Warnings: Abuse, incest, rated MA for a reason!

Pairings: OC/DM, slight DM/LM. Later on there will be some Snape.

A/N: This is not a happy story. It's dirty and wrong and I love it. If you've read any of my other stories then you'll know how my brain works ;)

It was a dark morning. When my curtains drifted open barely any light came through. To signal that it was time to wake up my phonograph began to play an old Billy Holiday record. With my eyes still closed I stretched beneath my sheets pulling at some of my knotted curls. After lying still for a couple more seconds I mouthed the words to the old gals song playing across the room. Finally I opened my eyes to the gloomy day, ready to begin a boring day of house work.

My name is Lucile Evander and I was a house servant to a wealthy wizarding family. I pulled my covers back and went to the window that over looked a large pond. On the manor property There was fog accumulating across the top, it looked as if it were going to rain. I was lucky to be here, most wizarding families only kept house elves. There were a few other house servants like myself on the property. The family also kept a butler and a cook, both squibs, like me.

I came to this family after my parents had been murdered horribly. My parents had been well off and put me into the care of some old friends, the Malfoys. When they found out I had no magic to speak of they gave me food and board in exchange for keeping the house maintained. I drew linens and salts for baths. I helped with gardening and animal up keep. The Madame thought elves were such an eye sore for her get-togethers with friends. I would prepare and serve tea. It was a better life than on the streets.

Looking at the clock across from my bed I dressed quickly and put my auburn hair up into a bun letting some curls hang freely as I tucked my hair into my maid's hat. The garments I was given were not too bad, just very plain. I chose a dark green dress that fell to the floor. I hastily made the bed and grabbed my apron, putting it on as I exited my room. The servant's quarters were on the west end of the manor, by the kitchens. I smiled at Hilda, the cook as she passed me in the hallway.

"Madame is in the sitting room." I nodded my head to Hilda and kept walking.

I would usually report to the Madame first and then start my chores. I mainly dealt with her. The men of the house were very private. The father, Mr. Malfoy, was either out or in his study. The son, Draco Malfoy, would either be off flying, or in his room or the library. There would also be times when I would see the Malfoy men leave a room together, the father with a smirk melting across his face and the son looking beaten with red rimmed eyes. I stayed out of Mr. Malfoy's way the most. I steered clear of him especially after I learned that he wasn't just beating his son.

When I arrived to the sitting room Mrs. Malfoy was reading a letter. I curtsied when she looked to me and waited for my instruction.

"Mrs. Parkinson is to be coming for tea at 2, it's too bad we can't have it outside," she said looking to the window. "Maybe if it clears up," she said as an afterthought.

It had just begun to rain, "Yes, ma'am."

"Draco will also be coming home today so I expect his room to be a welcome sight."

"Yes, ma'am."

"That is all."

I curtsied again and left the room to start my work.

That night after dinner I was setting up a bath for Draco. He ignored me mostly, or if he was in a bad mood he'd trip me or make a mess just so I could clean it up. Today, thankfully, he was ignoring me. Just as I was lying out the rest of his towels his father walked into the room. I should have left right then. The bathroom door had been partially closed so I was not seen. I froze when I heard the door lock.

"Father, what do you want?" Draco sounded angry already.

"To welcome you home, my son," I could heard the smirk on his face.

There was a sound of skin against skin, I moved closer to the door. Draco was pushing at his father's hands. I watched in horror as Draco was pinned to the bed. As his father kissed down his neck, he struggled wrenching his face from side to side. Draco's eyes widened when he caught my eyes. Panic stricken, I fled. There was a servant door in the closet, I went as quietly as I could.

"Oh god, oh god ,oh god." I'd been pacing in my room for the last hour.

I didn't know what to do, or think. I couldn't have stopped it, I would've been beaten or killed or tortured. Lucius Malfoy is not someone you mess with. What could I do anyway, I was a squib? I flung myself against my bed and began to cry.

I didn't remember falling asleep, the next morning I woke up to sunshine. I dressed myself in a dark blue almost black dress and put on a dark green apron. I tucked most of my hair under my hat and left my room quickly. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I was suddenly stopped.

I almost fell backwards as Draco Malfoy stood in my way one hand on each banister, blocking my path. He was breathing heavily, with rage it seemed. I cowered before him as he grabbed me by the back of my head and dragged me forward. It was dark in the hallway with no windows.

"You stupid little squib," he spat, "How dare you spy on me."

He slapped me across the face, "I wasn't spying," I whimpered.

"Liar!" he hissed. He grabbed the collar of my dress and brought me closer, "Now, you give me no choice but to beat you."

"No! Please!" I held my hands up in front of my face.

"Be quiet!" He stood tall and glared down at me. He brought is closed fist to his chest and made a frightening sound. "When I hit you there I'll crack your ribs." He began circling me; I was too scared to move. "When I hit you here," he pointed to his gut, "I'll bruise your organs. I'm also going to break your jaw so that you know not to ever talk."

I was sobbing now, "Please, sir, I won't say a word."

He pulled his fist back ready to strike and I could only think of one thing to do. I leapt forward catching him off guard and put my mouth to his crotch. He froze completely. My, "please," was muffled by the fabric of his trousers as I breathed hotly against his soft prick. I nuzzled my face into his crotch gripping his thighs almost causing him to lose his balance. I continued to press into his trousers moving my mouth trying to get to his cock without my hands.

I thought he would've pushed away by now but he placed his hand against my head as if to guide me. I was 17 and though I knew about sex I never actually had the pleasure of being with someone. I especially did not think it would be with my boss's son.

Suddenly we both heard footsteps and the sound of his father's voice as he looked for Draco. Draco thrust me away and ran up the stairs. I quickly stood and wiped my face, sniffling as I righted my hat. I bowed to Mr. Malfoy as he passed me in the hallway, he sneered at me at walked on. When he was out of sight I sighed with relief only to be pushed up against the wall and choked. Draco got right in my face and glared at me as he choked me.

"You've given me a wonderful idea, squib," he began to loosen his grip.

I gasped for air coughing. He slammed my head against the wall to get me to stop. With tears now running down my face I tried to push him away. The hand he had wrapped around my neck now wrapped around my wrists and he held me against the wall pressing his waist into mine.

"You are my servant and you will obey me."

He grabbed at my chest gripping violently. I turned my head from him tears falling down my cheeks from the pain at the back of my head. His mouth went to my neck, I gasped when he bit down on my shoulder pulling the fabric of my dress down so that his marks wouldn't be seen.

I could feel, his cock now hard, against my thigh. What had I gotten myself into? I knew he was only threatening to beat me because he was embarrassed. But would I have really gone through with that if we hadn't been interrupted? I gasped suddenly as he began sucking at my ear, it felt so good and I had never been touched in such a way.

He moved his hands now to my cheeks and stole my first kiss from me. I put my hands to his chest and tried to push him away but he held me tightly. When his tongue pushed past my lips I bit down. He suddenly pushed me backwards and my head hit the wall again. I slid to the floor as he laughed wiping his mouth.

"I'll be back, Lucy," he said walking off with his head held high.

A shiver ran down my spine as he laughed down the hallway. I sat there for a while, waiting until it didn't look as though I'd been crying.

I went about my day staying clear of the youngest Malfoy. I caught him smirking at me from a window as I was gardening. I shivered at the sight wondering what was to become of this better life I'd thought I had.

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