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Chapter 1

"Come on, Mzia! Grandma and Grandpa are gonna be here any minute!" 19 year-old Kenshi yelled to his sister through the bathroom door. Kenshi hated when his sister took her time getting ready. 'What do girls do, in the bathroom anyways?' Kenshi asked himself. He was brought out of his thoughts by the honking of a car horn. Mzia ran out the bathroom still in her pajamas and ran down the stairs Kenshi right behind her. Their parents Zarrina and Sonam were the first ones to open the door and when they did it was a huge mistake. They heard the arguments of Zuko and Katara, their parents. Zarrina only sighed in disappointment.

"I guess the marriage counseling didn't work." Mzia whispered to her brother who only shrugged in response. He was intrigued by any arguments, which he probably got from his Aunt Lin, Toph's daughter. Mzia finally turned her attention to her squabbling grandparents.

"Zuko! I told you 50 times, if we took the express way, we would be here faster!" Katara Agni yelled at her husband as she grabbed her own luggage.

"Katara, calm down! I think that the route we took was faster! Now stop complaining, we're already here!" Zuko commanded. Katara huffed and turned her attention to her daughter and son-in-law, who were giving the two weird looks.

Zarrina smiled at her two parents and gave them a hug. Zarrina pulled back first and noticed that her parents were keeping a distance between themselves, and Zarrina gave another soft sigh. Over the years, Katara and Zuko's relationship had changed it had started when he had to take over the Agni Kai business, after his father passed. His new occupation caused him to go to different meetings, leaving Katara and Zarrina alone for the majority of the time. Zarrina was brought from her sad childhood thoughts as she saw Katara take a good look at her full-grown, 43-year-old daughter and smiled.

Katara couldn't believe Zarrina now had her own family and the sight was heartwarming, but it soon turned back to the same rude awakening as Katara remembered why she was mad in the first place.

"Zarrina, I wish we could have gotten here sooner but someone had to be an ass-hat the whole trip! Not to mention, we got lost and hewouldn't ask for the damn directions." Katara exclaimed more angrily than before. Zuko only gave a grunt and rolled his eyes.

"If you weren't a pain in the ass during the entire trip, we wouldn't be having this conversation!" Zuko yelled.
Zarrina shook her head. "Mom, Dad, you guys are here to bond with your family and try not to argue while you're here." Zarrina spoke. She smiled as her husband Sonam, who picked up the luggage and walked up the stairs, hoping to avoid the heated conflict of his wife's parents. Zuko and Katara only smiled briefly at the kind gesture that Sonam showed. Zuko turned and squeezed his daughter's shoulders and her eyes sparkled.

"You've grown up so fast."Zuko said proudly to Zarrina.

"You wouldn't know that." Katara managed to say through clenched teeth. The two gave rude glares to one another.

"Sheesh, tension anyone?" Kenshi spoke loudly and received a smack in the head from Mzia. Zuko only grunted and stormed passed all of them. Mzia shook her head and finally turned to her grandmother.

"We missed you Gran-gran." Mzia said lovingly. Katara gave her grandchildren a warm hug.

"Hey Mom, we're going outside." Kenshi and Mzia said in unison. Their mother only nodded and the two walked out, closing the door behind them.

That left only Katara and Zarrina and the two made their way to the couch. Katara was mentally preparing for Zarrina's lectures. Ever since Zarrina had turned 20 she had tried to force her parents into seeing a marriage counselor. That ended extremely badly, with her parents starting to argue tenfold which increased, resulting in the counselor having a heart attack. Zarrina pushed that memory aside and turned to her mother to start her lecture. Katara didn't say a single word, simply grabbing a silver canister out of her purse to prepare for her daughter's speech on love and marriage.

"Mom, why are you acting like this?" Zarrina asked her mother openly.

"Zarrina, there are a lot of things that I don't want to discuss now. I know you're trying to help with the counseling, but we all know how that ended, dearest." Katara replied, dodging the question and drank from the canister. She coughed and spit the strong liquid out into her glass and set it back down on the table. She turned to her daughter, seeing the hurt in her eyes and sighed.

"He's just so…."

Flip to Zuko

"Infuriating! Obnoxious!" Zuko exclaimed as his son-in-law helped him unpack. Sonam honestly hated when his wife's parents came over. Every day was filled with stress and arguments when they arrived. Not to mention his father-in-law still scared him, especially with the scar he had over his eye. But he just let the ranting continue, and sighed helplessly. 'Great Tui and La' Sonam thought to himself. He finally pushed aside his problems and continued to listen to the rant.

"Maybe Katara and I should just end it." Zuko finally said as his lips formed into a deep frown, and his eyes watered, but no tears fell.

"With all those years of marriage, you can't just wash it down the drain… Father-in law." Sonam said bravely. Zuko snorted and pushed Sonam to the side.

"What do you know anyways? And it's Mr. Agni to you!" Zuko bellowed and stalked out of the room. Sonam clenched his teeth, for he had spent 5 years calling his father-in-law Mr. Agni, and just two months ago was he allowed to call him father-in-law. He just sighed and continued unpacking luggage.

"Let the hell begin." Sonam whispered

Flip to Kenshi

"So, what project are you exactly working on?" Mzia said to her brother as they were in his "lab", which was really just the garage. Kenshi only smiled and continued to type.

"I just like to work on experiments…" he stated matter-of-factly. Mzia rolled her eyes and turned to see a pot boiling over. She shook Kenshi nervously.

"I-Is that supposed to happen?" she asked her brother, frantically. The foam started to come out more quickly, bound to explode.

"Shit!" they both said in unison. They sprinted out of the garage and a resounding boom followed them. Their parents and grandparents ran out the house worried expressions on their faces.

After a long lecture and talking of a punishment, the fire department had arrived and took care of the situation, leaving everyone shocked and on edge. Especially since Katara and Zuko were arguing again.

"Kenshi, you're grounded for 3 months! You'll start your punishment by cleaning the garage immediately! Right, after you clean the bathrooms and everything else in the part of the house that wasn't blown up by your 'experiments'." Sonam yelled angrily. Kenshi huffed but obeyed.

-3 hours Later-

"It's almost time for Grandma's bath." Zarrina yelled up the stairs to her son, who was now cleaning the bathrooms.

"Alright Mom, I've already changed Grandpa's soap bar, and I'm almost done in here!" Kenshi yelled back. He had grabbed a new soap bar and set it on the soap holder thingamabob near the tub. Thank goodness he found the extra soap in the garage and it didn't seem damaged from the explosion. He finally walked out of the bathroom and shut the door. Little did he know, his explosive experiment had bubbled over and dripped into the two soap boxes.

Katara had finally settled down in the tub and relaxed in the warm water. She lathered herself with the "soap" and began to rinse off. She wanted her marriage with Zuko to be stronger than ever, but she didn't want to let her guard down again. She quickly pushed all her emotions to the side and finally put on her gown and robe and went to bed, slowly falling asleep.

Meanwhile in the next room, Zuko had just finished his shower and gotten settled as well as he was thinking of what his marriage will turn into. 'A divorce, right after our vacation', he thought as he finally drifted off to sleep.

Katara woke up enjoying her good night's sleep. She didn't want anything to get her down today. She pulled back the covers and noticed her legs weren't as chubby and her feet looked younger, so did her hands. She stood slowly and walked over to the mirror, and immediately screamed.

"SHIT!" she exclaimed and for a minute, she thought she heard the sound of her husband's voice as well.

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