First chapter is short but I wanted to see how the idea would work first. I have a deep hatred for but I can't get on achive of our own until December apparently :P I don't have a beta so spelling mistakes will happen but I try to keep them at a minimum.

In this universe everyone knows werewolfs exist and Derek goes to high school. Also fancy Cinderella story AU is fancy.

(1:34 am) SS signed on

DH: You should be asleep.

SS: You don't have to tell me twice. Chem lab due tomorrow.

SS: Waiitttt… Why are you awake?

(1:36 pm)

DH: Would you believe I don't need to sleep?

SS: Somehow I could see it. But still why?

DH: I got home from hanging out with friends. And I might have forgotten to finish my history paper.

(1:37 am)

SS: Well we can help each other get through this :D

DH: Sounds good to me.

Yet again Stiles was up for a long night of trying to pass chemistry and talking to his mysterious friend DH. No matter how many times it had crossed his mind to ask for his name, Stiles couldn't get himself to. Possibly because the automatic consequence of that would be to tell DH that the person he was talking to wasn't the captain of the cheerleading squad or whatever DH was imagining. Only that it was Stiles. Stiles Stilinski, absolute zero on the popularity meter.

And no matter who DH was…. Well it would be safe to say that their friendship (more like random online flirting) would end.

Stiles didn't want any of it to end.

So Stiles decided the best way to conquer this mystery would be to hide in a corner with his only two friends Scott McCall and Danny Mahealani. Neither were much of a help. Scott insisted that the only solution would be to ask DH who he was and Danny just made up a list of "Guys that are really hot that stiles could be focusing on rather than his stupid internet crush who could be a creeper."

None of these things would matter though if Stiles didn't finish his damn lab report.

(3:12 am)


DH: So you can sleep now

(3:13 am)

SS: Yes I can sleep now. And so can you.

DH: That is something I can agree to.

DH: By the way are you going to the Halloween dance?

(3:17 am)

DH: Are you there?

DH: Did you fall asleep on the keyboard again?

(3:21 am)

DH: I will take that as a yes .

DH: sweet dreams.

(3:21 am) DH signed off