Warnings: Sexytime! Non-Consentual

A/N: So I just started school so I haven't been able to really update anything but I will try my best

Chapter 2:

I awoke suddenly when a hand came over my mouth and I was pulled to someone's bare chest.

A voice breathed hotly in my ear, "Do you want me to beat you, or do you want me to make you feel good?"

I wondered if those were the same words Draco's father used on him. It wasn't fair what his father did to him, but taking it out on me wouldn't make it go away. I struggled violently, my cries muffled by Draco's hand. He kept me still wrapping his arm around my waist causing my night gown to lift over my bum and expose my under-things.

"Either way Lucy, I am going to fuck you," he said removing his hand from my mouth and into my night gown, gripping my bare breast in his hand.

"Sir, please, I was frightened, I didn't know what I was doing-"

"Shh," he whispered kissing my neck putting his other hand into my knickers.

I froze when he placed his fingers against my clitoris and whimpered when he began tracing circles against it. The feelings that arose within me were hard to fight. Sure, I had pleasured myself before but to have another give un-consented pleasure was hard to resist when it felt so damn good. I could feel myself starting to get wet. I kept my mouth sealed for as long as I could without making a noise, but a small moan crossed my lips earning me a chuckle from Draco.

"You dirty little thing," Draco whispered in ear making me shiver, with his other hand he was now teasing my breast.

"Master Draco, please…"

His ministrations stopped, and for a second I thought I'd be free. He only spun me around and threw me against my pillows ripping my night gown apart and wrenching my knickers from my body. I was now fully exposed to him and tried to look away embarrassed. He grabbed my chin and made me look him in the eyes, that's when I really looked at him.

His white blond hair was disheveled in the moon light, like he'd run his fingers through it too many times. His were eyes dark with pleasure from taking what he wanted. He only had sleeping shorts on which dematerialized as he moved closer to me. My eyes widened at seeing his nakedness. I looked back to his face, he was smirking.

"Like what you see, Lucy?" His eyes traced over my bare body, "I like what I see."

He ran his hands up my thighs and across my sides cupping my breasts and moving to my cheeks where he pulled my lips to his as he leaned over me. My thighs trembled when the tip of his cock brushed against my hip bone. I thought about biting him again when his tongue pushed past my lips but could only flinch when he placed his hand back between my thighs. He began stretching my insides with his fingers.

"Mmhmp," I started pushing on his chest.

He bit my lip as he pulled away, "We can't stop now Lucy."

He looked down at his prick which was now oozing with pre-cum, I looked back to him quickly not wanting to satisfy him with a long stare. "This isn't right sir, I'm your maid."

"Nothing in this world is right," his said darkly, the sadness in his tone was very slight but I still caught it; and what he said had caught me off guard.

I didn't have a moment to think before he placed his lips back over mine. His kissing seemed uncharacteristically sweet. He'd been so violent with me in the hallway I was sure there'd be more biting and bruising. I'm sure if I fought more that would happen. So I kissed him back as he ran his hands softly down my sides. He pulled away to position himself between my thighs.

"No," I whispered sliding away from him.

He grabbed my shoulder and pushed me back, "You need to relax."

"I've never done this before," I whimpered.

"Just relax."

Tears welled at the corners of my eyes; this was really going to happen. I was going to lose my virginity to the boy I grew up with, the mean boy who played tricks on me his entire life was now playing his meanest card. I had to take care of him when I never showed any sort of magical talent, but we had been equals when we were younger. It almost did seem right, besides the fact that he was forcing himself upon me. I closed my eyes as Draco pushed himself forward.

"Relax ," he whispered, smoothing my hair back from my forehead, "If I said you were beautiful would you relax?" His voice sounded endearingly as he stared into my eyes with his piercing blue ones.

"I…" No one had ever said that to me before.

He suddenly slammed into me and every part of my lower abdomen felt like it was being torn apart. My scream was shortened when Draco put his hand over my mouth groaning in pleasure. I was shaking with pain, my hands clenching the bed sheets as I tried to gather myself. I shook my head as he slowly began to pull out; he kept his hand over my mouth breathing heavily.

He rocked himself forward again and this time it did not hurt as bad, but it was still very strange. I never would've dreamt that this would ever happen. As he pulled back again I gasped when the hand over my mouth was removed and he began kissing me again. I could only cry into his mouth as his pace quickened.

In and out he moved, over and over pushing me farther and farther over my edge. I wanted to be quiet but as it happened I couldn't keep myself from moaning, Draco either for that matter. And then a warmness spread bringing with it a tightness that welled in my belly. My hands moved to the hair at the nape of Draco's neck and I pulled as an orgasm over-took me.

"Yes Lucy, tighter," he moaned.

Between my legs his prick was beginning to throb and his body shook as he moved ever faster. He was sweaty and his eyes fluttered closed as he pulled back and slammed forward once more hovering over me as he shuddered with orgasm. He fell against me breathing heavily.

Draco laid down and rested his head against my shoulder wrapping his arm around my waist. As his breathing slowed I began to feel tense not really understanding what I should do now. Not really sure if that was a bad experience or in the end a good one. Draco's arms tightened around me slightly.

"Sleep, dove."