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Chapter 4
Narrator's(my) P.O.V.

The forest gave a shady and foreboding disposition as the almost black moon shone down on it, the dark castle lurking in the middle of the vast woods on this dark and seemingly desolate planet. The forest was quiet save for the piercing howls of wolves far off in the distance and the roars of unknown beasts that would put fear in the heart of any soul, dead or alive. This planet was nameless and unknown to all people in the universe near it, but by the prowling and deplorable inhabitants, this planet is known as Pahayag, the home of one of the oldest living beings: The home of Order, twin brother of Chaos. There in the castle he lives and there he has lived since he was defeated and sent away by his brother, threatened with his very life if he ever returned.

But that threat didn't hold, Order was back and ready for revenge against his brother. It was time for him to take the throne as the rightful ruler of the universe, not his inadequate brother. His brother is not the best ruler; so many wars have been caused because of his ignorance and refusal to punish his own children and also because of his belief in the 'goodness' of man. So many people have died because of his hesitation and hope. Order has been watching Chaos since that final battle between them and finally believes that enough is enough, no more wars or death will happen because of his brother's foolishness and impractical idea of the world being good and how good always wins no matter what. All there truly is in the world are the evil and the people that try to be good yet stray off the path more than they should, soon ending on the path of evil.

His dimwitted brother, Chaos, believes that in every person there is a pure and wholesome goodness that is only further strengthened throughout life. But with every soul there is a malicious and wicked evil in them that is strengthened throughout life as well and it is up to the person to decide which path they will fallow: Good or Evil? Right now, Order is sitting in his throne room, planning out what to do next to further his plan of universal dominance. While the surrounding area of the castle seems lifeless and empty, the castle is where live thrives. Monsters, demi-gods, immortal, and everyone alike live here. They are Order's army and follow his every command, all wanting to end Chaos and take over the universe. A few hallways down from where Order is, a tall yet pale man is scrambling towards the throne room, festering up what courage he had left to tell his master the news.

His master assigned him as the lookout for Earth; it was his job to watch if anything new or suspicious happened and tell his master. Something had just happened on the thriving planet, something that he had been told to immediately report to Order if it came to past. So here he was, practically bolting down the hallways, racing towards the throne room, of course knocking over people and tables in his hast. Finally he reached the throne room and, after catching his breath for a second(he couldn't very well stutter and whisper the news to his master, it would take away from his presentability and strength), he knocked on the door, the customary thing to do when addressing the master.

"Come in." A powerful yet casual voice supplied from the other side of the door. The man, Geoffrey was his name, took a deep breath before squaring his shoulders, putting on an emotionless expression, opening the door, and walking in, closing the door behind him. He walked over to his master and knelt down obediently, looking at the floor, "You may rise." He commanded smoothly. Geoffrey stood up slowly, raising his head to meet the striking silver eyes of his master.

"Hello master Order." He greeted politely and obediently. Order nodded slowly in acknowledgement.

"Oh yes, Geoffrey." He stated slowly, "What news do you have?" He questioned.

"Chaos has sent his seven guardians and the two groups Vipengele and Cambiare to help the Olympians and their forces." Geoffrey admitted. Order didn't say anything; he just stood up and silently walked over to the window, staring out over his planet.

"Yes, I guessed he would soon. Where has he deployed them?" Order inquired calmly, not meeting the servants glance.

"He has sent the Seventh and Second Guardians to protect the Amazons, the Vipengele's and the Sixth Guardian to Camp Half-Blood, the Cambiare's and Fifth Guardian to Camp Jupiter, the Third and Fourth Guardians to Olympus, and the First Guardian to the Hunters of Artemis." The man explained obediently. Order hummed in thought, still staring out the window, now at the black nothingness surrounding his planet, the black nothingness he and his brother had created together. Finally after a minute, he spoke.

"I've heard so much about this First Guardian, yet I have never watched him in action unlike I have with the other Guardians." He absentmindedly stated, "I think it's about time I do, don't you?" He casually questioned, turning back to look at the servant. Geoffrey nodded in agreement.

"Yes my Lord." He stated quietly, expression still emotionless. Order gave him an evil smile.

