I am a fan of Rookie Blue and I decided to write another Frank/Noelle Story, after watching the recent episode.

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Setting: A couple of weeks after Episode 3:4-Girls Night out

Chapter 1

So I am lying in a hospital bed, at the emergency room; with a fetal monitor strapped to my stomach. I hear my baby's heartbeat and I feel that the contractions having slowed down. All of this puts me in a place that I have never been before. Yeah, over the years I have "mothered" my fair share of rookies, with my tough love. I have cared for my families kids, but this is entirely different. It is real; I am going to be a mother. It took today's events, to shake me up and remind me of the life that I am carrying.

I can't believe I almost lost my baby. This precious life in me, which I have wanted for so long, I could have lost, because of my boredom? Or was it my need for action, or was it my reluctance to let go and allow others to do the job. What ever it was, it could have cost me my life and most importantly my baby's life.

I hear the door open, and I see Frank. He looks as I feel. The worry and fear is etched on his face. He comes over to me and pulls a chair next to my bed. He holds my hands, and looks into my eyes and I see the tears in his eyes. At that exact moment, I can not help myself and I start crying; releasing the tears that I have been so afraid to shed.

After some time, I stop crying and I hear Frank say;

"Noelle, I love you, and I love our baby. You scared me babe."

"I know, I love you too, and I am so sorry about today. I do not know what I was thinking." I start crying again.

"Shhh, Shhh it is okay. We are not going to talk about what happened right now. I just want to be here, with you and the baby" he says

I close my eyes, and I am reminded that this baby is not only mine. A part of Frank and I is growing inside of me. How can I, have been so stupid and selfish? I have been independent for so long, that I don't know that my life is not my own anymore. At that exact moment, I feel the baby kick and I open my eyes and I place Frank's hand on my stomach, to reassure him. He smiles, because he loves to feel him kick, as he says. This reminds me that I don't know what we are having and I do not want to know. All I care about is that he or she is healthy.

After a while, I hear the door open again, at first I thought it was one of the nurses ready to stick me again, but I see it is Oliver.

"Hey Honey, how are you and my god daughter feeling" Oliver says

"Laughing, I say we are doing well. And you do not know if it is a girl."

"Oh, I know it is a girl. Trust me. After three girls I know, these things."

Smiling I ask "how did you manage to get in here, by the way? They only let Frank in. My parents had to stay outside."

"Oh, I waved my badge and said official police business. They didn't ask any questions."

"Nice" I say

"Everyone at 15 sends their well wishes. They said to get well soon and they can not wait to bug you, about how much weight you have gained. Diaz has even volunteered to buy you food for any weird cravings, you may have."

Smiling I say" That is nice of him. Tell him that I will hold him to it"

Nervously I ask "How is umm Nash doing?"

"Well, she is a bit shaken up. She is fine otherwise. I think she feels guilty" He starts pacing "Noelle, why didn't you tell her? (voice cracking) Why didn't you tell anyone else? If she knew, she would not have taken you there. What were you thinking?"

Frank gets up and walks over to Oliver. "Oliver that is enough" I hear Frank say very loudly. "We are not talking about this right now. Noelle and the baby do not need any more stress."

"Noelle I am sorry, I am going to step outside for a minute." While he is walking away, I see him wiping the tears from his eyes.

At that exact moment, the tears start to come again. Why didn't I tell Traci? She is one my closest friends, I even let her stick a needle in my butt. I can't explain it. Once things started happening between Frank and I, I was so scared, excited and confused about this new found relationship. I just kept it to myself. Even when I found out I was pregnant, I could not share it. It took me months, before I even told Oliver.

"Hey babe" Franks says as he is wiping the tears from my eyes. It is okay, you do not have to process everything right now. All I want you to do is relax and try and get some rest. I will be right back I am going to talk to Oliver right outside and than I am going to try and find your doctor."

"Go easy on him, out there. He is just worried about me" I say

Smiling he says "I will try" He leans over and kisses me so sweetly, on my forehead, and walks out the door.

This time as I close my eyes, I find myself reliving that nightmare. I see him with the gun pointed to my head. I find myself, feeling how I felt before. I am afraid, and I start to panic. I am worried that things will never be as they were before.

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