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Chapter 5

Katara had struggled to get to sleep several times throughout the night. The vibrator failed to please her. What she needed was Zuko, he only could satiate her. She sat up in the large bed and turned on her lamp. Stupid Zuko and his good looks. She hurriedly scampered around the room and put on a long robe and belted it, and hurried out of the room. It was midnight so everyone should be asleep by now. She eased her way down to the last room in the hallway and took a deep breath. She opened the door quickly, stepping inside the dim room. She was about to take off her robe but quickly tightened it, seeing Kenshi deep into his homework. She didn't understand why her teenage grandson did his work at the very last minute.

"Gran-Gran? What are you doing in here?" he asked turning around to face his grandmother. He quickly undimmed the lights and turned to his wide eyed grandmother. He turned off his desk lamp as well, and watched her every move.

"I-I was just looking for your grandfather." She admitted slowly. Kenshi raised a brow but kept his suspicions to himself.

"I traded rooms with him. He says this room feels awkward so he's sleeping in my room," Kenshi explained until realization hit him. "which is right across from…yours." He had a look of repugnance on his features.

"Eeeeeewww! Is that why you came in her? You wanted to… Oh Agni please help me! This is disgusting, your like a sex crazed freak." He cried. Katara walked right over and smacked Kenshi in his head. No one talked to her like that, not to mention it was embarrassing. She walked out of his room in shame. Kenshi on the other hand had planned to avoid his grandmother. Finally Katara had fell into slumber as she lay down on her bed. She could only dream of Zuko.


"Morning everyone." Zarrina said brightly. Katara noticed her daughter was wearing pink pajamas. She knew something was going on and intended to find out. Her daughter never wore pink, unless she was excited or happy. Everyone one else was eating breakfast though.

"So gran-gran I think we should shop for some clothes today." Mzia said brightly as she bit into a piece of toast. Katara only shook her head. Today was Saturday, she and Zuko would be alone in the house. Mzia was going shopping of course, Kenshi was going to soccer practice, and Zarrina was going to a yoga class. She wanted to do a victory dance right in the kitchen. She looked at Zuko who was eating his eggs casually. She loved his eating manners; she didn't understand how someone could hang around Sokka and earn bad eating habits and manners. She saw him meet her gaze. His eyes filled with lust but at the same time held gentleness. Kenshi was the last one who came down the stairs, quickly grabbing his backpack. Katara noticed he was avoiding all contact with her.

"Kenshi would you like some breakfast-" Katara started but was interrupted with his quick answer.

"No!" he screamed and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Mzia can you please take me to soccer practice?" he pleaded. Mzia gave a long sigh but finally agreed to it. She grabbed her things and walked over to her brother.

"Have you started to work on the antidote Kenshi?" Zarrina asked her son as she ate her eggs vehemently. Katara grimaced.

"Y-yeah I'm running tests, all of that good stuff. Bye!" he bolted out grabbing Mzia in the process.

"So I'm going to the court with Sokka." Zuko announced. Katara immediately snapped her face to meet his. No, no, no. This could not be happening, she needed stress relief. She needed Zuko. Her heart and body longed for his touch. She immediately folded her arms angrily.

"I'm pregnant!" Zarrina yelled out of the blue. Her parents looked at her shock in their eyes. Zarrina only squirmed in her seat excitedly.

"I'm two months pregnant." She said again. Katara held a look of excitement, while Zuko growled in annoyance. Zuko gave a quick 'congratulations' and bolted to the door. Katara quickly followed him out the door wondering why he was so abrupt about their daughter's pregnancy. She pulled his arm holding it.

"Zuko what's wrong?" she asked worriedly. Zuko only gave Katara a hard look.

"Nothing at all. I'm leaving now." He said.

"Zuko I wanted to spend some time with you." She cooed and placed her hands on his shoulders. A wild look formed in her blue eyes and a sensuous smile on her lips. She noticed Zuko's eyes grow wide, and his immediately darkened with lust. He captured her lips with his. Their tongues battled for dominance earning soft moans from Katara. Zuko was the first to pull back shock on his features.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes I just needed you to know we have the house all to ourselves."

"What am I? A fucking piece of meat?" they heard Zarrina asked as she came out fully clothed. She rolled her eyes at her parents and chuckled softly. She waved a goodbye informing them she had to go and get a checkup. She entered her vehicle and drove off. Finally. Zuko led Katara into the house, and they quickly shared another kiss, undoing each other's clothes as fast as they could. *I know I'm evil* they sighed in defeat as the door opened, and in came Mzia.

"What the hell do you want?" the two teenaged grandparents asked angrily. Mzia rolled her eyes at the two and grabbed her cellphone.

"Just forgot my cell, no need to fuck out." She stated and licked her tongue out at the two. A wicked smirk grew on her face.

"I'm going upstairs." She said walking to the steps.

"Where are you going?" Katara asked angrily.

"Well I already dropped Kenshi off. And I decided the mall isn't good enough for me today. So I'm going upstairs." Mzia smiled and walked up the stairs. Katara and Zuko sighed in defeat. Right now their lives sucked and they needed some alone time. Katara had the perfect place and idea in mind. She had to go to the only one she knew that could help.


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