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Chapter 6
Zayden's P.O.V.

As we arrived in Olympus' throne room, we saw that only Zeus was in there. At our arrival, he seemed shocked and opened his mouth to speak. But, before he could, Artemis spoke.

"Zayden, called the other guardians and the two groups to the meeting here." She ordered and I nodded in obedience. Guys, emergency meeting in the Olympian throne room, I called telepathically. What's going on Zayden? Corina inquired. Yeah, what's wrong? What happened? Jordan added. You'll see, just get here quick with the other two groups, I ordered. Though confused, they agreed. As that happened, Artemis started to talk to Zeus whose eyes had widened when he saw all the hunters, Artemis, and my injuries.

"We are ok, father. Thanks to Zayden we didn't get hurt too much and didn't have to face the leader of the small army that attacked us, Zayden took care of her. Just call the council; we have news to tell them." She stated, holding up her hand to reassure him. Though completely confused, he obediently shut his eyes to call the other gods and goddesses of the council. My attention was diverted from those two as the other guardians all appeared in front of me.

"What happened?" Corina inquired.

"You'll see." I stated gravely which worried them even more. My attention changed then though as the Olympians started to arrive in the throne room a few seconds later. Hestia, Athena, Hera, and Demeter were the first to arrive.

"Why did you call, husband?" Hera asked with a confused look. Zeus just nodded towards us as an answer to her question. Apollo and Hermes appeared next, both their eyes growing wide like Zeus' had at our bruises and cuts. Artemis grew annoyed then, as she always is with her brother when he tries to act like the older twin, she was oldest and didn't need his to worry for her. The rest of the council had appeared now, all except for dad. Finally, he did arrive and glumly sat in his throne. My heart ached at that, the expression on dad's face tore at me. I had a feeling that he was so sad because of my 'death' and I wanted nothing more but to run up to him, reveal myself, and hug him; I had missed him so much the past 500 years, he was there for me when none of my other friends other than the hunters, Artemis, and a few of the other council members. I knew he deserved an answer, it was not right to let him wallow in the pain and sadness that he did not deserve, But I knew I couldn't, I wasn't ready to reveal myself yet, I don't know if I'll ever be truly ready to reveal myself to them.

"We are here to explain a battle that took hand at our camp." Everyone's eyes widened at that.


"What do you mean a battle?"

"What happened?"

"Why would you be attacked?"

"Was anyone hurt?"

"Who attacked you?"

"How did they get through the barriers on your camp?" As that went on, the guardians turned to me.

"What is she talking about Zayden?" Sophia demanded.

""Yeah, what happened?" Jordan asked in worry.

"Who was it that attacked you?" Kiani brought up.

"Do we know them?" Juliana questioned.

"How is this going to affect the war?" Ziana wondered. Just as I was about to answer, the Gods finally calmed down and were able to focus on Artemis, causing us to turn our attention to them.

"They got by our protective barriers in the camp, I believe they were part of Order's army, especially from how they acted and how Zayden," She gestured to me, turning everyone's look at me, "Reacted from them."

"Are you all alright?" Corina questioned.

"Yes we are fine; we were able to defeat them. But, it looked like Zayden knew the leader of the 50 soldiers that attacked us and he conversed with her, even knowing why she attacked only us." She hinted at, glaring at me with narrowed eyes as she sat on her throne, the hunters following after her, sitting on the ground around her throne, tense as the remembered the fight that had just happened and wondering what will result from it(though they still had enough strength to glare at me). I sighed and closed my eyes so I would not be bothered by their accusing glares: it was going to take a while to get them to trust me the way I want them to, even more than just saving the life of one of their hunters. And that may not even be worth it because, if or when I ever tell them who I am, they will feel betrayed and angry and will leave me. Standing straight and tall, I spoke.

"Well, as the hunters and Artemis could probably tell, I have fought their leader many times. Because of that, I knew that I had to fight her because I know that not even Artemis can defeat her nor land a blow on her." I stated confidently, getting ready for the outburst that I was sure would follow. Staying true to herself, Artemis glared daggers at me and spoke harshly.

"Are you hinting that I am weak compared to you boy?" She hissed. I didn't flinch or wince at her tone like she probably wanted me to; I just stood there in hidden amusement as I watched her itching to turn me into a jackelope, reminiscing on the many times when I was still Percy Jackson that she looked and other boys and I like that..

