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Chapter 5 (Megan's POV)

I climbed out of Drake and Josh's attic bedroom window and onto the roof. Drake was sitting there holding his knees against his chest and staring up at the stars.

"Hey." I said quietly.

"I knew this would happen." Was his only response, he didn't even look at me; he just carried on staring into space.

"She woke up a few hours ago but she was still in a bit of shock, so she went back to sleep." I said, trying to break the tension.

Not long after she collapsed, Drake had carried mom upstairs to her bed and the three of us tucked her in. She's been there for the rest of the day, only waking up a couple of times. She hasn't really spoken much, but who can blame her? I remember Josh and I were kinda speechless when we found out.

We continued to stare at the sky in silence, watching the stars shine in the night sky. Just then, a pair of headlights turned onto the end of the street and started heading towards us. We could tell it was Walter's car; nobody comes down our road this late at night.

"This isn't gonna go well." Drake mumbled, standing as he did so.

I followed suit and we both climbed down off the roof. He went first, dropping from the roof and sliding through the window in one swift motion. I however, was not so graceful. I clung to the roof and swung, to try and reach the window sill. Unfortunately I couldn't reach it and my hand slipped off the guttering. I was lucky Drake was still standing at the window; he grabbed both my hands and pulled me up to the window. He let go of my right hand, put his now free hand round my waist and pulled me inside.

"Thanks." I whispered, still clinging onto him for dear life, feeling a little shaken up.

"It's what I'm here for." He said with a smile.

I like his smile; it's so warm and comforting. He doesn't smile all that often anymore, at least, not like he used to. Although recently, he hasn't had much to smile about. Even thought we're still close, and he's still my big brother, I feel like I'm losing him. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. He still cares about me, and I care about him, but all this training has left him devoid of most of his emotions. He's become like a machine now, and it's a bit scary.

We heard the front door open and Walter's call of Honey I'm home! That's when we realized we'd been standing here for a few minutes now, just holding onto each other.

"Everything's gonna be okay, you know that right?" Drake questioned caringly.

"Yeah, but I feel like I should be the one telling you that." I giggled in response.

Drake laughed again and gently stroked my hair.

"We should probably go and explain to Walter what happened." Drake sighed.

"Piggy back?" I asked.

"Yes please!" Drake shouted, pretending to jump on my back.

I just laughed at him.

"Not you, idiot."

"Fine." He groaned.

I squealed as he swept me up and spun me round before charging out the room with me in his arms. We got as far as mom and Walter's room until Walter came running up the stairs with Josh following close behind.

"What happened?!" Walter cried out.

We both looked over his shoulder at Josh. Josh mouthed the words I said nothing.

"We'll explain later, just go in and see her." Drake said, a little dejected.

Walter pushed past us and went in to see our mom, closing the door behind him. We turned to Josh.

"I told him she fainted, I didn't say why." Josh said, trying to defend himself.

"It's alright Josh, you didn't do anything wrong." Drake reassured him.

He put me down just as Walter came out of their room.

"She'll be alright, she's just exhausted." Walter sighed.

Both Drake and Josh visibly relaxed.

"But Drake," Walter said sternly, "I'd like a word with you in the kitchen."

Drake nodded and followed Walter down the stairs.

"Was he on the roof?" Josh asked after they had left.


"What took you so long? You went up there like 20 minutes ago." He asked suspiciously.

"We sat there and watched the stars. Then I nearly fell off the roof…"

Josh raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"…but Drake caught me and helped me back inside."

"Sounds like you're getting soft." Josh grinned foolishly.

I shot him death glares and he quickly retracted his statement as he yelped and ran down the stairs. Who cares if Josh thought I was getting soft, I could still make him cry with but a few words.

And besides, I'm not getting soft, I just love Drake, I mean… I've never said it before… Especially not out loud… Maybe it's time I told Drake that I love him. He only has another day before he leaves, but he's not even packed. Maybe I could help him pack and let him know then. I guess if I leave it, it will be too late and he'll be gone for however long he's out there. I'll miss him, and I'll probably think about him everyday. I just hope he has enough time to video chat, I don't think I could last a whole year without seeing him and not knowing what's happening, or if he's alright.

…Okay, maybe I am getting a bit soft, but no one else has to know that…

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