been there for quite some time and were the last trainers to battle Wattson before he closed the gym to go to an 'important' meeting between the leaders and because he left a day after their matches, he didn't leave anyone to watch over the gym. During their return trip to Slateport, it was an interesting talk about what the two trainers' plans were when the gym leaders return.

"Flannery's the next gym leaser right? She's a fire type gym leader, correct? What do think I should do?" Shinko asked looking at Dawn, Barry, and Kenny. "I know water beats fire, but I'm worried how strong she could be."

"Chimchar's strong to deal with fire attacks as it is one itself, but you'll need your Azumarill for that if she can take it. Don't worry, and…" Barry said before shouting at the glasses wearing girl, "Would you cut it out with the notes, Shinko!"

"I-I'm sorry, Barry." She said nervously at the fellow Sinnoh native.

"Keep it up and I'll fine you!" he shouted again.

"I can't help it!" Shinko screamed out loud, looking terrified at the boy.

Dawn, Kenny, Piplup, and Chimchar all laughed at the two. They've be traveling since before spring and always Shinko was indecisive and Barry was annoyed by her. She was getting more confident, but she still acted like her old self since traveling with them. The group stopped laughing when they look to the large Television screen by the front desk showing a reporter from the Sinnoh region reporting on a familiar face that made Barry smile. The others wondered what the hyperactive Sinnoh trainer was smiling about when they noticed the caption on the bottom of the screen:

'Johto Battle Frontier Trainer promoted to be the new member of the Unova Elite Four'

The woman was much older than the four young trainers; around seventeen in appearance with wild and floating like long blonde hair and blue eyes with a light pink hat on her head. She wore a white dress like gown with a knot in the front and a pink skirt reach to her feet. Lastly was the light pink slip on shoes noticeable on the screen. Barry placed his arms on the table before speaking at the group. He smiled at the young woman with interest.

"Wow, it's been a few years since I've seen Caitlin. I was a little younger when I first met her with my dad Palmer. It's great to see her finally be her own person, now an Elite four member."

"The Unova region, what's that?" Dawn and Kenny asked with Shinko cocking her head in confusion.

"It's a region far away from ours and this one where you'll find many different Pokémon. Here, I was going to show you this later, but I think this is the perfect time." Barry said and took his bag off his back and rummaged through it to pull out a pamphlet of an unknown region. Unfolding it and laying it flat, the trainers and Sinnoh Pokémon all looked at the pamphlet showing all the different attractions and places in the region. Dawn and Kenny's eyes were wide in astonishment seeing all the different places and things. Kenny leaned back from his table and smiled before speaking to Dawn.

"Hey Dawn?"

"Yeah?" she asked looking at him.

"How about we make this journey for Shinko and Barry a little interesting? A friendly competition if you will." The Sinnoh Coordinator said still smiling.

"A friendly competition?" she asked bewildered.

"Let's have a race to the Pokémon League and see who goes farther in the league: Shinko and Barry or you." He said calmly, making Dawn look flabbergasted at her childhood friend's request. Barry and Shinko looked bewildered too at the request as well, Dawn battling in the Pokémon League?

"Whoa, what you saying Kenny, you make me to battle in an official league?" The bluenette Sinnoh Coordinator said taken aback from the out of the blue choose of words.

"Of course, nothing says you can't be a trainer and a coordinator, look at Nando. He enjoyed both and was a great trainer, you should try it. It'll be fun experience, unless you're too scared, Dee-Dee?" Kenny said teasing Dawn at the end.

Dawn's face tuned pink as a Poffin from hearing Kenny call her that horrible nickname (she really wished he stopped for once), but hearing his words did get her thinking for a moment. It's true, she had met a trainer who enjoyed both contests and gyms, and once she battled a gym leader to help boost her spirits up again. While her Pokémon were great in contest, they each had excellent battle skills, her Mamoswine being the strongest of her team. She also had caught a few Pokémon while in Hoenn too, and they each showed grace, beauty, and strength. She thought about Ash, her mentor and almost an older brother to her on her Sinnoh journey and how he even battled in a few contests and has also encouraged her to do her best and never give up even when she felt down. This was a chance to show how much she's grown since parting ways with Ash and Brock a few months back before the start of spring. She leaned over the table and smiled to her friend.