"No, I was just saying that she is the best fighter in her army and since I have fought her before, I knew her moves; even you guys can't match her because, while she is an amazingly skilled fighter, she is also a fortune teller, giving her to ability to know what moves you are going to make before you even make them." I stated. Zeus stood up at that, angered.

"Are you saying that a mere fortune teller can best my daughter?" He roared.

"Well, though Artemis is one of the strongest and best fighters on our side, if an opponent can read every move you are going to make before you even make them then the challenge grows even more." I explained calmly, but Zeus and Artemis just seemed to get even angrier.

"How are you able to fight her then?" Artemis demanded.

"I have fought her before and have realized that she must not be able to breach my mind or they are too unpredictable for her, so I had more of a chance at defeating her." I explained.

"And how do you know for sure that I am not like you as well, that she can't read my moves?" She asked. I shrugged.

"I do not know, but it is a chance I am not going to take." I promised gravely. Artemis clenched her teeth at that, as her hands gripped at her throne arms and irritation and many other emotions flashed through her eyes.

"I don't need a protector." She growled out, standing up abruptly, "I have taken care of myself and my hunters for millennia and have never needed help, especially from a boy." She spat. I sighed at how she, Zeus, and others were taking this.

"I mean no disrespect at all milady, but I was sent to the hunters to be a guardian and not let any of you get hurt, it is my duty to keep you all from harm and though I know you can take care of yourself," I hurriedly added as she narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to remark, "I'm sorry, but that is what Chaos assigned me to do and I will follow my orders." I firmly stated. Zeus and Artemis, as well as other gods and goddesses, were still angry though and I mentally sighed, this is going to take a while… Luckily, a vortex opened beside me and Chaos stepped out.

"W-what brings you here, Lord C-Chaos?" Zeus nervously stated.

"I am here to stop your childish arguments." He stated, wounding the god's pride, "Zeus, Zayden meant no offense to you or your daughter, it is true that only he can seem to fight and beat their leader and, though it is a possibility that Artemis can as well, it is too risky to try, Zayden was right in that respect." Zeus and the others once angered gods and goddesses looked down in shame, "And Artemis," He turned to look at her, "I sent Zayden to the hunters for a reason, not just to spite you and the hunters. He is just filling his responsibility to what I ordered him to and getting mad at him for what he was told and mistrusting him, is disrespecting me and mistrusting me." Artemis looked scared and alarmed at that, not wanting Chaos to take it that way, "You all took his statement to offense when there was no such thing intended. Now, if we can get back to the true matter at hand, that would be great." The gods and goddesses looked down in shame, "Zayden, if you would, tell them about the fight." I nodded in obedience and with that, Chaos was swallowed back up by the vortex, returning to his planet.

"Who was it, Zayden?" Corina questioned since no one else was speaking up. I breathed out, creating a little whirlwind that drew everyone attention for a second.

"It was about fifty soldiers of the army, led by Aisling." I admitted, causing all the guardians to gasp in shock, confusing the gods.

"Aisling?" Ziana repeated in shock.

"Yes, she was sent to lead the group." I added.

"Question, who is Aisling?" Hera wondered, making me turn to her.

"Aisling is Order's right hand person in both fighting and assassination." They looked shocked at that word, "I have fought her twice before, I believe that even when I fought her then, she was working with Order, even if I didn't know it was him at the time. She seemed to expect to feel my fear and tension as well as being able to read my thoughts in that first fight, but either she didn't or she wasn't able to because I bested her before she escaped with, now I realize, Order's help as she is his best fighter and doesn't want to lose her.

"Read minds? Is there anything else that she can do? Any other powers?" Hermes curiously asked.
"Along with that power of fortune telling and reading minds, she is an expert with a sword, can make her own poison, and a charm speaker -though it mostly affects boys, very much like the monsters Lamia. Even worse, she is an insane person as well as one of the most skilled fighters I have ever gone against." They looked shocked at that.

"Didn't she try those other powers on you?" Artemis questioned and I smirked.

"She tried, but I have practiced for many centuries and have mastered the ability to overcome powers like charm speaking as well as the ability to fight well with a sword too so those powers did not help her against me, though her sword fighting skills did make it difficult." I admitted.

"Is her charm speaking power as dangerous as Lamia's?" Athena demanded worriedly. I sighed at that.
"She is a very powerful charm speaker and, like Lamia, she is also very beautiful so, yes, she is very dangerous, many men have fallen under her spell and have periled." I sadly stated.

"It means that the true war is beginning because if she was sent then a whole lot more is about to come." I stated gravely.

