Chapter 10 - Something Big

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This chapter is both Lily's and Kat's POV so I won't be writing it like I usually do in first person. Enjoy.x

Both POV

After Lily repeatedly read the text her mother sent, she started to get increasingly worried, what could Mrs Loveless possibly mean by something big to tell her... However when she felt Kathryn come up behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist somehow it made all her worries disappear, for now at least. Kathryn rested her chin on Lily's shoulder still hugging her from behind.

"Is everything alright babe?" She squeezed tighter.

Lily blushed and couldn't help but smile as her heart skipped a beat at Kathryn calling her babe for the first time, although she didn't quite know why a simple word like that could make her feel so fluttery. Lily, still grinning, spun around so she was facing Kat and wrapped her arms around her waist just as tight whilst both girls were looking into one another's eyes.

"Yeah, everything's fine..."

Lily didn't convince Kathryn causing her to raise her eyebrow and urge the platinum blonde to tell her. Lily didn't know how Kathryn seemed to be the only one that knew when she was lying about how she was feeling, usually when she says she's fine to others, that's the end of it. She let out a sigh and rested her head against Kathryn who already had her head buried into Lily's neck with her eyes closed with a contented smile spreading across her face.

"It's my mum..." She paused.

Kathryn hummed against the blonde to let her know to continue.

"...Well she, she didn't exactly allow me to come here with you today, she told me to get straight home and if I didn't I might not have one to come back to... But I just... I really wanted to come with you anyway".

Kathryn's heart was beating fast at Lily's words, did she really disobey her mother and risk getting kicked out just for me, she thought. Since the two were hugging one another so tightly their bodies were pressed against the other so Lily could feel Kathryn's heart erratically beating, even though Lily's wasn't exactly slow either.

"Kat, your heart..." Lily suddenly felt a bit flushed at the feeling of the girl she liked being so close to her and had to take another breath before finishing her sentence.
"-...It's, it's beating really fast".

Kathryn still had her eyes closed and head resting against Lily's neck just simply breathing in the girl she equally liked.

She hummed again "Yours is too".

That's all she managed to breathe out as all these little things including the fact Lily's heart beat was going just as crazy until it appeared that both their hearts started beating in sync. Kat knew her heart was giving her true feelings away, but at that moment she didn't really care, she half hoped it would, at least that way she wouldn't have to be brave and confess just how much she really likes Lily. Meanwhile the blonde, still resting her head against the smaller girl, was thinking the same thing, and each were squeezing onto each other in hope that maybe by doing so would silently tell the other what they really needed to say. Cheering from the living room broke them away from their silent conversation and they slowly pulled apart looking at each other smiling widely. Mrs Prescott walked into the kitchen catching the girls just stood beaming away at each other and she rested against the door frame with her cup if coffee in hand knowingly smiling at her daughter and her best friend, she already adored the blonde. Lily and Kat were so engrossed with each other that neither noticed Mrs Prescott was even there watching them until she broke the silence.

"What have you girls been doing in here? It's been like 10 minutes since we finished washing up and I went to suffer watching the football match with the others alone". Mrs Prescott rolled her eyes at the rest of the Prescotts cheering again at the TV.

Kat quickly looked between Lily and her mum not knowing what to say to get out of this. "Ohh... We were just talking mum... Um, mum, may I ask you something please?"

Mrs Prescott smirked and folded her arms.

"Go on?" She urged.

"Well, I was just thinking since you all seem to like Lily... Can she sleep over for the night?"

Lily looked shocked and didn't expect Kathryn to ask that, but as her own mother doesn't want to see her until tomorrow morning she was relieved she did ask for her. Mrs Prescott walked up to them frowning with her arms still crossed making the girls both dread and expect her to say no, but she was just messing with them, she smiled and pulled them into a warm hug.

"Of course she can! And we don't like Lily..." Kat frowned confusedly and Lily just looked sad briefly, before Kat's joker of a mum also said "We love Lily!" The others watching football over heard.

