A Smurfette's Touch

Hi Everyone, VickyT36 here, this is my first Smurfs Fanfic enjoy. P.S. there's some minor seduction in this

In Smurf Village, Papa Smurf was in a bit of a bad mood. None of the Smurfs had done anything Papa told them to do.

Papa told Brainy and Clumsy to pick smurfberries, but they were playing smurfball. He also told Greedy to bake some pies for dessert, but he ate most of them himself.

Hefty and Handy were supposed to fix the bridge, but they would rather go for a swim. "Oh, how am I supposed to get my little smurfs to work, when they're being lazier than lazy?" Papa Smurf asked himself.

Then Smurfette walked in. "Hi, Papa. I was just out in the woods picking flowers, and I thought they'd look good in here." she said. "Thank you, Smurfette." said Papa.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "There are jobs that have to be done, but no smurf wants to do them." Papa explained. "I wish I could help." said Smurfette.

"Maybe you can." said Papa Smurf smiling.

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