"What was she talking about at first when we found them?" Artemis asked, changing the subject.

"For centuries, she had been trying to recruit me into her forces." The gods all tensed at that and, of course, stared at me in slight distrust, remembering Chaos' words from before, "I have constantly declined, but she has a creepy...liking to me and keeps asking." I stated. Kiani scoffed.

"Yeah, she's creepy alright. She's practically obsessed with him. It's really creepy. It's her goal in life to marry him I think and she's determined to get him. That is only reinforced because she wants him on her side because of his fighting skills since he's probably one of the only one's brave enough to go against someone as psychotic as her. Anywho," He stopped at my harsh glare for all the comments, I hate thinking about how obsessed she is with me, "She's definitely a dangerous enemy with no boundaries. Definitely someone we should watch out for." He finished, still not looking over at me because of the lingering effects of my glare.

"Why is she so determined to have you on their side, Zayden?" Athena inquired. Before I could answer though, Sophia spoke.

"Because Zayden is an amazing fighter. He is the best and most experienced fighter in our army and has shown that multiple times. His power gained from being a guardian just adds to that. If I was them, I'd definitely fight to have him on my side too." She finished. I blushed furiously at that, ducking my head down in embarrassment.

"I'm not that great…" I mumbled, rubbing my other arm. The other guardians just all rolled their eyes in response to my statement. The gods, hunters, and goddesses all seemed really surprised at that though, as if they thought I'd be arrogant and agree with everything they said.

"Not in any means of disrespect Zayden, but why don't you join them?" Hera questioned and flinched when the other guardians glared at her. Before they could yell though, I quickly spoke.

"Why would I? Their goal in this war is to take over the universe and treat everyone as slaves. As Artemis and the hunters heard me say, they plan to enslave the human race and control all the gods and immortals, constantly showing their skill by battling and killing many people to make everyone else fear them. All they want is power and control. I don't want that; I love how the universe is now and want it to stay that way." I finished explaining and Artemis and the hunters nodded to confirm what I said.

"Plus, Zayden's WAY too loyal to betray us like that, it goes against everything he believes in and would be pretty much impossible for him to change sides." Corina stated. I felt really uncomfortable at all the attention on me so I changed the subject, desperate to get it off of me.

"Now that she has been brought into the war, we can be sure that things are going to get hard." I stated and the mood went down instantly, "This is just a taste of what we must expect from Order; this is just a taste of their powers." I ended gravely.

"Well, do you need help in the hunt? More people to watch you just in case-" Artemis interrupted before Hestia could continue.

"No!" She exclaimed before calming at everyone's looks, "I mean we are perfectly protected. Zayden was able to help up and," She paused here as if the next words were going to be painful to say, "Protect us when we needed it." She stated and I blushed slightly, even though I knew she was only saying it because she didn't want any more people to come to the camp, especially if they're boys. The rest of the guardians and the hunters nodded in agreement (though the hunters did it more reluctantly).

"Yeah, if there is any one person who can protect them alone, it's Zayden." Jordan stated as the other guardians nodded.

"You all seem to have a lot of faith in him." Zeus observed, raising an eyebrow and glancing at me. I just awkwardly looked away.

"He's a great leader. He's always been there for us and has always treated us more like equal people than just people below him. He's honest, loyal, trustworthy, modest, kind, and a great friend. I trust him with my life." Ziana stated, smiling at me which I blushed at. What's with them constantly bringing me up when I've already changed the subject? I thought in frustration. I blushed even more as I noticed that the hunters and Artemis had taken her words into account and were now looking at me in interest and curiosity. Maybe this is good though, it could get them to treat me better, I thought to myself silently, trying to look at this at a good point of view.

"I think we should all raise the protection on both camps, here, Atlantis, the Amazons, and I personally will enforce the protections on the hunter's camp." I concluded. Everyone nodded at that.

"Anything else we should do?" Zeus inquired.

"We should have more meetings. How about every night at six, we all meet up here to have meetings and discuss what has occurred that day and what else we should do to protect the world." Athena contributed.

"Good idea Athena, anyone who disagree?" Zeus asked. After a few seconds of heads being shaken, Zeus spoke again, "Ok, so meeting concluded, we will meet again tomorrow afternoon." And with that he flashed out, the other gods and goddesses soon followed, all except Hestia and Artemis. After a last smile, the guardians left back to their duties. Artemis started towards me and opened her mouth to speak, but someone else spoke.

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