"I don't!" Meg only just managed to shout out before shoving more popcorn in her mouth.

"Well we do!" Mr Prescott and Ben shouted together causing them to laugh and high five one another.

"Come off it Megan you love Lily like the rest of us, Kathryn isn't the only one that has said how awesome Lily is, you have too".

Megan scowled at her mother as she, Lily and Kathryn entered the room and sat down.

"You're all so lovely, and I love you all too... Yes, even you Megan my food protecting ally!"

Megan stopped scowling and replaced it with a smile.

"Whatever Loveless".

Mrs Loveless grinned at Lily who was just so happy her best friends family loved her already and the fact that even Megan does, although she's unlikely to admit it.

As it got later everyone started saying their goodnights and going to bed, everyone except Lily and Kathryn who were enjoying each others company like always.

"Hey Lil Lils, fancy going upstairs to my bedroom and watching a movie?"

She turned to look at Lily who seemed to of noticed the popcorn Megan and the other Prescotts left behind before they all went to bed. Kathryn shook her head and smiled at the seemingly always hungry blonde.

"You can bring that upstairs so we can finish it off whilst watching the movie if you want Lils".

Lily grabbed the bucket of popcorn and returned the smile Kathryn was giving her, just as widely too.

"Sounds great LLP, I'll happily finish this off". She threw a piece in her mouth munching away already.

Kathryn's smile didn't fade as she raised her eyebrow. Lily's hand paused from grabbing any more to eat.

"I mean, we'll happily finish this off Kat".

"Damn right we will". The red head smirked as she took the bucket off the pouting blonde. "And what does LLP mean?"

"Heeey, no fair. I am not accustomed to sharing food with just anyone y'know. And it's a nickname for you, Lily's Little Prescott". She smiled sweetly.

Kathryn thought the new nickname was sweet and she loved that Lily called her, hers.

"Good job I'm not just anyone then". Kathryn grabbed Lily's hand and they both made their way quietly to her bedroom.

"And for the record Loveless, I aren't little".

"Mhmm, sure Kit Kat, sure".

"Kat, do you have any spare pyjamas I can wear for tonight please?"

"Well usually, if I'm honest, I don't actually tend to wear pyjamas".

Lily couldn't hide her suddenly flushed face, as she conjured up images of a naked Kathryn in the very bed she was sat on. Kathryn cleared her throat nervously and turned to look through her wardrobe for something for them to wear.

"How about my oversized t-shirt I sometimes like to lounge around in Lils?" She threw it at Lily to look at.

"That'll do thanks, don't you have any baggy sweat pants I can wear too?"

Kathryn continued looking and Lily decided to get up and help her look.

"I have these boxer type shorts you can wear, but I don't know what I have left for me to put on".

Kathryn handed the shorts to Lily who took them appreciatively and tried to find something out for the red head.

"What about this Kat?" Lily covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing and waking everyone up as she handed the smaller girl a bunny onesie to wear, complete with ears and fluffy tail.

"Very funny Lils, I only wear that when it's really cold and there's no one around... It's warm and comfy". She needlessly defended since Lily thought it was cute anyway.

"I think you should wear it all the time, i bet you look adorable in it!"

Lily held the onesie up against Kathryn, still giggling.

"Urgh, looks like I'm going to have to, since you're wearing my oversized tee and boxer shorts..."

"Yup looks like, Kit Kat". Lily smirked not missing the hint Kathryn was giving her.

"Lily! That was your cue to let me wear those clothes and you wear this silly onesie". She pouted an crossed her arms.

"It's not silly! Ohhh, and I'd love to but that won't fit me hun. Put it on, you will look so cute in it!"

Lily prodded Kathryn's nose since she was still sulking, which instantly made her smile and uncross her arms instead.

"Fine fine, I'll put it on". Whipped.

They both looked around the room for a moment then back at each other.