"Okay, I accept. So, you want me to battle the Unova league? That's why the pamphlet perked your interest to ask me to do it?"

"Yup," Kenny said calmly, "The league broadcasts at the same time and I think the leagues will happen at the same time if not a few days apart, so when we watch you…"

"Then I'll still be able to cheer Shinko on too, that's great!" Dawn finished with a cheerful tone in her voice. She took her hand out to Kenny to shake it. "It's a deal!"

Kenny held out his hand to shake Dawn's and the two release their hands from one another and sat back on their seats. Barry took the pamphlet from the table and placed it back in his bag and said smiling, "If you up to get to Unova tomorrow, you should go to the port's seaplane and get a ticket to the Unova region, but the port closes at 10:45 pm, you might want to leave right away."

"Right, I'll be right back!" Dawn said eagerly and stood up from her seat to run out the sliding doors and into the twilight night of Slateport City. Barry, Kenny, and Chimchar look at the bluenette disappears from view and was happy she was going to start another journey now, but one person was sad to see her friend go. Shinko's face was screwed into a frown her eyes slightly shaking with her eyes starting to water.

Late at night, Piplup was sleeping in his and Dawn's bed in the Pokémon Center after Dawn returned from the port with her ticket ready for tomorrow. Dawn didn't see Shinko after returning back as both Kenny and Barry said she wanted to get some sleep for Dawn's departure the next day (none of the both boys saw she was going to cry except for Chimchar). Piplup snored softly on his pillow when a strange sound woke him up. He lightly chirped and opened his back eyes only to find Dawn wasn't asleep, instead sitting at a little work station along with different materials like fabrics, buttons, zippers, and even belts. She had a white colored sewing machine too and was sewing something with a serious look on her face. Piplup wondered if her partner was making new clothes for her journey since a brand new region meant a brand new wardrobe. Piplup thought it'll best he wouldn't bug her, as Dawn needs to concentrate on her new clothes and not have the penguin Pokémon get in her way. His eyes started to droop from sleeping as he finally drifted off to sleep.

It was the next day, and the start of Dawn's departure to the Unova region in order to complete in the gyms and enter the league. Barry, Kenny, and Shinko watched at the sea plane's port where it would take Dawn to her destination to Unova. Kenny sat on a wooden post while Barry stared at his orange Pokétech in annoyance tapping his foot. Shinko and her Chimchar stood still as stone waiting for Dawn and Piplup to show too, but they wasn't a smile on her face (or in Barry, a annoyed scowl), but sadness. Shinko has never felt this much before since starting her journey some time ago. It was Dawn who helped when she had to help save the starters from some wild Pokémon, and it was the courage Dawn present to her that make her want to start her adventure despite her indecisive nature. She loved traveling with Dawn, she was her first real friend outside Twinleaf Town and Barry and Kenny meeting up with her made their little group grown even bigger. But now the first friend she ever had was going to another region and far away. Shinko couldn't take it, seeing Dawn leaving like that. She wanted to support her now that both the three of them will be battling in different leagues in different regions. How can she support her friend when she can't make herself feel better?

Barry continued to tap his foot in a heavy rhythm while looking at his Pokétech for the time with his other arm at his left side. His temper and impatience was to the breaking point with Dawn not there that the vein throbbing on his head was ready to burst. He screamed out, going into a tantrum and speaking hyperactively, "Ahh that Hikari's going to miss her plane. If she doesn't get here now, I'll fine her for wasting our morning!"

"Calm down Barry." Kenny said assuring, "She'll be here, just give her time."

"Maybe she overslept…" said Shinko before adding sadly, "Or maybe she doesn't want to go."

"What?" the two boys asked in confusion as a voice called from afar.

"Hey, I'm here!"

