Chapter 1 - Mountview Introductions

Authors Note: Alright guys so this is my first ever fanfic, but you can only read so many Naomily/LilyKat fanfics before you start to feel inspired to give it ago at writing them yourself. So let's hope I do a good job for you all eh. n_n Also, shoutout to all tumblr readers. ;D

Lily's POV

-Alarm goes off-

Urgh... I lazily rolled over and smacked my alarm to stop. I remained sprawled all over my bed willing myself to actually get out of it, as I had a busy day ahead. The bright morning sunlight came seeping through my windows hitting my- still closed eyes, which I eventually managed to open.

"Eurgh, it's Saturday morning, Saturday's are for sleeping" I groaned to myself whilst rubbing my eyes.

I'm crap in the mornings, despite that I managed to pull myself out of my favourite place to be at 6:00AM. I decided it'd be a good idea to have a quick shower to wake me up abit. It didn't take long to rid myself of the little clothing I was wearing, and to get the water temperature just right. I rested my head against the shower wall with my heavy eyes closed, whilst I let the warm water pour over me. So much for waking me up. I heard my mum putting dishes in the sink downstairs, honestly does she have to be so loud with everything, I then heard her turn the tap on.

"JESUS CHRIST!" I shrieked, almost slipping into the shower door whilst turning to get out and wrap myself in a warm towel.

Mum knows the shower runs freezing cold when she does that. After quickly getting dried and dressed, I grumpily stomped downstairs only to face mum who's face was cheery as always.

"Mum, why did you turn the tap on making the water run cold, knowing i was in the shower, I almost slipped!" I snapped.

Mum cheery smile only got bigger. "I needed to wash the dishes sweetheart, and you needed to wake up properly, I know what a lazy ass you are in the mornings, and it's your first day at drama school dear". She beamed.

"Has anyone ever told you what a complete fucking cow you are?". I frowned.

"Plenty of people sweetheart, it was for your own good otherwise you would've been standing in that shower all day, now sit down and eat the breakfast I made you, that'll wake you up" She grinned while turning to walk out of the kitchen.

I didn't realise how hungry I was until i took my first mouthful.

"Mmmm" I mumbled between bites.

Mum was right, that did wake me up. I smiled to myself, mum may be annoying but she sure knows how to feed me. After practically devouring the whole plate, I looked at the time. "Shit!" I swiftly grabbed my bag and gave mum a quick thanks and kiss goodbye and got on my bike and pedalled to my first drama lesson at Mount View.

I was quite nervous, and if I'm honest dreading introducing myself to new people. But at the same time excited, I've always wanted to act, it just seems so interesting and a challenge, and that's what I like, a challenge. But of course this was just a Saturday drama lessons club thing, nothing big, it'd be naive of me to believe anything serious could come from it, it's just to help give me more skills and develop the ones I ready possess, and hopefully prepare me to take my acting ambition further when I'm ready. I finally arrived at my destination and hopped off my bike to carefully park it up outside.

I looked at the time again. "FUCK, I'm 10 minutes late!" I swiftly found my way to the room I was meant to be in... 10 minutes ago.

I gave a confident knock at the door.

I heard a mans soft voice on the other side, who I gathered was the drama teacher. "Come in".

I slowly opened the door, giving a nervous smile at the already sat in a circle introducing themselves class. My eyes were automatically drawn to a bright red headed small girl sat next to a girl who- anyone with a brain cell could figure out it must of been her twin sister, there was defiantly differences in their appearance though. My eyes locked with the red headed girl for what seemed like minutes, and I received and unfamiliar feeling, only what i can describe to be butterflies in my stomach and a sudden heat in my body, one that caused me to blush and I gave her a genuine smile. What is wrong with me, I've never seen her before, I don't know her.

"Can I help you?" The teacher said cheerily.

My eyes were still fixed upon the red head. Snap the fuck out of it Lily, they'll all think you're crazy. I reluctantly peeled my eyes away from the gorgeous read head- christ so now I'm calling her gorgeous. I cleared my throat hoping the GORGEOUS red head didn't make me speechless aswell.