"So, um, where we getting dressed?"

Lily was kind of nervous at the possibility of seeing her best friend stripped down simply because she knew she wouldn't be able to look away, and that would be a big giveaway. Kathryn pointlessly looked around the room and shrugged.

"Right here, as long as you don't perv on me Lils"

She playfully giggled and shoved the blonde who returned the smile whilst blushing, which didn't go unnoticed by Kathryn causing her to smile even wider.

"More like you perving on me Kit Kat". The blonde wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at the shorter girl.

"Pah, in your dreams Blondie". Lily bit her lip, remembering previous dreams she had of Kathryn but as soon as the girls made eye contact again, Lily just jokingly winked in reply.

Kathryn turned around and started to get undressed and even though Lily knew she shouldn't, she gazed over her body and just like she predicted, she couldn't look away. Kat noticed Lily hadn't moved and was still looking at her, although gaping at her would be more accurate.

"Turn around and get dressed then, perv".

She couldn't help but smirk at how obvious Lily's leering had been, but it's probably no different to how obvious she was being now she was fully dressed in her ridiculous onesie staring at the stripping blonde, Kathryn didn't realise but her head was slightly tilted and mouth also wide open just as Lily turned around to catch her this time... Busted.

"Har! And you call me the perv." Kathryn shook her head defensively.

"You are though!" She grabbed the popcorn and threw a piece at the blue eyed girls face.

True to her nature, Lily tried to catch the food in her mouth instead of letting it fall to the floor, which'd be a crime in itself, and much to Kathryn's surprised and amusement she succeeded.

"Mmm, nice aim, thanks Kat!" Lily scrunched her face cutely and she smugly smirked at the now sulking red head again.

"Shut up you, lets just get this movie on!"

"What are we watching?"

"I don't know, you pick. My films are over there". She gestured over to the shelves.

"Hmm... Urmm, haha you're really into all the lovey dovey romance films aren't you Kat?"

"Heeey I just find them cute is all!"

"Har har! Just when I was beginning to lose hope, I found a good one. I'm surprised you have the Avengers, it's more or less the only movie you've got that isn't based on cheesy romance". Lily snickered.

"The Avengers?" Kat looked confused as she walked over to where Lily was holding the DVD and took it from her to look at it. "This is Bens, I don't know how it got in here I've never watched that film, the whole super hero stuff is a bit dorky".

"Oi!" Lily looked slightly offended. "There's nothing dorky about getting into a good movie about super heros... hot super heros might I add, besides, it's so cool! And your brother has taste, I'll make sure to high five him tomorrow." Lily looked like she was making a mental note in her head.

Kathryn simply closed her eyes shaking her head slightly as a small smile crept on her face as she all but whispered.

"You're a dork".

Kathryn's eyes were still closed, that was until she felt Lily's hands slowly wrap her own to grab the DVD back, but if that's all Lily really wanted, it was unnecessary for her hands to linger on Kat's for so long, in fact she didn't have to touch her at all if that was the reason, she could've just pulled the DVD out of her hands, but Lily just wanted to feel her touch. They were silently staring at each other, something they tend to do a lot without really realising just how often they do it. Lily's hands were still in Kat's both holding into the DVD, Lily finally opened her mouth to reply to Kat's 'dork' comment.

"Yeah... but ya' love me anyway".

Kathryn's eyes widened and her heart quickened, this was her chance to tell Lily that she did love her, but she didn't take the chance. Lily's eyes dropped to the floor and her heart sank a bit as the red head she loved didn't say anything to her comment. She played it off with a forced chuckle and slowly pulled the avengers DVD out of the stunned shorter girls hands. Whilst Lily was busy over by Kat's bedroom TV putting the film on, Kathryn whispered so only she could hear.

"Yes, I do love you... you dork".

She was quietly stood staring at the unaware blonde, mentally beating herself up about being too much of a coward to tell Lily loud enough for her to hear.
Lily got the movie started and turned to face Kat and started giggling which snapped Kat back to reality.

