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Chapter 8
Narrator's(my) P.O.V.

For once, Aisling was terrified. She had just returned the day before from the failed mission, but had been unable to tell Lord Order as he was in his meditation state all day, gathering his energy and strength. He was out now and had no clue how the mission went and Aisling was dreading having to tell him the truth; she knew he would be angry, furious even! Get a hold of yourself Aisling! You are one of the most feared if not the most feared, person in the universe; you are Order's most valuable fighter, he will not dispose of you just because of one mission that went wrong, you are not that replaceable so there is absolutely no reason to be so scared! She scolded herself. Taking a deep breath, she straightened her posture and turned swiftly on the spot, striding out of her room towards Lord Order's throne room. As she reached the throne room doors, she hesitated as the fear and terror she had been holding back grabbed ahold of her again. Grunting in annoyance, Aisling steeled herself and knocked on the door.

"Come in." The deep, emotionless voice of Lord Order called. Taking a deep breath, the assassin pulled open the door and walked confidently towards her master, kneeling before the throne he was seated in, "Why have you come to visit me Aisling?" He inquired distantly.

"My lord, the mission yesterday failed. The hunters were stronger than my team and I thought they were and it seems Zayden is more loyal towards them than I thought he was." A pang shot through her heart at that. Oh yes, the cold-hearted assassin of Order's had fallen for their enemies right hand man. But, Aisling sensed a darkness in him, one very much like her own. She often wondered what he looked like under that hood that covered his face in shadows and was often caught day dreaming about the day the man finally realized where he belonged and joined their side, joining by her side forever. Oh how she couldn't wait for that day...Aisling was pulled out of her thoughts as Order's lips tightened and he stood from his throne.

"Zayden Blaze, a thorn in my side since the second he showed up. Such power; such anger; such pain from just one person is extraordinary! What I wouldn't give to find out who he was before and have him join our side. But, the trail has run cold; we have no evidence of where he came from and where he was before he joined my brother's arm and no one in the army would ever tell us, since they are so loyal to my brother." He spat out, like the word brother was venom, "No, I don't blame you for failing; it is just like my brother to think ahead and put his most trusted and loyal soldier in guard of the most vulnerable group, as they are nomads running through the country constantly with barely any protection." He grumbled, walking slowly throughout the room with his hands behind his back, clasped together, "No, what we need to do is something different..." He methodically stated, pondering that statement to himself. After a few minutes of thinking, Order gained an evil grin on his face, "And I have just the idea..."

Sophia's P.O.V.

Life at the Amazon Headquarters was...interesting, to say the least. It amazes me how they can be so advanced(ipads, equipment, shipping, etc.) yet so traditional as well(still hating men, their way of organization and leadership, their fighting, etc.). But, it works for them. As you walk from the streets into the building, you see dozens of floors in the building, full of unsuspecting mortal who just know that they work for a highly famous and worldwide company, not knowing that they actually worked for a millennia old organization of woman-run, male-hating warrior group. The building up above was advanced with technology and modern building structures. Below, though, it was concrete, taking on an older look, something you would see over in Greece or in a palace, even with its own throne room.

When we first arrived, they welcomed me with open arms, inviting me to learn their fighting style, to meet all their generals and leaders, and taking me in as a friend. Kiani, however, was given a...different approach. When he first got here, he was ignored completely and was treated as dirt. He was never given a tour like I was and often was lost. But, when he tried to ask for directions, he would either be treated like he wasn't there or didn't exist, would be yelled at, glared at, kicked to the ground, or told where to go-but, that being a complete lie, being completely opposite of where he wanted to go.

Sooner or later, he realized what was happening and he stopped asking for directions, choosing to rather turn invisible in the crowd, watching from bumping into people so that they didn't know he was there. He was treated like an insignificant bug though; during meals, he had to sit at a separate table in a corner away from everyone else and while everyone else got food that was from a practical feast, he got scraps and regular food like cold soup or, occasionally when they were feeling nice, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was thrown together and a glass of milk that had been sitting out for too long. Luckily though, they haven't poisoned him or spit in his food(not that I noticed).

When I saw how they treated him, I visited his room after dinner and told him that he could sit with me and that I will go to Hylla(she was made immortal after the Second Giant War for her assistance and was made the permanent queen of the Amazons) and ask that she and the Amazons would treat him better, but he protested, saying that that would just make them hate him even more and they would refuse, believing that he had asked her to do that.

He said that they are doing that to expect him to protest and show how much of a 'horrible man' he was. He said that he would take their attitude and cruelty in stride and not protest, instead he planned to treat them with respect to show that he was not a horrible and conniving man so that, maybe, later on they will chapter their own minds and treat him better. Understanding his reasoning, I left him at that, hoping that that change would happen soon, but it hasn't yet. I sighed as I heard the dinner bell ring. As I walked out of my room, I took one last glance at Kiani's door before sighing and continuing towards the dining hall a few floors away.