Barry, Kenny, and Shinko gasped in shocked when they saw who was coming from the distance. Both Dawn and Piplup were running their way to them with a smile on her face. While Piplup looked unchanged, Dawn sure was. She wasn't wearing her normal clothes, but wearing a brand new outfit. Her regular white and pink beanie with the pink Poke ball in the front remained unchanged except for now a black line was wrapped around the center. Her yellow hairclips still remained in her dark blue hair with it still tied behind her head. Her clothes were brand new and different and like Dawn's style consisting of a pink and black halter top with a white shirt underneath with a silver zipper in the center of it. Around her neck was her red scarf but it was much longer in length but of its knot on the right side of her neck, but now tied behind her back. The ends of her scarf resembled that of wings with each a different color (the right one white, and the other one black). She wasn't wearing just her old pink short skirt, but a pair of black leggings reaching up to her thighs. Her old pink boots were now replaced with black, pink, and white boots with pink belt like straps on the sides of her boots. Her bag was hot pink and yellow and slung on her right shoulder. Her new look surprised the three; it was like she was a new girl.

Piplup and Dawn came skidding to a halt in front of the group before speaking to them. She panted and caught her breath before looking up at them.

"Sorry guys, I had to get a few supplies at the market, I hope I didn't worry you." Dawn said assuring the group.

"You worried Barry as he's so impatient, but I knew you'll be here." Kenny said smiling before added looking Dawn's new appearance, "But the way Dawn, nice outfit!"

"You like?" she said doing a 360 spin showing off her outfit from all angles before facing them again, "I worked the night making it myself, what do you think?"

"It's awesome!" Barry said excited. "I like the black and white mix you used; you based it on the Legendries of that region right?"

"Yup!" she added, "I asked about the Unova region and some people told me about the Legendary Pokémon of yin and yang. I thought basing an outfit on them would a great idea." She look to Barry and Kenny and then to Shinko to have her input. Dawn noticed she wasn't smiling like others, but seemed sad all of the sudden. Piplup noticed it too, and saw the sad look on the trainer's face. Chimchar looked back for her trainer too and wondered if she'll be okay. Dawn still look confused of the young rookie trainer but walked closer to the seaplane and turned around to face everyone. She smile kindly and spoke up again with her hand to her beanie, "Well, this is it. It felt like a short time together but I had fun traveling with you guys. Shinko, Barry, Kenny, thank you. I had fun here in Hoenn, but now I got a new adventure in Unova to start too, so I wish you all good luck on your journey."

"We'll root for you in the Ever Grand Conference, don't worry." Piplup said proudly.

"Thanks take care and good luck for all of Sinnoh!" Barry said ecstatically.

"Dawn, it was fun traveling with you too. And, you might be Diamond Dandruff to our old friends." Kenny said smiling but Dawn wasn't amused frowning at him, "but you'll always be Dawn Hikari Berlitz to me, and that is a promise!"

Dawn's frown turned into a look of pure shock for her friend's words, but she smiled all the same, a light pink blush rose on her cheeks. Dawn took her gaze off of Kenny and to Shinko who remained the most quiet the whole time. Dawn felt nervous wondering if she was alright because she wasn't talking or haven't said anything since she arrived. Barry and Kenny froze and looked at the young Sinnoh native waiting for her to response again. When she finally spoke, they saw it and gasped. A single tear rolled from her eyes and down her cheek to it drop to the ground like a rain drop.

"Shinko, are you alright?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn…?" she asked, more tears falling from her eyes, "Do you really have to go?"

"Shinko, this is a great opportunity for me. I really want to test myself the day the next grand festival starts up…" Dawn said but was interrupted by Shinko grabbing Dawn and thrusting her into a hug, more tears streaming from her eyes like a flood.

"But I don't want you to leave, I really don't!" she cried, burying her face into her chest, surprising her, "You helped get my first Pokémon as my started, travel with me through Hoenn, and helped me catch Pokémon to planning what to do! You were an inspiration and just one year ago, you were a beginner just like me! Now you're leaving all for a little competition with Kenny! Just forget about it and stay. Please don't leave me, please!"

"Shinko…" she said suddenly looking at the girl in awe of her feelings. It was hard for her, she knows. Shinko told those tales of because she was much undeceived, she never made friends. Dawn was her first and now she'll be gone. Dawn wanted to say something, anything to make the girl feel better but what could she say. Barry and Kenny might keep her company, but She Shinko as going to be alone. Shinko didn't want to feel alone, after gaining friends like her and Piplup. Dawn wanted to speak up, to take back her offer and stay with Shinko, when a little chirping noise spoke up.

"It's not easy to watch friends leave, even when they go far away."