"What's so funny Lils?"

"You..." Lily looked her up and down an laughed harder.

That's when Kat remembered she was wearing that silly onesie, she rolled her eyes and threw more popcorn at Lily's face which she caught again and smirked appreciatively causing Kat to giggle this time. They both made their way to the bed they'd be sharing, and both gulped at the overwhelming excitement and anxiety they felt about it. The bed wasn't particularly big either. They laid close to one another propped up by pillows and both began munching their popcorn as the movie began.

"So who's your favourite Avenger!?" Lily said giddily.

"Lily... It's only just started, it hasn't even showed them all yet" She chuckled.

"Well my favourite is umm... It's so hard picking a favourite I love them all. But if I had to choose it'd be... Iron man!" Kathryn was side eyeing the blonde grinning at her goofy enthusiasm. "Yeah, he seems pretty cool".

It got to the part in the movie when Black Widow was introduced.
Kathryn's interest increased which didn't go unnoticed by Lily who simply smirked knowingly.

"I think Black Widow is my favourite she's... cool". Kat stared in awe watching the beautiful super hero beating up the bad guys.

"She's hot too". Lily glanced at Kat who's eyes went wide.

"You think she's hot?" Kat also glanced at Lily curiously.

"Of course I do, who doesn't! That ass is fine".

"Uh well most straight girls wouldn't say that".

Kathryn eyed the blonde more intensely trying to figure out if there really might be a chance for them after all.

"Ha! You obviously have never been on tumblr, Sophia introduced me to it ages ago, everything's gay there even if they label themselves as straight. Besides... I'm not one for labels, I mean, you can't help who you fall in love with can you?".

It was Lily's turn to try and figure the red head out, what her views on sexuality were.

"No... you can't".

Kathryn's mind went elsewhere and her eyes focused on nothing in particular, lost in thought.

"Kat?" Lily rolled a bit to nudge her friend.

"Sorry, what?" She snapped out of it.

"Are you alright you went quiet a bit there".

"I'm fine, just thinking about what you said". Lily took that as a good sign and smiled warming at the other girl.

"Well don't think too much and just lets enjoy watching this awesome movie hun".

She turned her attention back to the TV and started eating again and threw some back at Kathryn's face to get her attention.

"Lily!" She shoved into her.

Lily however was back to putting her full attention on Kat and decided it'd be fun to have a popcorn fight, she didn't even care if she wasted them, she just wanted to have some fun with her favourite person. So she threw some more.

"Oh I see how it is Lils, just like the pillow fight you won't win this".

"Bring it, and technically you mostly used your hands and tickled me instead of using the pillow, so you cheated".

"Whatever helps you deal with your defeat Lil Lils". She grinned cheekily.

Kathryn made a grab for the popcorn but Lily got to it first and held it high above her head teasing the shorter girl.

"Come and get it LLP".

"No fair Lily!" Kat crossed her arms and pouted.

"Hey, you're a bunny rabbit aren't you? So why don't you try hopping for it". She joked about the girls onesie again.

Kathryn scowled a moment before giving in and hopping for it but she still couldn't reach which only made Lily laugh even more.

"You're adorable, you know that?"

Lily smiled down in awe of the girl in front of her and Kathryn was speechless for a moment before playfully pulling down on her rabbit ears.

"Of course I know that, I am a bunny after all". She winked.

Whilst Lily was caught unaware, Kat hopped one last time and grabbed the popcorn from Lily's hands and put it over the blonde's head.

"I win!"

"God, no. The popcooorn!" Lily rolled around pretending to cry over the food.

Kathryn couldn't stop giggling and so decided to just roll around with Lily.

They eventually concentrated back onto the film, which was almost over now. Both girls were intently watching until Kat heard Lily sniffling.

"Lily! What's wrong?"

