Auqarion Evol –Some What Changed

By. Autumn Boze


Nothing Starts Right On The First Day

"Today mom I'm going to Aquarion" Amata said as she look at the photo of her mom and fixing her boots by putting melt bars from keeping her from flying. As she leaves the house she looks at the photo and shuts the door. "Be for I go I'll go to the movies and watch the Aquarion movie again."

Amata Pov

When I got into the theatre there was a boy about my age one year younger I guest. He had plum purple hair his bangs sup over to the left it was short and combed his hair look smooth. His eyes were bright green. He was cute. He had a uniform black vest with a pink tie tuck under the vest also he had a white, long sleeves shirt under the vest and tie. His pants were hot pink skinny pants, shoes I think were black boots. When I started to get closer to him something flying super-fast hit me and I blacked out.

When I awoke I heard a boat motor and I jump when I heard. "You're awake good. I'm sorry my pet acted that way." I looked to see the boy looking at me. "It's O.K….WHAT WERE ARE WE GOING."

I said scared out of my mind. "Don't worry were going to the boat to Aquarion. Oh and I'm Moky suzushiro ." Moky said calm. "Oh I'm Amata Sora but call me Amy. Oh and Are you going to Aquarion to plus how did know I was going to Aquarion?" I said. "To answer the first question no I'm not going to Aquarion cause I nothing sp…" "Don't say that you're not special because you most likely not aware of your element power yet!" after that he looked so surprise. "Well" He started "thanks for be living in me Miss,Sora I think I'll go try Aquarion. Oh and your last Question When I came to were You fall you're pass to Aquarion was beside you." Moky said smiling. All of a sudden Angels were acting the city. Moky and I ran to a safe spot. When we ran pass a statue it broke and it made me fall on top of Moky to stop the statue from fall onto him. He looked surprise I could hold the statue."Why."Moky said under his breath. "Cause I you're the nice person I've ever meet…I-I jus-aah hhh I just can't lose you." I said trying to push the statue off. Then I thought to myself 'I should take the melt pieces out so I can fly to get him out of here.' "ahhhh! Look at that'' Moky said looking at A robot face. (It's kagura robot)

Kagura Pov

"That smell umm it smells so good and there's also a rotten smell here at this statue" Kagura said as he put the hand of the robot on the statue and toughs the statue….