Ziana's P.O.V.
~~~~~~At Olympus~~~~~~

I gazed up in amazement for the thousand time at the buildings of Olympus. Percy had told us about the damages the second Titan War had taken on this place and the construction that had been completed by his ex-girlfriend Annabeth(he was reluctant to speak of that though). Though I was not a fan of her for her disappointing idiocy towards her relationship and trust to Percy, as a fellow lover of architecture, I was honored to see such fantastic work. I blushed as I realized that Jordan was grinning in amusement at my reactions. The other guardians always joked that if I had been born on Earth, I would definitely be a child of Athena because of my love for all things you could learn and they often joked that my home planet Thyra was a planet full of people who were children of Athena in their past lives. I missed all our conversations now.

I wondered how everyone else was doing; I knew Kiani probably wasn't being treated good by the Amazons and probably wasn't letting Sophia help him. Juliana and her group were probably having fun at Camp Jupiter; I just hope they don't treat them bad because of their age, underestimating them. Percy had told me that the Romans were very strict and didn't like weakness. I wondered how Corina and the group were doing at Camp Half-Blood; most likely having fun, Percy always had great stories to tell about the place. I was worried about Percy though from what I have heard about the hunters; they were strict, cruel, strong, independent, and hated men. I hoped that he was alright reliving his old life and not closing up on them, that wouldn't make them like him any faster. I just hope he will be alright.

"Ziana?" My head snapped around as I was pulled out of my thoughts by a soft, calm, and sweet voice. Behind me I saw the person I have loved for centuries, though I have never told him. Jordan was as handsome as always, grinning amusedly at me. I blushed deeply at my daydreaming before speaking.

"Yes, what is it?" I inquired.

"What are you thinking?" He questioned, coming and standing beside me. I smiled faintly at him.

"Just wondering how the others are doing." I stated and he nodded in understanding. I sighed deeply, "I'm just worried about…" I trailed off, seeing people around us that were within hearing range and changed what I was going to say, "Zayden, with the hunters' I've heard enough stories about them to be wary." I explained nervously. He smiled lightly before reaching down and, to my complete and utter shock, grasped my hand, intertwining my fingers with his. I looked up at him in shock as I felt tingle spring up where my hand touched his. His eyes sparked with an emotion, but before I could make it out, He spoke.

"Come there's something I need to show you." With that, he squeezed my hand and offered me a small smile, before turning to face forward, pulling me through the street. I wondered where he was taking me, but I wasn't scared, I trusted him with my life and I know he would never let me down or betray me. After about five minutes of walking, a shadow came down on us. Looking up, I gasped in amazement at the building above me. From the city around me, it seems like this was the central building of Mount Olympus. The building was about as tall as a two story building. It was made of what looked like obsidian and emerald, mixing together and making a beautiful contrast to everyone who gazed at it. It was made in the structure of a building in a graveyard. But what was one of those buildings(and a large one at that) doing on Mount Olympus in such a central place? It was when I saw the silver writing about the doorless doorway that my question was answered. It read:

'Here is the memorial to the Hero of Olympus. We grieve for how we treated him and, to repay him, this building is to commemorate all he sacrificed for us. To Perseus Jackson, the demi-god, who was a god. May you rest in peace wherever you are.'

I was amazed; but how? I thought they had deserted him! If they did though, then why was this in his honor? I followed silently as Jordan pulled me into the building. My eyes flittered everywhere as I walked into the room. Like how the outside was emerald and obsidian, the inside was made out of obsidian, but emerald swirled around it, making ever wall look like waves. But, as I looked closer, I saw that the emerald swirls were creating letters in Greek.

"They speak of Percy's birth and how he was raised before he went to camp Half-Blood." Jordan explained, seeing the question on my face. Looking above us, I saw the ceiling glittered with gems and colors that I had never seen before(which amazed me; I have seen many colors in my long life). I looked away from to see a type of coffin made of obsidian. Walking forward, pulling Jordan with me, I stared breathlessly at the beautiful sea-green cloth draped onto the stone.

"It is his shroud. As the body was…" Jordan paused, choosing his words carefully, "Destroyed, they decided to leave his shroud here as a dedication to his life, so he can life forever, in a sense." He explained. I reached forward and ran my hand through the smooth and silky cloth. On the cloth were beautiful scenes. Like the scenes on Percy's shield, I thought to myself, remembering the shield he had shown me once when I had seen him use it in a fight the day before. He had said that his Cyclops brother had made it for him when he was about thirteen or fourteen, "The two doors in this room lead to the different quests he went on, each one in its own room. The left side is the quests leading to The Second Titan War starting with his first quest. To the right, are all the quests he did with the Romans leading to The Second Giant War, starting with Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez's quest to save Hera. We spent hours going through the spacious and beautiful building, staring at every single design on it until it was time for dinner with the Olympians before the meeting with the other guardians. As we walked back to Hestia's temple(where we were staying), I spoke to Jordan.

"We should tell him." Jordan turned and looked at me before shaking his head.

"No. Right now, he needs to figure it out for himself; telling him about this," He gestured to the building we were walking away from, "Will just add to his list of things to figure out. Right now, he just needs to think and, if he needs more advice, we will tell him." Jordan explained and I sighed, but nodded, understanding what he meant. I just hoped that that day would come sooner and not later.

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