Kathryn immediately wrapped her arms around the sobbing girl at the side of her, she couldn't bear seeing her cry.

"I- I'm fine, I always cry at this part".

Lily was referring to Captain Americas reaction to Iron man almost dying.

Kat shook her head in disbelief.

"You- You're crying over fictional characters?" She held back a laugh.

Lily sniffles again and looked at Kat in shock.

"Don't tell me you've never cried over a fictional character before?!" She looked back to the two characters interacting and sobbed again. "It's just... I ship them so hard".

Kathryn could no longer contain her laughter as she erupted into fits of chuckles.

"No I haven't. You really are the biggest dork Lily, and stop with the tumblr references I get enough of that from Sophia".

"Not even Disneys make you cry like Toy story 3? Or when Scar killed Mufasa? Or-or-or when that old woman said goodbye to Tod and left him in the woods in the fox and the hound?! Or-"

"Enough, I get it!"

"Well, did you cry at any of those?"

Kathryn paused and looked embarrassed.

"Ha! You did!"

"Alright alright fine, yes, I have cried at all them and more, but at least I don't go shipping all the characters, o dorky one".

"Cute. Good, don't ever start shipping characters, you'll start to lose your sanity like me and Soph". They giggled.

It was getting late and both girls were getting pretty tired now so turned the TV off and crawled under the covers together both letting out a gasp when their arms touched as they settled. Lily turned to face Kathryn and smiled.

"You know... I'm really happy we met Kit Kat".

Kathryn did the same and laid facing Lily.

"I'm really happy we met each other too Lils".

Both girls just looked into each others eyes and even though it was getting later and darker in the room, their eyes were glistening with happiness. It was like they kept taking turns to look from the others eyes down to their lips and slightly edged their bodies closer to one another. Lily finally had enough of pretending she wasn't feeling the things she felt for her best friend and was going to confess her love for her at last.

"Kat, you know I said I'm really happy we met?"

Kathryn nodded against Lily, her eyes closed.

"Well I er- Well I am happy we met and became best friends whilst having fun together in Eddie's lessons... But, I need to confess something to you... I'm not sure how, so I'll kind of just spit it out... Ok here goes... Kat, I'm in love with you... Er Kat? Say something?"

Still silence, Lily looked down to see Kathryn's face for a reaction or anything but she just sighed as her confession was completely wasted as her best friend was quietly sleeping whilst nuzzling her head on Lily's neck. Lily nonetheless felt brave and proud for finally admitting it out loud this time and accepted she'd just have to wait a little bit longer before telling Kat how she feels. Lily relaxed into Kathryn's warm touch and closed her eyes too, a wide smile appearing as she felt the red head's arms snake across her waist hugging her, the blonde turned her head and gently kissed Kat's forehead and whispered.

"Goodnight beautiful".

And they both fell asleep with smiles on their faces, feeling the happiest they've ever been. Surely nothing could ever be too bad again provided they had each other in their lives...

The next morning Lily surprisingly woke up before Kat did, she opened her eyes to find the red head fast asleep, she gasped at how she seemed even more beautiful sleeping with her messy shimmering firery red hair spread everywhere and morning breath, no matter what, she would always be breath taking to the blonde. The awestruck look on Lily's face was slowly replaced with a mischievous smirk, she just couldn't miss the opportunity to grab her phone from the side and take a picture of herself pulling a silly face and peace sign with Kathryn fast asleep in her bunny onesie cuddled next to her, it was a precious moment that needed to be captured, even if she kinda thought it was weird and stalkerish. After Lily quickly got dressed she quietly went downstairs and left Kat to sleep. Mrs Prescott was already making breakfast.

"Morning Lily love, want some toast? I might not be good at cooking but don't worry my toast skills are admirable".

Lily covered her mouth to quieten her laugh.

"Mornin' Mrs Prescott, and yes please, I'm sure your toast is brilliant, although all food seems to be to me".