"Very well then. Inform Aisling to gather a small force of about fifty soldiers. Tell her that there will be a battle tomorrow at noon against the Hunters and their…Guardian." He snidely stated, walking back to his seat and sitting down. Geoffrey suppressed a shudder at the name, Aisling was the fortune-teller and the torturer of the army, she was Order's number one soldier and assassin and was a complete sadist. Everyone in the army feared her because she was always the one to punish the soldiers for their disobedience to Order's well, for a lack of a better word, orders.

The worst part was that she seemed to take a liking to Geoffrey and enjoyed punishing him the most out of all the soldiers. Geoffrey was terrified of the seemingly harmless woman but, for fear of upsetting his master and showing weakness, he nodded obediently, bowed once again, and left the room. But, thousands of miles away from the planet of Pahayag, the hunters, Artemis, and 'Zayden' had just finally settled around the newly made fire in their camp at Yellowstone National Park, completely ignorant to the upcoming battle. It was quiet besides the crackling of the fire and the crickets, lying in the trees surrounding their camp. Finally, Artemis spoke up.

"Well we might as well begin the introductions seeing as we will most likely be together for a while." Artemis stated begrudgingly and everyone nodded in agreement, including Zayden. Everyone shared a glance before Thalia stepped forward, sighing.

"I guessed I should start this." She grumbled before looking at Zayden, "I'm Thalia," She glared here, "Just Thalia. I'm fifteen, a daughter of Zeus, and lieutenant of the Hunters." She shortly stated. Unnoticed by the hunters and Artemis, Zayden seemed to be having a hard time keeping a smile off his face and from hugging Thalia, yeah they seemed to fight every time they were together, but he had missed his cousin. After she sat back down, Phoebe reluctantly stood. She was a girl about 5'5' with flowing black hair that reached her shoulders, light blue eyes, and tan skin.

"Phoebe Russell, 14 and a daughter of Apollo." She muttered before quickly sitting down. Zayden nodded, recognizing her as the hunter who had purposely been pranked by the Stoll's for shooting arrows at their helmets during Capture the flag, which kept her from going on the quest to save Artemis and Annabeth. After her, a girl about four and a half feet tall with short brown hair and honey colored eyes came forward. Her skin was the color of cocoa butter and she seemed to be about Zayden's age or so.

"I'm Jessica Connors; I'm sixteen and a daughter of Hecate." Jessica muttered before quickly stepping back into the line. There was a pause as everyone looked from each other before one girl sighed and stepped forward. She seemed about five foot, twelve years old, had chestnut colored hair, light skin, and turquoise colored eyes.

"My name is Clarimond Ashdown or Clare for short. I'm twelve and a regular mortal." She stepped back as another girl hesitantly stepped forward. She was about 4'9', fifteen, and had shoulder length red hair, tan skin, and sapphire eyes.

"Heather Johnson, fourteen, daughter of Dionysus." She mumbled before stepping back in line. A girl with wavy yet short brown hair, tan skin, and striking green eyes stepped forward. Unnoticed by the other girls, Percy took a sharp breath, recognizing the girl immediately.

"Katie Gardener, eighteen, daughter of Demeter." She mumbled before going back to the other girls. Percy, still trying to get over the fact that she was actually still alive –not that he wanted her to be dead he just thought she would die-, briefly wondered that if she was still alive then who else was? When they were in the meeting he kept his head straight at Chaos and the twelve Olympians, not wanting to look at anyone else. What if some of his other friends were alive and had been there? What if Annabeth was? He shook himself out of those thoughts and continued to listen to the introductions, deciding to think about that matter later. A girl about ten or so with long dirty blond hair, pale skin, and icy blue eyes, about five foot one was next. She smiled lightly at Zayden which surprised him but he lightly smiled back which seemed to shock her as well.

"Hi, I'm Lauren Bloomstein, I'm ten and a daughter of Iris." With that she simply stepped back. A girl with long blond hair, tan skin, and grey eyes stepped forward. Zayden frowned slightly at the resemblance she had to Annabeth. Probably a daughter of Athena, He thought absentmindedly.

"I'm Charlotte Jones. I'm eleven and a daughter of Minerva." She informed proudly before stepping back. Zayden was surprised at the Minerva thing but figured out that they let Roman demi-god's in the Hunt now. Another girl came forward. She had long straight black hair, dark blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, looking about 5'3' at the age of probably eight.

"Grace Brown. I'm eight and mortal." With that she went back to her previous spot, a new girl stepping up to the spotlight. She had flowing blond hair, tanned skin, and bright and vivid blue eyes. She seemed about five and was at the height of 4'1'.

