A white tom pads to the top of a tall green grassy hill, surrounded by forests, moors, mountians, swamps and rivers. "Welcome to The Warriors Show!" He yells to the camera. "Hello i'm Icetooth, your host." he pauses. "This is a show that invites 10 cats from the clans or Starclan or Dark forest. Here in the arena is every element a cat could ever fight on. But here is where all of our cats will be competing for the prize of a lifetime supply of mice. Here are our contestants.

(Camera zooms to wall of arena and cats pad out of the door as their names are called.) "Crowfeather, Graymist, Berrynose, Dovewing, Bumblestripe, Bluestar, Blackstripe, Graystripe, Onestar and Reedwhisker." The cats came out of the door and sat down in a line behind Icetooth.

Icetooth rose his head "First competition of season 1 is to find a rock with engravings on it. This rock is somewhere in the arena. But here is the twist, cats are allowed to fight eachother during the competition. If they are killed they are zapped to the viewing booth in full health and are out of the competition for today." he took a breath. "The cat to find this rock first is granted immunity and can not be voted off today."

"Resdy, set, GO!" All of the cats went off in different directions. Graystripe, Bluestar and Reedwhisker went off to the forest. Onestar and crowfeather went off to the moor. Berrynose, Dovewing and Bumblestripe went off to the mountians. Blackstripe instantly attacked Graymist sending them rolling down the hill.

Bluestar looked under a leaf. "Where could that stone be?" "It could be any where." Graystripe said as he looked around a tree. "Where did Reedwhisker go?" Graystripe asked. "Right here!" Reedwhisker yelled as he jumped out of a bush and landed on Graystripe's back. Bluestar lunged herself at the Riverclan deputy. He got sliced in the side. The three rolled around in a giant fur ball. Reedwhisker sliced Graystripe's face at the same time Bluestar bit the enemie's tail. " The two toms yowled in pain. Graystripe pushed Reedwhisker off of him by raking his belly. The deputy landed on his back with a thud. Bluestar lunged on Reedwhisker, slicing his face with her claws, making blood fly evey where. Then Graystripe came by and cracked his neck.

"Good-fight." Bluestar panted. Blood dripping from her paws. "Now lets find that rock."

Across the arena...

"We're Windclan cats." Onestar stated while looking through the tall grass. "We are fast ,we can find anything before any others because we're quick." "Yah." Crowfeather comented turning over a rock.

Onestar lifted his head. "I smell something. Like-" "Let's just look for the stupid rock." "Don't you dare interupt your leader again Crowfeather!" "Well actually we're enemies here so-" Crowfeather lunged at Onestar, who sidestepped him making Crowfeather land on his belly. Onestar jumped on Crowfeather and pinned him down. "That's why they made me leader. Now I will give you the chance to walk away, but if you cause me trouble again, I will kill you. Understand?" Crowfether struggled "Yes, I do." "Oh come on i'm not Leafpool, don't say 'I do'.

Onestar released Crowfeather who ran away quickly. "Thats better Onestar said as he continued to look for the rock.

In viewing booth...

"This is boring." Icetooth said. He looked at the control panel. "Release the Badger." he told the control panel operator. "Are you sure?" he asked "Yes." The opperator opened a glass lid wich revealed a red button. "Waiting for your word sir." Icetooth smiled and waited a few seconds. "Do it."

In the mountians...

Berrynose, Dovewing and Bumblestripe trekked over rocks and went along clif faces. Bumblestripe looked behind a giant rock. "The mountians is a good place to look for the rock." "It is-" Berrynose halted mid sentence. "There it is-the rock." the tom ran over to a cliff face and over turned a small rock. "False alarm."he meowed in a depressed tone. "This is so frustrating." Dovewings voice was heard from behind a rock. "I know." Bumblestripe soothed his mate.

The trio went along a path when Dovewing halted. "Whats that?" She asked pointing her tail to a hole in the cliff face that had iron bars over it like a prison cell. Berrynose trotted over to it. "I don't know." He sniffed it. "It smells like-" he paused "badger." he backed away from the hole.

As soon as he had done so the iron bars lowered into the ground. "Run!" Bumblestripe yelled urging Dovewing in front of him. He started to run along with her. He looked back to see the biggest badger he had ever seen in his life, emerge from the cave and brought it's paw down on the parilised in fear Berrynose; smooshing the life out of him.

Bumblestripe looked straight and ran away as far as he could...

Across the arena...

Darkstripe raked Graymist's belly with his hind claws. Both cats had blood clouding their vision. Graymist used all of her energy to roll over and get Darkstripe below her. She scraped his muzzle making blood spatter the already red grass. Graymist sank her claws into Darkstripes black pelt. She then pulled her claws back and ripped his skin off. The Darkforest warrior sceramed the most unearthly scream ever to be heard. Darkstripe went limp and died out of sheer pain.

Graymist laied down next to the body of her opponet and took a long breather.

After a few minuttes of cleaning herself and resting she stood up and continued on looking for the rock. After a few minuttes of looking for the illusive stone she got the feeling that someone was watching her. Graymist looked in the tall grass and saw the black pelt of Crowfeather slide out from the grass. "I've already killed one black tom today. Do I have to kill another?" "I'm not your enemy." Crowfeather meowed. "I can make she-cats do what I want because of my charming looks." Graymist slashed him across the muzzle with four claws. One got rippped out fighting with Darkstripe. They started fighting.

1/2 hour later

"Your a tough she-cat." Crowfeather croaked as Graymist bit his neck and killed him.

Graymist sat down. How was she ever going to find that rock. She was drained. the she-cat opened her eyes and sure enough right there in front of her eyes was a rock with engravings on it. Graymist stood up and picked the rock up in her mouth. She climbed the hill slowly and dropped it at the top. "I found it!" She wailed using the last of her energy.

She saw Icetooth pad up to her from the other side of the hill. He looked at the rock and back at her. "Congradulations. You have won and have been granted immunity." Relief flooded through Graymist knowing that she was safe.

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