"Please sweetie, it really is alright to just call me Teresa you know. You're like Megan in that aspect, and even she doesn't like my food so just base my talent on the toast". She chuckled whilst buttering their toast.

"Will do Teresa!"

"So, did you two have fun last night?" Teresa smirked at Lily's reaction, which was bright red and goofy.

"Er, yeah, we had fun watching a movie" Lily smiled sweetly.

"Well that's lovely to hear dear". Teresa grinned as she passed Lily her toast.

By now everyone one was up and dressed, well apart from Megan who couldn't even be bothered to get out off her pyjamas or brush her hair. When Lily saw Ben she remembered she owed him a high five.

"High five Ben!"

"What was that for then blondie?" He chuckled.

"Your awesome movie taste, we watched the avengers last night since it was misplaced in Kat's room".

Ben looked surprised. "I didn't think you were the superhero lovin', dorky, fun kinda' girl Lily".

It was Kat's turn to high five him.

"And what was that for sis?"

"For agreeing with me that's she's a huge dork".

"Hey! I am right here you know guys". Lily pouted folding her arms causing the family to laugh.

Everything was all happy and smiles and Kathryn and Lily kept giving each other their longing glances every now and then. But of course it couldn't stay this perfect for long.

Lily got a text from her mother:
Your father is coming for you.

That's all it read, Lily had almost completely forgotten about the big talk that she was dreading to have with her mum. She sighed.

"Lily, babe, what is it?" Kathryn shuffled closer to the blonde with sad eyes looking at the previously smiling girl who now looked miserable.

The other Prescotts were busy doing there own thing by now leaving them to talk alone anyway.

"My dad is coming to pick me up"

"Ohh... I wish you could stay longer". Lily looked up at her and smiled weakly.

"Me too. Thank you, by the way Kat".

Kat tilted her head.

"What for?"

Lily hesitated, she wanted to thank her for simply existing and for being so perfect but her confidence from last night seemed to of disappeared, typically.

"Um, just for letting me sleep over... I had a really great time with you... With your family... they're lovely".

Kathryn rested her head on Lily's shoulder and side hugged her on the sofa. "I'm glad you did, and I had a great time with you as well... you're lovely". Lily rested her head against the red heads and they just sat there, not needing to say anything.

Not long later they heard a car horn beep outside, Lily then got a text, this time from her dad:
Hey kiddo, I'm here for you. Say hey to Kat for me! But you better try hurry it up your mum has something she needs to discuss with you.

Lily quickly replied:
Hey dad! Give me 5 minutes to say goodbye and thank you to Kat and her family. I'm not looking forward to that dad.

Kathryn knew it was Lily's time to go but she didn't want her to, ever, Lily didn't want to leave either. They both gave each other a tight goodbye hug and the blonde whispered a faint thank you in Kat's ear.
They reluctantly pulled away from their embrace and Lily started saying goodbye to the others.

"I have to go now, thank you for letting me stay the night Teresa and your toast was the best" She winked causing Teresa to chuckle.

"And Megan it was really nice of you to leave behind a half eaten bucket of popcorn for us". Lily smirked.

"Ohh, so it was you two who took it! I wondered where that went" She huffed.

"It was lovely having you here" Mr Prescott beamed.

They all took turns giving her a hug, even Megan.

"Later Loveless!"

But when Ben's turn came, he had a simple request.

"Lily, ask that hot girl you both know, Sophia, out for me please" Ben said whilst hugging the blonde he was already fond of.

Lily couldn't help but chuckle, she hadn't considered it before but she thought he and Sophia would be a lovely couple, she could totally ship that.

"Aha, yeah of course I will Benny boy, anything for a fellow avengers fan".

"Alright! You're the best!" He patted her back.

"You know it!"

She glanced at Kat who was simply beaming with happiness at how perfectly Lily fit into her family. Mr Loveless beeped his car horn again urging Lily to hurry it up.