Everyone looked down at the penguin Pokémon Piplup speaking up to the scene, everyone bewildered the Sinnoh starter had something to say. Piplup added on, his flippers to his sides, "But it's important to know that friends will always depart, but it doesn't mean it is good bye. A few months ago, I said good bye two of my friends and I admit I was a child about their departure. But it was Dawn who reminded me that I have to be grown up about seeing my friends go. I know it is hard Shinko, but we won't forget you." Before adding proudly, "That's a promise from me!"

The four trainers all looked astonished and surprised by Piplup's speech; never thought such words would come from the young Pokémon's mouth. Dawn felt a little taking a back before smiling and beaming at her partner, glad to see how much he's grown up. Dawn released Shinko from her person and held her at arm's length, looking at her with her dark blue eyes. Shinko looked at Dawn while tears still fell from her eyes and sniffed as well. Dawn took her left hand (which still had her watch) and wiped away her tears, smiling lightly at her.

"Shinko, I know it's hard for me to leave, but Piplup's right. We both got our own paths to go and succeed, and understand even we're apart, doesn't mean I'll forget you. We're friends, and we both must do our best, you here in Hoenn and me in Unova. So, no need to worry, okay?" he added smiling even more sweetly.

Shinko's eyes still watered after Dawn's words, but the young trainer took her hand and wiped them way before lightly smiling. Dawn merely beamed at the girl and still smiled at her. Barry and Kenny smiled too along Chimchar and Piplup, glad to see her spirits finally lifting. The two boys and Chimchar all gathered closer to her to see her look to each and every one now smiling. The four and the Sinnoh Pokémon's attention turned to the sound of male's voice on an intercom.

"Attention, Flight 649 to Castelia City in the Unova region is now ready to depart. Please all passengers head to the sea plane now." (A/N 5)

"Guess that's us." Dawn said firmly. "I'll see you guys soon when I make it to the Unova league,"

"That's the go to spirit Dawn, and…" Kenny said before holding out his right hand balled into a tight fist before dropping something shiny into Dawn's hand. Dawn looked blankly at the small object before Kenny said smiling, "It's for good luck."

Dawn nodded holding the shiny object tightly in her hand and holds it up with pride, "Thank you, Kenny. And good bye." she said with a wave good bye and she and Piplup walked to the door of the sea plane. The two stood near the door way facing their friends with a smile as they waved too at the Sinnoh coordinator as the door closed with only Dawn's face being seeing from a round window. The plane began to gear up from the clear water as it propellers start to whirl and spin rapidly. Gathering up speed on the waves made from the wind gathered from the propellers, the sea plane took flight and glide over the water. The sea plane then was over the waters before taking flight into the sky. From the port, Shinko stood where she was and took her right hand out and gripped it tightly with new found confident given to her by her friends. Her short brunette hair lightly started to blow in the breeze

'Dawn, Piplup, you're right. I know we're going our separate ways for now and will follow our own goals, but we must be brave for the three of us. I'll prove I'll be fine without you, and I'll prove it by winning the Hoenn league.' She thought to herself.

As Shinko watched Dawn's plane go out of site, she turned herself back to Kenny and Barry, but the boys and Chimchar gasped to what they saw of her now. There was a different air to her now, as something was different with her than the other day. She finally had the confidence and that undeceive nature looked like it was no longer there. She smiled to them and held her right hand up with even more pride.

"Come on boys, we have a gym to prepare for."

On the seaplane, Dawn and Piplup took their spot in a row of seats and sat themselves near the window to get a bird's eye view of the sea. Dawn took her balled up right hand and uncurled it to look at the shiny object Kenny gave her at Slateport City's port. It was a small oval shape golden pendant that once she opened it, made her smile very happily. It showed her, Piplup, Shinko, Chimchar, Kenny, and Barry all together with smile and warm expressions on their faces. She held it close her to her heart and softly smiled with her eyes closed. Piplup hopped off the other side to look at it too, remember that is was a while ago that picture was taken. Dawn took the pendant, closing it, and placed it around her neck, letting it lay in front of her top. Taking Piplup from her shoulder, she sat there on her flight as within a few hours, her Unova journey was just around the corner.

To be continued in a new beginning

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