"Ahem, h- hi... I-I'm here for the, um, drama classes" Smooth Lily, smooth...

"Ah well you're fashionably late aren't ya, come take a seat in the circle, we're just introducing ourselves, I'm Mr Gower, but you all may call me Eddie" he chuckled.

I smiled and went to sit in the only seat left. For fuck sake, trust it to be directly opposite to where the gorgeous red head was elegantly sat. I had to try not look straight forward at her, otherwise I wouldn't be able to focus on the classes introductions, although with such a pretty girl sat opposite me it was very challenging to concentrate on what they were saying... But hey, i like a challenge right. The circle finally reached the gorgeous red head, and suddenly it seemed concentrating wasn't a challenge at all. I slightly moved my chair forward towards her eagerly and prepared my ears for her voice, her awaited introduction, so I could put a name to her pretty face. Wait- what, I'm acting ridiculous, I'm acting like I... Like I love this girl. But that's silly right, I haven't even heard her speak yet and I'm straight. My thoughts were put to a sudden pause when the gorgeous red head uncrossed her lovely legs and stood up whilst clearing her throat.

"Hello everyone, I'm Kathryn Prescott, but my friends call me Kat". She huskily announced.

My eyes widened and a shiver ran up my spine, oh fuck no, she would have to have the most sexy voice my ears have ever had the pleasure to hear wouldn't she.

Kat continued her introduction. "As my sister Megan has already explained, yes we are clearly twins but we're not identical, so if you all can get which one of us is which right, then I'm sure we'll get along just fine and I won't have to hurt you". She said with a smile and a cute, yet sexy husky laugh.

I couldn't help myself from laughing along with her. Our eyes met again as she sat down and she smirked and winked at me. SHE WINKED AT ME. Omg i'm acting like some sort of fangirl. Then again I can't deny, I am a fan of the way her husky voice sends shivers up my spine, oh and how her hair is the most vibrant beautiful red I've ever seen, ah and that outrageously cute face complete with button nose and dimples, and... oh fuck it, I'm Kats number one fangirl. I got snapped out of my thoughts yet again, a boy next to me nudged me gently. "It's your turn" he informed me. Shit, do not make eye contact with miss- I make straight girls question their sexuality over there. I confidently stood up looking around at everyone whilst trying to avoid Kat. My first impression can't be the girl who couldn't stop blushing and stuttering whilst looking at a girl she's never spoken to, now can it... Oh wait, that was my first impression, not to mention late too. Fuck it let's just get this over with.

"Hey everyone, I'm Lily Loveless" I began.

Before I could continue most of the people were complimenting me on what a cool name I had, I heard that oh so sexy voice that I so quickly became fond of gasp, "Her name is almost as beautiful as she is".

I couldn't help it, I turned to meet her gaze, my heart was racing as I managed to stutter a "t- thank you Kat".

She looked shocked, "you actually got my name right, and didn't call me Megan".

I chuckled "Of course, you're the one with lovely bright red hair, but that isn't the only difference".

Mh, another difference being you make my heart race like any moment it will exploded out of my chest. But of course I kept that difference to myself.

She blushed, and beamed at me as she smirked, "In that case, I'm very sure we'll get along just fine" and finished with a wink.

God she makes my knees go weak. I had to sit down, but as I did, I realised my introduction was nothing more than my name. Oops.

"Well Lily, that was most enlightening" Eddie sarcastically commented.

"Haha, I thought I'd leave my intro at my name, since it seemed to win you all over, you'll have to just get to know me." I shrugged grinning, hoping Kat would actually want to get to know me.

They all laughed, but all noise faded away when Kat giggled too, like hers was the only one that mattered. Gee, I really like this girl already.

I enjoyed writing that. n_n Hope you all enjoyed reading it. Please do comment on what you thought about it, I'm new to this so any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading. Kats POV on this will be next. ;D