"Oh... I better not keep him waiting, thank you all again, i had a great time, see you later!"

"Bye Lily!" The Prescott family said in sync, all except for Kathryn who sadly watched her get into the car and said goodbye quietly so only herself could hear. As the others all went back inside, Kathryn stayed stood at the door looking at the girl getting belted up and settled before the blonde turned around and saw her staring, she gave a sad smile and waved, Kathryn did the same as Mr Loveless slowly drove away with her.

"Lily kid, you look so sad what's up?" Mr Loveless hated seeing his baby girl unhappy.

"I just had a really good time at Kat's and now I'm going home to listen to mum tell me something I'm probably not going to like, why has she got such a problem with Kat anyway?"

Mr Loveless also looked sad, he didn't like what his wife thought of the lovely red head he met and adored instantly, he also knew his little Lily wasn't going to like what his wife had to say one bit, but he loved his wife and didn't want to argue with her.

"Well just hear her out first when you get home. And I don't know Lily, from what I can see Kathryn is a lovely young girl and clearly she makes you happy, that's all that matters to me, you know that, but you're mother... Ah we're nearly home, just wait and ask her kid".

"She is... and she does. I love you dad, I wish mum thought the same way".

Mr loveless gave a small smile at Lily as he pulled into their driveway.

"I love you too kid".

Lily went into the living room where her mother was sat.

"Mum i-"

"Just come sit down Lily".

The worried blonde went to sit in front of her.

"Right, well Lily, I've been thinking a lot lately and I don't think you're as focused on your acting ambition as you used to be. I think that girl has made you forget what you really want and is distracting you an-"

"What are you talking about?! I love drama school, all my ambition is still there. And she's not that girl, she's called Kathryn, why do you dislike her so much mum, I don't understand it?"

"See! This is what I'm talking about too, ever since you met her your attitude has been worse, you don't come home when I tell you to, you interrupt me when I'm talking. And I just don't like her".

"Mum, my attitude is unchanged I'm just sticking up for someone I care about, you have no right to dislike her, in fact you seemed to have adored her the first time you met, what changed, and why invite her to dinner that time then, just tell me?"

Lily wasn't going to stop until she got a proper reason from her mother.

"Someone you care about? You're not even trying to persuade me that she's just a friend anymore, now you're at the stage you can't even lie to yourself and say she's a just friend, because you want more. What's changed is what shes done to you... My baby girl. The day I met that girl I saw how she looks at you, I had to be sure if my motherly all knowing instincts were true, so invited her to dinner, and... I was just right to dislike her".

Mrs Loveless looked at her daughter with genuine sorrow, convinced Kathryn had changed her for the worse. Lily on the other hand finally realised what this was all about, and she wasn't even scared enough to hide the fact that her mum is right, she does want more than friendship from the red head and she will not let anyone talk about her like she's a bad person, because she's the opposite.

"You're right mum, I do want more. Kathryn isn't just my best friend, I've had so called best friends before I met her, they never made me feel complete happiness that she does, I... I love her... I'm in love with her. She makes me happy mum, what is so wrong with that?"

Her mothers expression of sorrow distorted and quickly turned to disgust at her daughter inevitable confession and her voice went cold.

"We're moving". Mrs Loveless looked away from Lily as a single tear ran down her cheek as she got up to walk out off the room.

Lily wasn't sure she heard her mum right.

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"We're moving house, me and your father have been discussing it for a while now, it's been decided, we're going where they'll be more acting chances for you to focus on away from here and away from her". Lily's heart felt like it stopped, as tears brimmed at her eyes.

"I- I don't understand. Why are you doing this to me mum?"

Lily fell apart but her mother still didn't turn to look at her, because she was quietly falling apart too, she loved her daughter, she just didn't understand what Lily felt for her best friend.

"I- I'm doing this for you Lily". And with that said Mrs Loveless walked out the room drying her eyes as she left her broken daughter in tears.

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