"Your high?" Was all John as he watches Sherlock sway in front of him

"Noooooo…yes fuck me John?"

"What?" John asked as he was pinned to the wall "Sherlock your high as a kite you need to sleep it off that is all you need to do." He as he ducked under the thin man's arm and headed into the kitchen and put away the shopping he just brought, he didn't want to deal with a stoned Sherlock Homes at this moment in time he wanted to get something to eat and drink

"No John." He growled as he spun him around trapping him between the counter and himself "I need you to fuck me." He begged…Sherlock begging oh god what is the world coming to…he thought as he looked up into the icy blue eyes

"Sherlock no not tonight you high you might not even know what you're doing?"

"And you will really hate me tomorrow."

"No I won't, do you know why I took this cocktail of drugs?"

"You were bored?"

"NO I WAS NOT BORED!" he screamed "I worked out the drugs make everything feel better and and it does something else which is highly unlikely to work but the thought turned me on thinking about, I mean yes it will be great if it did happen but it's still only an idea"

"Sherlock for heaven sakes what are you talking about?"

"Oh I took something that could get me pregnant but that is still a bizarre idea."

"You really are out of it? You're a guy."

"John you're not listening to me I want you now…"

"Alright if it stops you from rambling." He grabbed Sherlock's hand and dragged the man to his room.

By morning Sherlock stiff and achy with a head ache, he was alone in John's bed and it was midday, the bed room door open and in walked John who gave him a soft smile "Here there is a bit more sugar than normal and pills." He said

"T…T…Thanks." He looked up at John with a frown, his voice was horsed it hurt to speak

"Yeeeeah do you remember last night?" The dark hair nodded he didn't trust his own voice seeming his was temporally gone "Alright well you screamed a lot last night." Sherlock made an oh with his mouth as he took the tablets and nestled down into the bed some more "Are you okay with what happen last night?" Again Sherlock nodded "Okay then." He got up and moved to the door "Oh by the way your bother is here and I think he is staying for a while he's drinking tea…Sherlock gave him a look… yeah and cake." This made the detective's lips turn into a curl "Come on arse out of bed you wanted to bed fucked last night so deal with the pain that comes with a good fucking."