"Moist, I've done it!" Dr. Horrible exclaimed as he closed the door to the lab.

"Done what?"

"I've finished the Crumble Ray! Now I can finally pull off that robbery!"

"I've forgotten, what exactly does a 'Crumble Ray' do?"

"It's like the name implies. It...crumbles things."

Moist shrugged. "Okay. Hey, I got the paper...seems like you're in it."

"Where?" Dr. Horrible snatched the damp newspaper from Moist. The ink was a little runny but he could read the front page. "What, I'm not on the front page again?"

"Yeah, sorry, actually turns out you're right here." Moist pointed to a section pages far from the first.

"Real Estate. Well that's nice. I'm sure all the future homeowners are trembling in terror." He said sarcastically.

"Well, you did level that building."

"Yeah, an abandoned one," The Doctor pointed a gloved finger at the article. "And look, they didn't even spell my name right,"

Moist tried to suppress a laugh. "Dr...Whore?"