"Delilah Moore, DeeDee or Lilah for short. Five and a daughter of Aphrodite." She brightly stated before jumping back. Next a seemingly thirteen year old girl with blond hair, tanned skin, and gray eyes, probably 5'3', stepped forward.

"Scarlett Gunderson, Lettie for short. Thirteen and a daughter of Athena." She stated before stepping back into line. A girl about 5'6' and sixteen years old with light brown hair, light skin, and hazel eyes filled with mischief came towards Zayden.

"My name is Cameron Carson, Cammie for short. I'm sixteen and a daughter of Hermes." She stepped back at that as a girl about 4'9' with black spiky hair, black eyes, and pale skin stepped forward.

"Colette Clarke. Fifteen and a daughter of Hades." She stated before stepping back. Finally the last girl stepped up. She had striking blue eyes, light blond hair, and tan skin. She seemed about six or so and about 4'3'.

"Evaline Delores, Eva for short. Six and a daughter of Zeus." She stepped back then. It was silent before Artemis spoke.

"Well, now that we have told you about us, why don't you tell us about yourself?" She questioned.

Zayden(Percy)'s P.O.V.

I grew uneasy; I wanted them to trust me and I knew this would be the only way. But what if I got too close to the truth and they got suspicious? I trusted the hunters because they vouched for me when I was about to be killed, some of the few that were on my side. But I didn't want anyone to know I was Percy yet, it was too soon. So I decided to just tell them the basic information on me and if I was asked anything that would be too close to my old self, I wouldn't answer and would ask for another question, despite the consequences. I sighed before sitting down around the fire like the hunters were.

"What do you want to know?" I politely and respectively questioned.

"How long have you been in Chaos' Army?" Scarlett questioned. Wow, right to the big questions, I thought absentmindedly.

"For five hundred years." I answered simply. They seemed surprised at that.

"Wow, long time. About as long as I've been in the Hunters." Thalia muttered, staring at me in suspicion and wonder which did not help with my nerves.

"You said before that you were from Earth." I nodded in confirmation at Heather's question, "Are you a mortal or demi-god?"

"Demi-god." I bluntly stated, wishing that they would not ask any more questions like that because Thalia had a look on her face as if she was trying to figure me out. Artemis raised an eyebrow at that, gaining a look of concentration, probably trying to remember any demi-gods from five hundred years ago.

"Who's your parent?" Jessica inquired. I hesitated before deciding.

"I'd rather not say." I said slowly, holding back a flinch as they all glare at me.

"Why not?" Phoebe demanded.

"I'd rather not bring up much of my…past." I stated, successfully keeping the pain and hurt out of my voice. They all glared at me in disgust.

"Just what I expect of a man. To only tell us the information he wants to." Phoebe muttered, barely audible so I wouldn't hear it. But I did and it hurt; they didn't even know me yet and yet they were already judging me. It's not my fault, if I told them that I was a son of Poseidon they would either figure I was Percy or Daniel and then it'd be easy from there.

"Why not?" Artemis questioned in curiosity, raising an eyebrow. I thought over what I could say before I came up with something.

"Pretty much all the people in Chaos' Army," I started off instead and I could see their confusion, "Have either been lost, betrayed, abandoned, or killed and then reborn. Each and every single one of them has had a sad and trying life that has weighed down on them." I explained quietly as they stared at me, luckily no longer glaring, "In the army, we gain a new life, a new destiny and try to forget our horrible past or, at the very least, learning to get past them or not dwell on them. I am no exception to that part of the entrance into the army." I concluded, answering yet not answering Artemis' question. They grimaced in frustration at my mysterious message after they took it in, but seemed to let it go.

"Were you ever married?" Clare asked and I shook my head.

"Did you have a girlfriend?" Eva innocently questioned and I smiled sadly and bitterly.

"Just one. A long time ago." I stated.

"Do you ever see her anymore?" Scarlett questioned, seeing my bitter smile.

"No, I haven't seen her in over five hundred years." I answered.

"You haven't dated since then?" Phoebe demanded in shock, probably thinking that it was impossible for a boy to be single that long. I nodded and they all stared at me in disbelief.

"Did you break her heart?" Charlotte demanded after she recovered from her shock. Everyone got out of their shock and sat up straight, glaring at me, ready to hear me say yes so they could have a good reason to hate me. I held back my tears at the irony of that statement and swallowed the sobs in my throat; while I had moved on and put Annabeth's betrayal behind me it still hurt at time, especially now since I am back on the source of my past pain. I took a deep breath before answering.

"No, I didn't." My answer was barely audible, loud enough for them to hear me, yet almost a whisper. They seemed shocked and confused at that; I could tell they wanted to believe that was a lie so they could hate me, but they could hear the honesty and pain in my voice and they knew I was telling the truth. The tension was thick now; no one dared to speak, none of them wanted to break the tense silence. Finally some spoke.

"Are you still a maiden?" Jessica blurted out before blushing brightly as everyone started laughing at that, "I-I mean, not a m-maiden as you are a boy, but, I-I mean a-" She stuttered in embarrassment, trying to cover her hurried mistake. I grinned and chuckled, happy the tense atmosphere had been broken at that.

"Don't worry." I reassured, grinning, "I understand what you meant." I promised. She and the rest of the girls seemed shocked at my grin but focused more on calming down. Jessica smiled gratefully at me for that and I smiled softly back. When everyone calmed down finally, I spoke, "As to your question," They all looked at me for the answer, "Yes I am." That seemed to shock them even more.

"H-how old are you?" Katie questioned, still shocked at my answer.

"Well, I am around 500 years old officially, but physically I am eighteen, as I was when I joined the army." I answered. Artemis seemed shocked and impressed.

"That young and already one of the most powerful beings in the universe?" She inquired. I shrugged.

"Well, people in Chaos' army range between early teens to early twenties." I replied and she seemed confused.

"But what about the Cambiare group and Juliana?" Charlotte questioned, "Most of them seem to be younger than teens." She commented and the other hunters and Artemis nodded in agreement. Observant, I thought absentmindedly.

"Well, as Juliana has the office of youth and Cambiare is her group, they have the ability to change their age. They have powers from all her offices; metamorphosis is just their main and most powerful ability." I explained, "Most of them are the same age as us."

"So how old is Juliana really?" Thalia questioned and I frowned at that.

"I honestly don't know." They seemed shocked at that, "She usually stays as a six year old." I finished. After a minute or so, Thalia spoke.

"When's your birthday?" She questioned. I tensed slightly as I realized she was trying to narrow everything down to see if I was anyone she knew from Camp Half-blood five hundred years ago.

"In August, when's yours?" I questioned, trying to get the subject off me. Sadly, she just glared at me.

"December." She snapped before continuing to question me, "Why don't you show us who you are?" She demanded, glaring at me. I frowned.

"I'd rather not reveal myself yet." I hesitantly stated which caused all the hunters to glare at me.

"Why not? You do know that the longer you resist on showing us who you are, the less we trust you?" Lauren inquired which made me sigh.

"I know that, I just would rather not." I stated tiredly.

"How can we trust you if you don't trust us?" Clarimond demanded. Percy winced slightly, though they didn't notice.

"It's not that I don't trust you…" I protested softly, "It's just…" I hesitated, "It's just that who I am is…a hard secret to keep." I stated instead, "If I told you, you would…treat me differently." I stated, "And I'd rather be hated and scorned, then the way you'd treat me." I finished. As I stared out at the hunters, my attention was averted as I realized how late it was. Looking back at them I continued, "Now if you'll excuse me, it's been a long day and I think it's bedtime. So, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to go to sleep." And with that, I stood up and walked away from the camp fire. As I reached the edge of the hunter's tents, I waved my hand, making a pure black tent appear and stepped in, closing the flap behind me. I sighed stressfully, pulling my hood down and running a hand through my hair.

I wished I could tell them, seeing the looks on their faces of how confused they were and how wary they were of me tore at my heart. Just seeing Artemis, Thalia, and Katie's expression made me half ready to rip my hood off and show myself. But I couldn't, they can't know that I'm alive and in the army, they'd treat me differently, they'd constantly watch my back and may call me Percy on accident. Even more, I'm not ready to reveal myself yet; it's been so long. How do I know if they have not been changed and hate me now? How do I know if they aren't happy I'm dead? Five hundred years is a long time to change your view on a person. I sighed before getting into my pj's and climbing into my bed, deciding to think more on this in the morning; now it was time for bed.

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